“We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy”


Climate policy is not about climate

Masks are coming off, kids.

And you thought their appearance was ugly…


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  1. Bucephalus

    The Government is the “new religion”; brought forth by the Doctrine of Balaam.

  2. Energy Water and Food, the Land these things come from, and the absolute unrestricted control of these four essential elements of our present civilization, is the ultimate goal of the psychopaths running things.
    Control of energy is probably the most powerful strategic weapon in the process of totalitarianism. Control the other three you control billions while starving them, control energy you make trillions while starving billions.
    Energy and the control of it is the bottle neck of control of the planet in our age.
    Just follow the money.

    • <—This. Also thanks for the other post you made I read it all and took it in. Appreciated.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Hey! Greenies, Environmental Whack-Jobs, Marxists:
    Remember What The Mao said: it works BOTH WAYS, DUDES!
    “Power proceeds from the barrel of a gun,” neh?

  4. They are evil.


    So riddle me this, all of you good West Virginia democrats: what will you do when the EPA and the rest of the enviro-nazi Orcs shut down your coal mines? This will be payback for your secession during the War of Northern Aggression. Dress warm.

    • Hittin’ the oxy seems to be the response.

    • They didn’t have to shut down the coal mines in WV. The banksters and the kleptocratic cronies enriching themselves on the destruction of our civilization through rigging of fiat and strip mining, (no pun intended:-), of the intrinsic base wealth of our labor beat them to it. It was the whole idea. This kleptocratic class are a school of Piranha. What is happening to the coal mines is happening in all sectors of the economy. You have to look at it as a holistic thing. It isn’t that coal or manufacturing or other singular elements of production and prosperity are being destroyed, it is that our entire economy at every level is under assault, it is being destroyed to wring out every dime of wealth which created it to begin with.
      The holistic part is important, it is where wide spread ground swell of revolt and resistance is born from, it is the source of grass roots defiance and rebellion has to originates. It is only a question of time. Consequences, intended or not.
      Don’t be so quick to point the finger DWEEZIL, what you have for inherent wealth, meaning you, is next my friend. No one who is not a component of the regime of oligarch’s is free from their predation. That too is just a matter of time. Time is drawing nigh, the easy theft/money is gone now, now it is the seed corn they are after. Think what that implies. What that means to people when the very basic necessities and property that constitutes our personal prosperity becomes objects of theft by the regime. If this wasn’t the truth there would be jobs galore. It is begun, there is not much left for the sonofabitches to steal, and what’s left has to be divide up in increasing smaller portions between increasing numbers of thieves. When your literally surrounded by thieves and a system of theft, where it is rigged to benefit theft instead of creating wealth and prosperity, it is almost impossible to exist as a corporate or industrial creator and a producer, there is no point.
      It is when you take everything from a man is when he has nothing to loose and everything to gain.
      Remember, revolution takes time in a Christian based culture, it is the nature of these things, where the main element of pushback progressing to uprisings are evolutionary before it is revolutionary. That is the legitimacy of it. Legitimacy of action is a critical component of revolution in Western civilization. Not how much you take from Western men. (Not talking about one world order and red diaper baby astroturf either). It’s grass roots baby, natural as the sun rises. Signs of the groundswell are evident, its coalescing, growing out of a nebulous and provincial citizenry. Once it gets a head of steam there is no stopping it. A preference cascade is underway. That cascade is upstream of the politics of the political class. It is something they are creating because of the consequences of what they are doing to the rest of us. It is important to grok the power vacuum left in the wake of strip mining this country. Sure the political class has power, but we outside it, who produce and live within the boundary’s of the economy which built that wealth, we are a power also. It is a tacit power which existed because we where the engine of all that wealth to begin with, specifically because of us. Culture, politics, like nature abhors a vacuum. Inexorably something is going to fill that vacuum. The state and its regime can not. It is illegitimate, and the vacuum it has created can only be filled by something which is legitimate. The other thing is culture is always upstream of politics, it is the human high ground, the human terrain. It is what will fill this vacuum, and it has a motive power unlike anything. It is the human nature of it and it has a power all its own. A million determined people of a similar mind and reason is an army unlike anything. The state has nothing with which to stop such a force and power. It can only try to prohibit it from forming. And being the state is illegitimate, it doesn’t stand a chance in the long run.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “revolution takes time in a Christian based culture”

        Unfortunately, the guys running the revolution aren’t Christian, nor are the guys who will ultimately punch their tickets.

  6. Virgil Kane

    The useful idiots still won’t believe it.

  7. Hope I’m not arrested for this but DYK the oceans emit about 100 gigatons of carbon per year while humans emit about 5.5 and DYK that while the atmosphere has increased its CO2 leveles by 15% the usa has given up all warming gained in the 1900s ?
    Anyone buying into global warming and believing people can affect the climate on the earth really should not be allowed to drive, a stoplight is a complex thought process for them.

  8. …shocked! Just shocked I tell you! Follow the money – always in politics/power. If you can not, or if someone tells you different, it stinks. It is always about the money (which translates into power and control for the low information folks out there). This is a primary concept of any ‘political system’ and ours (in the good old FUSA) is no different. Bend a knee little people – the masters are in play and with the minor exception of needing your ‘vote’ to legitimize their place at their table, you mean nothing ……just saying …..

  9. Hopefully you guys know of these two sites, but if not, here they are.

    They are the best to stay abreast of what’s going on with what the great James Dellingpole calls the “Green Blob” (BTW, if you haven’t read his short book “Watermelons”  you should). He writes for Breitbart London and also has his own site. Oxford educated and brilliant. Also a great satirist. 

    First, Anthony Watts’ site (often very technical)


    And Jo Nova’ Aussie site:


  10. I’m far from an environut.

    But just for shits and grins, pull up a Google Earth (or whatever your favorite flavor of aerial geomapping service is) image of Brazil and look at all the farms. I’ve been hearing about them clearing the Amazon for most of my life, but didn’t realize just how little jungle is left down there. It is truly eye opening.

    • While you’re at it, Google Earth the U.S A. and see how little forest is left here also. Those bastard logging trucks run non-stop here in Northern MI – day after day, year after year. They leave a small patch of trees along the Hwy’s so travelers don’t see what they’ve done. Add in all the Govmint welfare farmers growing fucking corn. CORN. Is there any wonder why everyone is so fucking fat here? Corn, is what livestock are fed to be fattened up. The dumbass farmers feed the city scum, so the city scum can re-produce moar city scum, so moar city scum can take moar freeshit. See how that works?

      • Maybe in your part of Michigan…
        Northern WI and the U.P. is nothing but endless forest with some spaces carved out for a few towns/cities.
        I’ve hunted for decades up there-the second best places are recent clear cuts, they mow every tree down for 40 acres or so. a year later, the trees are dense and 6′ high again, 2 years they are 10-12′ high and so thick you can only crawl through them. Most hunters I’ve seen up there will not go beyond the point where they can no longer see a logging road- walk 1/2 to a mile in any you ever see another human being- ths is where you find the best places- old growth forest, where the logging equipment can’t ever get to.

  11. Sanders, you ever flown over it? The Jungle is pert-near endless. They are NOT running out!