Z Blog: The Magic Honky Theory


…This is the Magic Honky Theory. Stand close enough to the white guys and you start to act white.


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  3. SemperFi, 0321

    50 yrs of being told how to think ,act, and do, folks still can’t grasp we were sold out a long time ago.
    Death from within.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    America has spent trillions of hard-earned tax dollars on this scam called “integration.” Folks–IT.DON’T.WORK.

    Trust me–I have been here from the beginning of this forced nonsense.

    Go to any large public arena like a library, hospital, or college campus and zero in on the cafeteria. Not the actual compelled “functioning” of the public arena, but rather the elective and the social aspect of eating therein.

    Blacks hang with blacks. Whites hang with whites, Asians hang with Asians, Hispanics hang with Hispanics.

    Ever see what happens when the occupants of two large anthills are suddenly mixed? Taker a shovel and scoop up a load from one anthill and toss in upon the other anthill. WAR! These two anthills could NOT integrate, otherwise you’d have just one huge anthill. But, there are two different anthills with their own societies, rules, regs, rewards, and disasters.

    Look to Nature for solutions first, not compulsion by Leviathan government. just an old-timers .02.

    back in the 1950s an early 1960s, I had a lot of black high school friends. we played sports together, ate together, laughed and had fun together, were in the Boy Scouts together. then–“Civil Rights” started the agitation and my black friends disappeared. I asked them “what happened?” and they told me that they learned from “smart black folks” that I had been “oppressing” them and I should not have their company anymore.

    P.P.S. IRS tax day is April 18th this tax season, the reason being that Wash, D.C. celebrates “Emancipation Day” on April 15th, so the entire city, and hence the IRS, shuts down.

    Hummm…wonder how many “persons of color” have “emancipated themselves” from Section 8 housing, EBT cars, and other freebies extracted from whitey? a lot are still slaves to Leviathan government.

    I ask that famous inquiry to that lot: “Have you no shame?”

  5. Centurion_Cornelius, spot on. I commented at the link virtually the same thing. Even nature shows that diversity is weakness, and the homogeneity is strength. Groups that encounter other different groups in nature usually eat the weaker group. But they always stick with their own kind.

  6. Marlo Stanfield

    Just for giggles and grins.      Tariq Nasheed: The Magic Negro

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