Nine Months: Principles Of Tactical Defense


Maybe you won’t need to dig in where you are, but others will:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


6 responses to “Nine Months: Principles Of Tactical Defense

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Roger! Be an “Ace” of “Spades” when required:

    • theappalachianist

      Why would that individual be shooting and azimuth (though for a poor location)? Answer: Range cards, sector sketch.

      Why was the picture taken with a fish eyed lens? Answer: it looks cool.

      • real estate agents use that lens to make the tiny little murikin shitshacks look bigger than they really are.

  2. Good sound stuff.

  3. As the US military continues it’s unabated purge of top leadership, and is replaced with leftist party operatives…. Decapitation. We the People have been betrayed by our country and it’s military. Sad to say, but if it’s wearing a uniform – it’s a fair target. Oh, and if you have your old service uniforms hanging in your closets when the goons raid your home, you’re as good as dead.

    If you’re not buying ammo now, WHY NOT? Are you waiting till you can no longer get it?

  4. “Well since you have that nice hole all dug and shit. Maybe consider some nice overhead cover? How ’bout some stuff off the forest floor to hide that nice new hole BEFOR the FO 800 MIKES out, or the “eye in the sky” marks it for a fire mission?”—- “If you wake in the mornin’ in a nasty hole , in damp clothes and wet boots. It means you woke up. Many others. The careless and lazy. May not get to do that when the fun starts”. (F/S Jim Lamb to a young “troop”)