Schindler: Yugoslavia’s Warning To America

welcome to hell 2

A sober analysis, suitable for instructing the educable segment of the “it could never happen here” crowd.

Best to have Plan B planned, supplied, and drilled by Inauguration Day.

Nine months.

Use them well.

17 responses to “Schindler: Yugoslavia’s Warning To America

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Grenadier1

    Very well put and a warning that will no doubt be ignored by the fair readers who profess white victim hood.

    Your getting played boys, when you come to the realization that you should be killing ALL the bad guys and not just the ones that dont look like you it may be too late.

  3. Hmmm. 9mos. That implies the swearing in of the new president. I think it will happen before that. Like say just after elections and it is apparent that there has been a big swindle concocted to ‘pick the winner’.

  4. SameNoKami

    I don’t think a Civil War in the FUSA will last too long.
    IFF will be pretty easy, at least in the beginning.
    Most of our problems would go away if 2-5K certain
    people weren’t involved.

  5. “It would be nice if Democrats and Republicans played better together, particularly on the budget and borrowing money.”

    While his article is largely well done, I cannot agree with this statement. Parties exist to serve their populace; obstruction is the very mechanism by which a Republic exists. Whether they serve their populace or not is another matter entirely. They should not “play nice together”, they should be as close to knife dueling in the streets as it gets.

    Yugoslavia was a forced peace between ethnic rivals to serve the Communists’ ends. The present US is a forced peace to serve Oligarchs’ ends.

    The ends will be the same only worse; I do not maintain Schindler’s rosy conclusion.

  6. Get a copy of “A Failure of Civility” for your reading.
    My retired 82nd Airborne Brother In Law stole mine.

  7. Bucephalus

    Short-short list to be prepared: night vision (gen 2 or better starlight and flir).

  8. , how this combat vet who was blown up feels everytime someone else in the world has war declared on them violently by jihadis!

  9. I have long said that Yugoslavia and the Spanish Civil War are examples we must study for our next sporting match. The BBC did an excellent 4 hour program on the Spanish Civil War back in the early 1980s. It can be found on youtube. Very sobering and most of our fellow citizens know absolutely nothing about it.

  10. GS: Context and translation, please. Pat Hines: Let’s just say for fun that you get your wish, and all Jewish influence ceases. What then?

  11. The rightwing party of the centralized kleptocrat regime need the hillarybeast and her bankster machine to do what they need to retain their slice of the proceeds of strip mining America. That is why the fix is in, and unlike Yugoslavia they have all hedged their greed on sustaining the illusion of a government long enough for their present crony oligarchy to get whats left before it beans to burn. I think Bernie Sanders is a stalking horse and foil to the pantsuit psychopath to provide just enough of a fig leaf of legitimacy to the primary electoral farce to assure her place in the general farce. The cusckservative wing is more than anxious to play this ruse, and the purpose from the beginning was to sport a variety of useless fools who where not, and never could in any case, win the general farce elections.
    Trump is the rise of an outlier of burgeoning resistance. He knows it, we all who approve of his presence in this farce know it, and the oligarchy really knows it.
    These fuckers are slow walking us all like perps towards whatever version of Yugoslavia that is expedient to retaining corrupt centralism. They have done mostly the same thing to most of the west and Asia Minor, got what they needed out of destroying a smorgasbord of sovereign nations for fun and profit, and the only low hanging fruit left is America, no that it is basically been bled white of the easy money and strip mined of the intrinsic wealth of us citizens. Time to pull the plug on us and skim off the remaining cream. They don’t give a rats ass what becomes of America, it is just more grist for the bankters grind stones. All that is required is to spy on all the existential threats within the sphere of the productive and cognitively aware populous, execute a few LeVoy Finnicums, round up defiant Cowboys, kulak the south and the red blooded American, remove the idea Christianity exists from the public consciousness, and keep the public trough filled, like another 5 years or so, and by that time the stage will be set for the conclusion of life in flyover country as we have known it and the safety of the oligarchs.
    This guy says we are heading towards the Yugoslavian Solution, shit, we are undergoing the Yugoslav solution, American style. How its going down has quite definite differences, but the essence is the same, after all rape and pillage by oligarchies is rape and pillage, don’t matter what motivates the fuckers.
    The only question is are all those “assault weapons” going to be used to assault the sonofabitches.