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From the man who “saved NYC” by instituting “walking while young and black or Hispanic” street enforcement by the NYPD.

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  1. I know that no one who lives in New York will agree with this statement but, “Who in their right mind would live there?”

  2. This appalling moron probably lives in the same Co-Op as Kaplan….

  3. This below is the seeds of revolt in the making.
    These tyrants and despots are going to disenfranchise at least 50% of the electorate if they can manage it, and what they are committing is the kind of fraud which starts revolutions and this is how they are doing it. It is nothing short of a list of every RINO traitor, their accomplices, financiers, and their political machine and how it works.
    The names are synonymous with the rape and pillage of our very way of life. The red diaper babies and cultural marxists have nothing on these traitors. In fact they are worse by orders of magnitude. Treason and wonton corruption from within. Makes me want to barf and shoot the fuckers at the same time. It is gerrymandering on a scope and scale where the only remedy is to exterminate the sources and salt the earth from which it comes. They are the devil’s henchmen incarnate. They have been using the cultural marxists as a stalking horse to distract us from how truly despicable and corrupt they and their RINO machine is. It is worse than treason.
    Follow the money, always follow the money. If there is one reason and only one to give these fuckers the finger, it is because Donald J Trump represents the disruption of every facet of this cabal of sonsofabitches overthrow of America. Obama and his red diaper brat regime is chopped liver compared to how entrenched and disgusting these fuckers are.

    The NWO’s Big Steal

    • “Makes me want to barf and shoot the fuckers at the same time.”

      Barfing would be a waste of food.

    • So your solution to the policies of an egotistical new yawk statist is to promote another narcissistic new yawk statist?
      *Slow clap*

    • “These tyrants and despots are going to disenfranchise at least 50% of the electorate if they can manage it…”

      Getting all kinds of help from those here who self-disenfranchise, and then have the gall to mock those of us who don’t.

  4. IMAGINE: President Trump sends the Civil Rights ivision of the Department of Justice into New York to take down the Sullivan law by due process of law.

  5. SameNoKami

    Migrants ?
    You mean those people that travel with the growing season in order to pick crops ?
    Those people who have not been vetted, break our laws, rob our system and hate our nation ?

    • Kami,

      “Migrants” ?

      “Immigrants” ?

      Neither. INVADERS !

      • Grey Ghost

        Exactly right Dan III. They are invaders regardless of where they come from… South America, Central America or Middle East (SWA to you military types). Further, they have no desire to be Americans. No country can survive unfettered invasion no matter what the cultural marxist of the left want to call it.

        It was the invasion of Rome by “immigrants” that led to that 800 year empire’s ultimate destruction. So will it be with the USA. It has been planned that way for quite some time now. The transformation is nearing completion because neither Clinton, all the Bushes nor Obama want to stop the invasion regardless of the laws already in the books. And now the Bushes are backing their boy CRUZ. LoL, nothing like continuing to dupe even CONservatives.


        Grey Ghost

      • SameNoKami

        I knew migrants as a kid. Ultra-poor ‘grapes of wrath’ type white American U.S citizens who traveling up the East Coast from FLA. catching the growing season. Son Ollie was in my class every year for about 2weeks then moved on.
        Have friends (WASP U.S. citizens) who live the free life as migrant farmers/pickers. Have a nice motorhome. Go to where the work is. Work till they don’t want to or have enough $$ and move to another place. Just seeing the County.
        Illegal immigrants are invaders, but not all migrants are invaders. Just most and I think the idiot meant to say ‘immigrants.’

  6. If you take the king’s shilling you must do the king’s bidding.

  7. Steve Kristmann

    I’m in total agreement with you there!!

    Was at the local supermarket using their free WiFi when collectivist neural nausea had that pc asshat spewing his anti freedom crapola from his oral spinchter…saw where he was going with it and used my Tvbgone…ahhhh sweet silence!!! Best $28 bucks spent on an “electronic dissent module” that I spent… ;^D

    Yours in Liberty (to kill the damn idiot box!!!)

    NorghGunner. III

  8. “We’ve had more than our fair share of mass killings, some committed by terrorists, but the vast majority committed by American citizens living here who have access to firearms”

    The worried conscience doth do that to tyrants. Fear of the righteous clinging folks, l can understand why!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “but the vast majority committed by American citizens living here who have access to firearms””

      But enough about the police and federal agencies….Hiyo!

  9. I’m sorry but I have to agree with him. “Our own citizens’ (DO) pose a bigger threat to Americans than migrants”.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t clarify: US liberals, progressives, LGBT, BLM, IRS, DEA, DEP, State Dept., current administration, etc., etc., etc.

    YES, Citizen TRAITORS pose a greater danger because they’re too interested in maintaining power to secure the nation against threats. He IS right, albeit, half-right.

  10. It’s funny that they still think anybody believes their propaganda.

    • Lots of people do. And they vote….. Or will be able to vote soon.

      Most if not all of the people immigrating here (legally or illegally) come from very antigun, anti-“freedom”(i use that word losely) and will act accordingly. Good luck convincing veejay the h1-b turned green card holder turned citIzen that privte gun ownership or anything of that nature is acceptAble.

  11. I doubt he knows just how prescient he actually is, saying that. None of these cocksuckers really understand what they’re doing, much the same as Louis the XVI understood that his natives were restless, too. Ah, well. The guillotine beckons.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Actually Sean the ‘French Revolution’ was the product of French proto-marxists far more then it was of Louis XVI.

      Here’s the full video of Ann Barnhardt from July 12, 2012 on the

      Hope that clears up the confusion.

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  12. It’s gone. New York has been gone for years. I was there in 2009 and there isn’t a common language spoken People peddling crap at ground zero. A damn tourist attraction, it’s sickening. What he says is true if they all reside in New York as “his” citizens. Wake me when this nightmare is over.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Here is a little fun fact…Wouldn’t want to be in one of those states when the civil war hits..

  15. The g’damn murikins are their own worst enemies. Just returned from another day of trying to find a “nice” used RV. They DO NOT exist. I’ve been east, west, north, and south in my state and have only seen complete garbage on wheels. I have yet to see anything in even “very good” condition- for any price. In the end, I shopped at General RV and CampingWorld for brand new units. I’d rather spend 120k on something nice than 40k on fucking abused shit pre-owned by white niggers. It’s obvious even the salesman at those places rarely, if ever, come into contact with cash buyers. They looked at me like I was from Mars. “Cash???? You have Cash??? Nobody pays with cash” From what I can tell, folks who make payments on RV’s (as well as homes) run them into the ground and then trade them in for a new one – or just do it the easy way and let them be repossessed..did I say white niggers? This countries inhabitants are pure excrement. Oh well, why did I expect anything more than what I already know about these losers? Please God, nuke this land so I don’t have to suffer among these cretins anymore.

    • Mark Matis

      Try Eagle’s Pride RV Sales in Titusville, FL. Consignment dealer.
      The owners selling their coaches through that dealer are generally looking to buy a new one. Most have taken care of the one they’re selling. The dealer will be honest about the vehicle’s condition.

    • Sad that none of us can live up to 2-fat’s exalted standards. Still, I’d rather not be nuked just to please 2-fat. Let him put a pearl-handled pistola to his head and pull trigger

  16. Why is it ,that the very LEAST informed people land at the top. This douchebag doesn’t have a clue. He’s a mushroom and fed shit, kept in the dark, until his handlers need another worldly pearl put forth. A good little talking head. Their was a time I thought this guy got it. Wrong again.

    As for Americans not being pleased with how shits going. NO SHIT!.

    Dirk Williams