ZH: Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks


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  1. re: Item 32. I have heard this meme repeated so often that it has become urban legend. But one has to ask, if the Iraq war was was for oil….. then show me the contracts. I’ll save you the trouble. Largest oil contracts let went to the red chinese. Oil infrastructure contracts? Chinese. Oil deliveries, after Europe, China.

    Fact is we benefit nada from Iraq oil. We went in under false pretences but it was not for the oil.

    • Understood.

      And they also repeat the hooey re “no WMD”. Ask the .mils who were there about the artillery shells with nerve gas.

      Overall direction of the piece is sound, however, notwithstanding that and other (e.g., Gladio) issues.

      • No argument, it was/is a good piece of writing. Have seen many of the points in other pieces with supporting detail.

      • 911 was planned and perpetrated to cover up the trillions in theft, and to usher in the endless MICs GWOT. For fucks sake. Wake-up. google—PNAC


        …On the morning of 12 September 2001, without any evidence of who the hijackers were, Rumsfeld demanded that the US attack Iraq. According to Woodward, Rumsfeld told a cabinet meeting that Iraq should be “a principal target of the first round in the war against terrorism”. Iraq was temporarily spared only because Colin Powell, the secretary of state, persuaded Bush that “public opinion has to be prepared before a move against Iraq is possible”. Afghanistan was chosen as the softer option. If Jonathan Steele’s estimate in the Guardian is correct, some 20,000 people in Afghanistan paid the price of this debate with their lives….

        Ask the dupes who were there? ya. ask them where those shells of nerve gas originated from…


      • both Sadaam Hussein and Col. K demanded something other than dollars for oil. Both were removed. Iraq and Libyan oil now sell for nothing but dollars. Hence, both wars were completely successful

    • Its never been about ‘our’ oil, its been about oil pipelines from qatar And Saudi Arabia, through iraq to supply israel and NATO. The key country to be toppled yet is Syria. The whole Isis monster was created by our administration to topple Assad. Why do you think we are sitting on the sidelines with the only country backing a credible fight to isis is Assad’s ally Russia?
      Russia has very strong strategic reasons to defend Syria, not the least of which is the secure transportation of their own oil.

      Murica just needs to stay out if the M.E. , and beat the evil saudis at the oil war by continuing to develop our own oil production. Let them fuckers starve.

  2. Is it possible that the oligarchs, the bankers saw the early future, and realized the need to start setting up WWIII. How better to cover their fucked up trail.

    Boys, we no longer live in a Republic, we clearly live in a Facist State.

    Dirk Williams

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    And of course we shoot the messenger because we don’t like him as a person, or his political affiliations…….so that nullifies what he’s trying to teach us, right? I never cease to be astounded by what folks use to induce denial.


  4. We are the Kulaks now in the eyes police state and their despots.

    …………………/…./ / 
    ……….”…\………. _.·´ 

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That bodes kind of ill…..

      • Here’s some food for thought for you Jimmy you might find most appropriate. It isn’t really ill boding if one is forearmed with the weapons of the dignity of Liberty. (it is why the sonofabitches are rewriting history, they fear people having this knowledge, thus the power of reason and legitimacy, far more than the mighty AR “assault weapon”)
        I have obtained much from these works. It speaks to the greatness of sovereignty and dignity of our primal freedoms:

        “Kill The Kulaks”
        “The War On The Kulaks”

        Henry Dampier’s piece, is in my opinion, one of the best contemporary examinations of the essential cautionary elements of pogrom by marxist/psychopath methods of liquidation of the productive undesirable classes who pose THE ONLY existential threat to the cultural marxists. Definitely past is prologue of the type where those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first kind of stuff.
        The important takeaway for me is never underestimate just how powerful and just in our lives, property, and liberty we are as Western Christian Freemen.
        If we where not they wouldn’t be trying to instigate genocide on us.

        This other piece, also by Henry, is a barn burner. ( I don’t know how this guy has the insights he does, but Ol’ Henry has his shit together and a succinct pithy way of expressing them).
        “About the Corporate Slave Class”

        This piece is a kind of companion to Kill The Kulaks, as such things require willing executioners and the state bureaucracy required to commit such things. The Corporate Slave Class are one of the groups of “The Totalitarians Among Us”, Amerika’s Nomenklaturer class, of the great mass of enablers bred and socially engineered for one purpose. The Destruction of America and the animation of Liberty. The lower class of which being the ever useful free shit army. You will no doubt recognize the part they play as Vladimeer Lenin’s upperclass useful dupes, the hand maidens of state pogrom and genocide.

        And if you don’t mind my recommending to you one further literary masterpiece on why Liberty, this here is a really splendid piece of work on the 2nd Amendment. I believe it must be mandatory reading on the rights of men, for it exemplifies all the legitimacy of primal rights, and defines why, the 2nd Amendment, is not a written sanction of those unalienable rights, but that the idea of the 2nd Amendment, its reasons and ideas, its causes and motive powers are what matters and must never be forgotten. It is a dandy.

        1994 Valparaiso Univ. Law Review,
        David E. Vandercoy

        And if that all wets your whistle,
        Al Benson wrote a superlative review/essay of Gary North’s phenomenal masterpiece on centralized power and administrative tyranny which has usurped or republican form of government, the precursor series of actions by the one worlders, the Fabian’s and their subsequent later generational oligarchs who constitute the state as we know it today and its organized crime syndicate.
        Powerful stuff. The kind that broadens the mind and ones reason, fertile ground for resistance, and why winning is everything.

        If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?
        November 10, 2014
        by Al Benson Jr.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    There have been SO MANY False Flags in recent years that every time I hear of an Incident it is most always a false flag.
    Nothing real or good comes from D.C.

    Reset time is near.

  6. Iraq had nerve gas, which we knew because the CIA gave it to them for possible use against the Iranians….This is now widely known.

  7. Mike Bishop

  8. Silent One

    Nerve agent was used to cover the retreat of certain enemy elements from Falusia… guys in my unit got sick from it.

    Meanwhile, the fukkers who retreated fell back to Ramadi, and dug in there like mad while our command diddled their thumbs for weeks trying to decide how to distribute manpower (since Falusia was still crawling with armed ragheads) Heh. By the time we got to Ramadi in force, there must not have been a building in the entire town that didn’t have mouse-holes going every which way. Every friggin day we’d play “knock knock” looking for weapons caches and anybody who had their picture in the deck-of-death; and every damn night they’d move that shit around like friggin mad men, almost always staying one step ahead of us…because while the (remaining) population was divided among groups who hated each other… they all hated us more, and refused to cooperate with us in our “cleanup missions”.

    Funny side recollection – on one occasion I remember, the bastards did us a favor, and blew themselves up while moving a bunch of mortar/artty rounds from one hideyhole to another. I was on a rooftop covering the sector towards the river that night, and the flash was incredible – lit up everything all the way to the other side of the river, like the biggest lightening flash you’ve ever seen. It was really beautiful, in the kinda way that only soldiers know.
    ‘Course then came the boom and the dust, which was miserable – the dust in that place always tasted like it was mixed with some unidentified kind of excrement. What a miserable friggin place…

  9. Grey Ghost

    Well I wonder who sold those nerve gas shells to Saddam? Hmmmm.

    Well lads, make no mistake there is such a thing as false flags that list is LONG and not complete. FF are NOT a conspiracy theory. And Governments and others execute them and you think it was just some “normal” event of history. None the wiser.


    Not that anyone will buy it or even read it but there it is.


    Grey Ghost

  10. The Myth of America’s War on Terrorism

    By Stephen Lendman

    It’s a complete hoax – a phony pretext for waging endless imperial wars, wanting whole continents carved up for profit and dominance.

    Fictitious enemies are created. Premeditated wars of aggression follow. Rules of engagement are changed from rule of law observance to anything goes.

    America declared war on humanity, the greatest threat to life on earth, using terrorist groups to do much of its dirty work.

    Their names don’t matter. Earlier US supported anti-Soviet Afghan mujahadeen forces became opposition Taliban fighters.

    ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and likeminded groups are similar. Names and faces change, not methods of operation other than access to more modern weapons and new funding sources.

    Obama’s vow to degrade and destroy ISIS (and by implication likeminded terrorist groups) is a complete fabrication, the public willfully deceived to believe otherwise.

    Washington backs the scourge it claims to oppose – along with rogue allies providing ISIS and other terrorist groups with arms, munitions, training, funding, direction and other material support. They couldn’t exist without it.

    Media scoundrels front for power and privilege, perpetuating the Big Lie about America combating terrorism instead of explaining what news consumers need to know – The New York Times as willfully deceptive as Fox News.

    Its editors say “America needs frank talk on ISIS,” never explaining it created and supports the group.

    They lied, claiming “Obama authorized…airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in 2014 to curb the rise of the Islamic State.”

    Syrian intervention was and continues to be flagrantly illegal without Security Council or Damascus authorization. Baghdad was pressured to let Washington to maintain the fiction of combatting ISIS.

    In both countries, infrastructure and government sites are struck, ISIS and other terrorists aided. Thousands of US combat forces are in Iraq, likely more coming, limited numbers in Syria.

    Russia alone along with Syrian ground forces achieved significant victories against ISIS and likeminded groups.

    The Obama administration lied, claiming US warplanes cut ISIS revenues by striking its oil trucks and other targets. It says “intensif(ied) airstrikes and raids” are coming.

    America’s air campaign in Iraq and Syria have been ongoing for over 18 months. ISIS advanced steadily until Russia intervened in Syria.

    Instead of exposing Obama’s phony war on terror, his lawless aggression, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers, The Times perpetuates the myth of combating a scourge America supports.

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.
    – See more at: http://rense.com/general96/mythamwar.html#sthash.kNPSnSRD.dpuf