Fred: It Cometh From The Pit – And Hath A Knout


The peasants are revolting.

Unpossible, sayeth The Betters.

15 responses to “Fred: It Cometh From The Pit – And Hath A Knout

  1. Fred conjured up a weird image of disembodied heads in Manhattan that continue to yap ceaselessly. Wow.

  2. Lost Patrol

    I like it. It could be expanded into a mini book. The new fairy tale series to be taught in school. After all the previous history and lessons of old have long been forgotten and no longer taught.

  3. “What’s the difference between a politician and a psychopath?”
    Nothing is beyond the pale with these fuckers.
    Like tracers beyond the pale works both ways.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Mood of country 2016–Jimmy had in right in 1931–the
    ‘effing Mordor on the Potomac IS truly “The Public Enemy.”

    Memo to Elites: Kindly study this visage–at least 150,000,000 strong. and armed and ammoed up.

    …and all Jimmy had were two .38 S&W wheelguns to “clean house” with; and he did! “Schemer Burns” and gang—all shot to pieces. nice shootin’



    Clever story. The ending will be played out in another rust-belt principality in the land of the JohnK-monster, granter of amnesty and vassal of the Dark Lord Soros! I’ll watch it all between preps.

  6. Mike Bishop

    Fucking glorious.

    Fred, The Wise, speaketh a most unsavory truth, to which, thy Overlords shudder.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    The peasants today adhere to the age old axiom ( revenge is a
    dish eaten cold ) you don’t see the silent majority marching and
    screaming endless epithets encouraging whirled peas.
    They prepare, they train, they set in silent cold rage and they are
    very, very dangerous.
    For 50 years they have watched their country destroyed incrementally,
    by the politicians they elect, the media, academia, bankers and the
    useful idiots living next door.
    America is thoroughly Balkanized already and ready to explode.
    Our revolution/civil war/ social overthrow/ racial/religious war will
    horrify the whole world.
    One little spark .

  8. That had me literally laughing out loud. Great stuff.

  9. “rending of teeth and gnashing of hair”


  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Upon the eve of the casting of votez the evil Trump Monster did Bellow:
    “If I slay the Hitlery then all beanerz shall be banned from this land”

    “If I slay the Hitlery then I will build a HUUUGGE fence and no Beanerz will return to this land erremore!”

    “If I slay the Hitlery then women shall no longer dispose of their baby parts on Craigslist or dump them in trash cans and I will punish those who do!”

    “If I slay the Hitlery then all Mooselimbs will be sent home and barred from these lands.”

    The Trump monster bellowed n fire n brimstone did shoot from his arse
    singeing the laand before all who came to challenge him.

    Then came the day when all cast their lots into the computerized cauldron and it came to pass that all the women, all the beanerz and all the moose limbs voted for the Hitlery monster. The Trump monsters people gnashed their teeth realizing they were bad at Mafs just like the Hitlery people. Their party haad been split by eevil commiecunties but they were to blind to see it…..

    Meanwhile a group of men stood and watched waiting for fire to subsume the land so that they might right this once great ship and rid it of the corrupt cunties forever. The end.

  12. One can only hope that the Sheeple lift their heads out of the MSM and talk-radio sands. If they fall into the Overlords trap of a “brokered” convention we all lose.

  13. Meanwhile, Trump says that the purpose of government is to provide defence, education and healthcare.

    Oh … and confiscate assault weapons.

    You simply cannot cast an ethical vote … because every vote is a vote for Collectivism.