Says It All

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From a reader.

10 responses to “Says It All

  1. Where do i get one?

  2. MaryfromMarin

    Yes, where do we get one? Asking for a friend (seriously).

  3. Where and yes I am serious do we get one????

  4. 20 bucks…right now…cash.

    • Ha Ha. Try $25.

      Just like the rest of murikans, they all want more than their crap is worth. I have a better idea, make your own signs and buy some ammo instead. Even if you don’t use it defending your ground – someone else with a good deal of righteous hate in their heart can use it.

    Signs; Bumper stickers. Something for everyone…

  6. Everyone does suck, and Sanders is probably our next president. “Warpig, what are you smoking this morning?” you ask. So, this is assuming Grandma gets indicted, as I hold out hope.

    Grandma is indicted, the demorats nominate Biden, Sanders runs as a commie.

    The elephants nominate Romney or Ryan, Trump forms the Trump Party.

    This leaves us Biden vs. Sanders vs. Romney/Ryan Part Deux vs. Trump. The commie wins.


      Mr. Warpig: You gave me my morning chuckle. I hope you are right. I really need some quality entertainment to counteract the summer doldrums.

    • No way Grandma gets one minute in the clink.

      Too much of a black eye for the oligarchy.

      Maybe it derails her possibility of POTUS (God help us), but she stays out of prison.