“Diversity Is Humanity’s Destiny…”

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  1. April Fools, right??? It has to be. Nobody can be that stupid, but if he is he should go and sell his diversity to Saudi Arabia.

    • Oh ya?
      How about Ted Cruz’s wife. The only difference between this piece of human feces above and Cruz’s wife and the psychopath in a pants suit is two don’t have exterior sex organs, a one world order Goldman Sachs Bankster Bitch. “It” would be the “conservative” regime version of the psychopath in a pants suit first “lady”.
      These fuckers are tag teaming us, each political faction of the regime oligarchy taking turns every 4 or 8 years to screw us over.

      The Ceausescu solution.

  2. Who is this fat-assed loser? I’m pretty damn tired of seeing these pasty and pink -skinned blobs of worthless shit, wearing cheap suits, who think they speak for me or the rest of humanity. he looks like an escaped retard from the a mental institution.

  3. This guy’s a retarded, r – selected rabbit.

    History demonstrates this equation:
    Diversity + Proximity = War

  4. You gotta love all that peace and freedom there lately. The masks are coming off.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Does this asshat understand that Culture is the product of Non-Diversity?? Various cultures living in one place simply means that eventually-one culture will become dominant. And the other “cultures” disappear. You can’t celebrate Christmas and attend a mosque; you are either a Christian or a Muslim. One will win. I find it amusing that every Jew, atheist, wiccan, or Jehova’s Witness that I ever worked with, would never give up their paid Christmas Day off to a Christian. They didn’t believe, but by God, they wanted that holiday too!
    Lots and lots of hemp will be needed very soon. Lots of hemp.

    • For smoking, or for neck stretching?


        15Fixer: Both. The smoking kind can be used for barter and to neutralize large FSA groups prior to destroying them. The neck stretching kind speaks for itself. Have a plan.

  6. LeGrandeGuy

    More globalist self-referencing thought-puke. Vast areas of this planet are and always will be mono-cultural/mono-tribal. One billion Han chinese say so. Horticulturalists prize their ‘cocktail’ apple or cherry trees, where three or more varieties are grafted onto the scion, or root stock. But often the grafts die off or wither, because they have NO connection to the soil. The scion then sends up new shoots and after a couple of seasons that graft is forgotten. Globalist civic cocktail trees are utterly artificial confections, that require heavy infusions of welfare support fertilizer to keep the foreign graft alive for another season.

  7. Nice chap but my bet is the Dutch ultimately bleed him out on a street just like a Ramadan goat

  8. That video was a perfect example of 1984 newspeak. “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” And the practitioners of it have thoroughly convinced themselves through doublethink that the people they’re inviting in will be as tolerant of ‘diversity’ as they are.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Hemp? Ya. Good for the PR to watch ’em swing for a bit and then let ’em twist in the wind for a few weeks as a good visual deterrent. The crows really do go for the eyeballs first–can’t change scavenging.

    Me? I still think precious metal is the way to defend one’s country, society, manhood, and soul. PM=pb, at about 3100 fps.

    Memo to Diversity Crowd:

    • Hey, heard the joke about why they hate 30 round AR magazines?
      Because there are so many of them need a bullet in the back of the head when their usefulness is over.

  10. I notice his Wiki page indicates that he’s collected nothing but government paychecks his entire life. Figures.

  11. peterquinn

    Try as they may. History paints a different picture. People will divide along ethnic and religious lines as they have through out the history of mankind.

    • Yep. Goes to the matter of trust. A common shared experience in the tribe is more trustworthy than those without.

  12. This moron’s welcoming call for diversity will exist untill all of Europe is under Sharia and all of his ilk will have their throats cut. Listen to this for proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1RieIRFqN0

  13. When the time comes he will grovel and pay the jizya.

    • The best part is that he doesn’t understand that it.will.not.matter. Proxy appeasers are the first things eaten by the beast.

  14. You might hate Assange … but, he is on the side of the good guys. Probably done much more for Liberty than any of us will ever do.

    Evidence of deliberate plan to create … Ordo ab Chao


    • Grey Ghost

      Not another conspiracy! Here we have an IMF conspiracy caught on tape and acting to fuck over Greece even more to get Germany in line with the economic policy of the IMF bank. What banksters won’t do to keep countries doing their screwed up Keynesian shit.

      And if this reported conspiracy actually comes to be, it will unleash economic and possibly political chaos in the EU just before the UK BREXIT vote this summer. Gonna be a long hot summer on both sides of the Atlantic.

      As to the diversity speech by this jackass, it is pure propaganda pablum for the brainwashed leftists of Europe of which there are MILLIONS. There will eventually be an EU war to drive out Islam. It’s just a matter of time.

  15. Diversity recedes from the barrel of a gun.

    • Mark Matis

      That might only happen if Trump wins. NONE of the other candidates would even consider any such thing.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Lost Patrol

    “They” control the educational system, the media and the entertainment. What does one expect? Until that control is taken away, or a couple states divorce the rest, it will only get worse. And our grand children will have no clue as to what our country once was … then again at the present rate many of my generation have already gone over to the dark side.

  18. Jimmy the Saint

    The more they push it, diverse it gets.

  19. I love diversity, and practice it regularly – .380, .40, .45, 5.56 and .308. Ain’t that diverse enough?