The Revolt Of The Public And The Rise Of Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Perilously close to grokking the Rise Of The Dirt People.

Even though he tut-tuts the consequences away.

Just wait until this coprophagic putz gets walked onstage:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.16.07 AM

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  1. LeGrandeGuy

    “Coprophagic” sums it up perfectly. He’s like the little kid in the old Hershey chocolate ad: mouth and face delightfully smeared with brown, big shit-eating grin, lovin’ every minute of it (and getting rich as Croesus).
    If they dare appoint a presidential candidate after having gone through the democracy motions for months, thereby revealing the stinking lie at the heart of our very sick system, I predict the outcome will not be pretty. THEY are not really geared up for a full-blown american insurgency, are they? They may never be. Demographically they are nowhere near where they need to be to pull this off. Remember they couldn’t even control the green zone in Baghdad…..

  2. This guy doesn’t know much about business. Trump built successful businesses in the most anti-business State in the Union, gambling on NYC real estate when others wouldn’t and creating a successful TV show on top of that. And contrary to his implications, the “bankruptcies” were reorganizations, and not personal to Trump.

  3. Trump is like a felling wedge. Think of the Republican Party as a large pine that’s been cut 3/4 through. If the saw gets pinched bad things happen. So you put in a wedge and then you can continue to fell the tree.

    He is popular because people are scared, stupid and drugged with Flouride, SSRI’s, Pot, Booze etc. Hell even if they weren’t drugged they are living in a dystopic former republic where the distance between reality and what’s portrayed on TeeVee (include all forms of media) creates enormous psychic pain.

    Like a great big alcoholic family system they will do anything to avoid the herd of elephants in the room.

    keep voting, i’ll keep sharpening my ax

    • Most of these people here still think America is #1, Usama (not Osama)Bin Laden planned 911, Saddam made chemical weapons, Flouride is good for your teeth, and Radiation is healthy. The stOOpid is so painful I can’t stand it anymore.


      and the same thing has happened here but on a scale that dwarfs the Germans and Russians. Add in the ChemTrails, GMO, TeeVee, and “but my doctor prescribed this so it’s OK” – dope and Booze.

  4. Another apparatchik whose rice bowl is threatened trying to explain away what is going on with the political process. Here’s my long view answer —

    Since the Internet went commercial that has been one constant — middlemen get creamed as the supply chain is automated. Been that way for 20 years. How does that apply to politics you say? Ask yourself why should it be exempt from the effects? There is not one.

    So the political supply chain contracts. The first to feel its affects will be the chattering class. Their purpose used to be to disseminate a message from the Pol to the masses. Well the masses can go on YouTube in real time and hear/see the message. The next to go is the Press. They have been on this road economically for a decade. But now even their value as gatekeepers is being supplanted. Most of the candidates these days leap frog over the Press to the masses. People like Kelly with an attitude have short careers. Finally the parties themselves will shrink if not disappear. The masses are seeing how the process is rigged and are having none of it long term. This may be a pivotal year for their survival if they have any future purpose at all.

    There is a model for what the political future may look like — televangelism.

  5. The nincompoop who wrote that piece is over thinking it and still doesn’t get it. The fact he doesn’t get it says everything. Be awhile, if ever, they all figure it out. Trump doesn’t matter. It is really simple.
    The Dirt People are upstream of politics.
    The Dirt People are the insurgency.
    The Dirt People are the narrative now.
    The Dirt People are in revolt.
    The Dirt People are saying Fuck You.

    • “You people . . .” Heh. Good one.

      “. . . The Dirt People are saying Fuck You.” Yup.

      “Nihilist” is a favoured epithet of apologists, unwitting or otherwise, for a deeply corrupt system.

  6. the whole damned article is statest mental masturbation i managed a bit more than half before the elitest attitude had my skin crawling.
    it must be nice to live in a clinicly sterile environment, to bad reality is gonna bust in on ’em.

  7. The author of this incoherent, inaccurate drivel should re-read the definition of the word ‘nihilist’. People don’t want a simple negation of the status quo; they want to tear down what should never have been built in the first place under a Constitutional Republic. And calling Cruz an outsider or a constitutionalist is simply ludicrous, based on his associations with The Squid through his spouse, support of the TPP, and amnesty for criminally trespassing foreign nationals.

    Not that it matters who sits in The Big Puppet’s Chair in the Oval Office – Civil War 2.0 has been baked into the cake for quite a while now, and the deciding vote will be cast from the cartridge box.

  8. Man , I hope they try it. Millions more will be disabused of their illusions. If it wasn’t Trump it would be someone else , but he will go down in history as the man who pushed Humpty-dumpty off the wall. That’s more than all the fucks on the ‘right’ have done in decades. Guess it took a big-mouth from NY to do it.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. This Trump phenomenon is not rocket science. There are an enormous number of people who are quite frankly, incredibly pissed off at the DNC and RNC and as such have pretty much nothing to lose in Trump.
    I wish to predict here and now that another Clinton regime will see this county in armed revolt within the first 2 years.

    • CA Warrior

      two years? I say 60 days. People have had it with the D and R slimes.

      • not at all. Absent collapse of the Ponziconomy, the majority of the electorate will be quite happy with Mrs. Clinton in the WH: since the gubmint jobs, pensions, contracts, and welfare/illfare bennies will continue to debt-float

  11. Interesting read. Your conclusion is clearly not supported by your lengthy, well written position paper. You conclude, that at the end of the day, it’s just business, different day, same old shit.

    That message could have been summarized in two paragraphs. What I read you to say and I think you did a fantastic job” is this. We The People are sick, tired, not trusting, of those placed by a corrupt political system.

    A system that feeds itself first, has no problems eating it’s own, and would sell their birth mothers for a fucking buck.

    A system that sold out to big business, foreign interests and the military industrial complex, which clearly is a different animal the just ” big business”.

    What I read you saying, and I agree, is that We The People, young, middle aged, and old, don’t really care WHO, is running, but that that person MUST, be different, because to elected any of the current ” insiders” would signify that those groups listed, are ok with the direction and scope of the corruption.

    Where I dis- agree with you is I seem to think Trump would brings skills sets that are unique to the White House. The ability to negotiate, not dictate, the ability to say no, not capitulate, is a skill 99% of the population don’t have, much less understand.

    What I think Trump will bring back to the US, is respect. I read this the other day, but seem to think I agree. I see a lot of Churchill in Trump. Ironically I recently finished re- reading Churchills biography, ” The Last Lion” AND,
    Winston Churchills, book ” alone” 1932 thru1940. An amazing parallel to this day and age. Simply a matter of history repeating itself.

    What I find fascinating about this election cycle, is what Trump hasn’t said. No bullshit promises. The few things he said and I agree with is we are In tough times, and those times are going to get tougher.

    I also enjoy the fact that the usual suspect are scared to death of a Trump whitehouse. Movers and shakers, are pumping millions and millions into the anti trump media coverage.

    Virtually everything said by Trump is split like a fucking atom, and some Mr Potato Head commentator, explains to us mortal’ s what ol Trump. really meant to say.

    I’m not a political animal, i fucking hate them all. From an objective point of view, does anybody here, really think that Ted Cruz, can beat Clinton?. I don’t.

    There is Nothing normal about this election cycle. It’s your vote use it wisely, but frankly at the end of the day, the electoral college, you know the men and women without faces, a secret select group of men and woman appoint our leader.

    for you Intel guys out there. I defy you to discover by name exactly who your home state EC representatives are. I’ve spent days searching. Trying to determine exactly who represents my home state of Oregon.

    No joy. Not even my state Republican Senator knows who has that job.

    Dirk Williams

    • My state publishes by-name the reps to the EC who will cast their votes. But those are not likely known yet, since they may not have been nominated by their particular party or legislators of that party yet. (Looking back in past state news releases, this typically occurs about a month prior to the General.)

      My state’s a winner-take-all state. Prior to the General Election each party will nominate an elector for each Congressional district + 2 statewide reps. After the election, the winning party’s group of electors will go to the state capitol (Superbowl for them) to officially cast their votes. The losers suck air, and go home to watch TV.

      Yes, the electoral college is an horrific abomination, especially “winner-take-all” in this day & age since a couple of large metro hives – most states have at least a couple – disenfranchise the other portions of a state’s populace. But that’s just another rant on a long list – everyone keep voting.
      I’m sure it’ll all be better “10-4 good buddy, roger, fer sure, QSL, you betcha.”

    • This link takes you to the Electoral College administrative procedures along a strict time line between November 6 and January 6. The menu on the left margin of the site lists “For State Officials” which if selected will reveal the details of those procedures. Best I can tell no one knows who the electors will be until after the general election and then only at the state level. This may be old news to you.


  12. Shinmen Takezo

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    The cousin who inherited 10 million dollars, is at last waking up. Trump is her guy, cuz she now hates everyone. Trump is the middle finger to every special tax she pays, and every rule she runs into trying to sell all of the property she has. If nothing else, I am grateful to Trump. This man converted her from a Hillary supporter 8 years ago to a gun class taking oldster. I take my blessings where I can find them.
    I will be voting Trump also. It certainly isn’t going to get any better with anybody else. Let’s do this-to steal a line from some commercial.

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  15. TimeHasCome

    The pot is about to boil over , 10 million firearms sold in the last 100 days .See March’s blockbuster month (NICS) ,the trend line is there for everyone to see.