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21 responses to “Hatespeech Doubleplusungoodbadthink Thoughtcrime Waaaaacisss-ism

  1. What are the rates of police crimes? I’d like to see some blue bars with victims identifying police as the perp, and the rates of police being arrested.

    • Mark Matis

      You fail to understand that there ARE NO “police crimes”. After all, the Only Ones are rarely ever charged, much less convicted.

      No conviction, no crime.

  2. Well it was the ‘real thing’ then. Now the formula for coke today is anything but the real thing.

  3. As the vid points out, black lives DO matter….very much.
    No illusions about buying the world a coke here..

      • The overthrow of the American republic was less public than the overthrow that started with the murder of the Tsar. Successors of the same crew did it with the Kennedy murder and have proceeded unabated (mostly) since. We are now on the crest of the People’s Republic of America. Don’t hold out hope for a minute this will be reversed. It won’t. My observation is also unimportant to stopping it. It’s just a cry in the wilderness.

      • How do you reconcile Easter and the King of the Jews?

        • Jesus is Lord and Savior to one and all who will accept salvation by faith in Him and his defeat of Sin and death at ClavaRY… He is NOT “King of the Jews.”

          • ’06,

            Would you agree that Jesus was born a jew and mocked by the Romans for being a jew?

            I’ll be less subtle next time in pointing out the jew mocking that goes on here. BTW, the “jews aren’t really the real jews” often spouted by certain CsINO isn’t really any different from the “Christians and jews aren’t real peoples of the book/believers” I’ve heard from even self-described moderate Muslims. They too use this as the justification that only they know the “right” way.

            In any case remove the Jews and Muslims from the global equation and Christians will go back to killing each other from La Rochelle to Northern Ireland to Nauvoo Illinois.

          • .>Calvary<

        • I pay no attention to “history” books written by committees. But, if I hear a Voice in the Wilderness, I listen intently

  4. Years ago, there was a parody of this, that went something like this:
    (because it is sooooo apropos….)
    “I’d like to buy the world a coke,
    And tell it jokes and stuff…
    Then pull its pants down to its knees
    And chase it through the rough…”

    Yep. And the sooner the better….

  5. GA Patriot


  6. An inconvenient truth…

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Be it blacks, muslims, latinos, jews , whoever, I value their
    life as much as they value mine.

  8. Hate Speech circa 1933: WC Fields “The Fatal Glass Of Beer”
    “As my uncle Ichabod would say, girls, don’t go to The City, ’cause pretty men go thar’.

    Swear I can’t watch that man without tears of laughter.
    IMHO, the greatest comedian America ever produced.

  9. Grandpa, that’s from an old National Lampoon article. I used to shout vile curses at the TV every time that simpering, whimpering, piece-of-pussy commercial came on. Vituperative, hair-raising curses. The kind where paint peels off the walls, and metal softens and bends. Black behavior and politics indicate from blacks themselves, that their lives do NOT matter. If they did, they wouldn’t be so busy murdering each other, and destroying the lives of the survivors. And you can’t build a consensus, or a civilization, by blaming whitey for everything that goes wrong. Talk about killing the golden goose……