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Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2016 02:51:17 +0000
To: Andrea Shea King


Without saying it, Reince Priebus just told Sean Hannity on Fox News that one of the three candidates currently in the running — Trump, Cruz, Kasich — WILL BE the nominee.

When pressed by Hannity that there’s no way Kasich can be the nominee for all the Rules reasons, Priebus refused to agree.

AND THAT, Ladies and Gentlmen, is why Kasich is still in the race, despite the fact he’s won only ONE state (his own — Ohio) and comes in last in every state primary/caucus so far, including tonight’s primary in Wisconsin, where at this moment he’s in 3rd place with a pitiful 14% of the vote.

The GOPe will ensure that the RULES Committee changes Rule 40 so as to enable Kasich to be the GOP nominee in a contested/brokered convention in July.

And Priebus knows it.

Hannity was stunned… and ticked off. We should be too. This primary election process is a farce.

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44 responses to “ASK Sends

  1. Kasich (all “immigrants” should be allowed into the US) would be the death of the Republican Party…..haha

  2. SameNoKami

    The voters are already PO’d. How much and many more will be PO’d when the RNC does something like this ?
    You don’t have enough of anything needed to survive what’s coming.
    Good times.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Kasich is a fuXX aXXhole! Might as well vote Hildabeast.

  4. Neros Lyre

    They will weaponize the “vote”for the dirt people.Bring it.

  5. Don’t fuckin matter anymore.

  6. I’ve told everyone I know that the fuck Kasich, voted for the assault weapons bill. The law that the traitor Kasich voted for sunset in 2004, and luckily he is held accountable by his constituents, who are the only ones in the U.S. who would give the fuck a vote. I despise him as much as Hilary

    • In 1994, I was 16, so I could not vote “against” Kasich then.
      I haven’t vote for him yet, and don’t plan to start.

  7. I will believe it when I see it. The RNC is stupid but they aren’t THAT stupid.

    • I don’t know, Forrest Gump is brilliant compared to the GOP.

    • Virgil Kane

      Be prepared to be amazed. The elites want amnesty for cheap labor. They don’t care about winning the White House, they don’t care about your rights or how much of your paycheck is redistributed. They will get amnesty with any candidate but Trump (and he may do a 180 for all we know, but he ain’t one of them).

      The GOP’s true colors are being exposed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They may not be that stupid. They may be that arrogant.

    • The RNC is a group of self manipulators. Wankers. Fuckwads. They suck more than the Demorats because people like yourself still have faith in them.
      They aren’t stupid. They are evil, thieving, lying pieces of dogshit.
      You better get your mind right. The coming festivities will be about taking out the trash. Republicans hanging from bridges along with Demorats.
      The Mattis doctrine supersedes any “feelings” you may have.
      Your life and those who depend upon you are at stake. Better harden the fuck up!

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    FU, Johnny! and I be born, bred, and raised a Buckeye lo these 70+ Summers. Ohio has been on the downslope for decades.

    Ohio teeters on the brink–no jobs, infrastructure like Berlin in 1945, factories gone, most “hard” work done by either Mexicans or other Hispanic illegals who can’t speak a lick of English, nor know any traffic nor criminal laws.

    Recently, yet another local, an upstanding and outstanding White church secretary, raped and murdered by an illegal Mexican here in Chardon. We taxpayers paid for his “defense,” lab tests, and the translators, since the beast couldn’t read nor write, let alone understand English. Swapped a guilty plea for a life sentence (21 years). Where’s the “justice” here, Johnny? In two decades, this animal will be back on the streets.

    And Mr. Kasich’s “real world” job? He was the Columbus, Ohio, Partner for Lehman Brothers! Yeah–how’d that work out, Johnny? Bankrupt-city (altho the Kasich wheedled a $182,692 salary plus a $432,200 bonus for 2007 and “fook the creditors” routine.) A real honorable guy–for the common man–right!

    Kasich–baby killer and gun grabber–all the rest is icing on the cake.

    Ask yourself why he always wears that shitty grin–twofold: GREED and POWER.

    FU, Johnny!

  9. And *that* will be the end of the GOP. One more reason to vote Trump.

  10. ReVolutions coming. Might as well be sooner rather than later. Where the PTB think the low information will sit out this one in response as they did with the architect of O’care, they could be in for a nasty 3rd party surprise.

  11. not of any great significance, but it’ll be Cruz – the “anti-establishment” Establishment candidate. Probably on the 4th or 5th ballot, maybe later…2nd ballot would be too obvious. Unlike Kasich, he’s done a decent job of covering his Judeo-globalist (open borders/free trade) tracks and so can hold at least some of the Trumpaholics w/in the Dead Elephant through November. Mrs. Clinton will easily win the EC in either case…in the meantime, the Republiscam Convention should be highly entertaining, with riots outside and probably inside as well. So nice to see the StupidEvil pty getting its desserts

  12. I’m not voting for that retard. Don’t care who he’s running against.

  13. What would Henry Bowman do?

  14. $5 says the GOP sheep will still vote for him after their predictible and short lived social mediabitch fest…. Because…. “Anyone but hillary” will be the new mantra.

  15. One more fucking time (not that it sinks in with any of the ‘low information’ folks out there): your vote does not matter, Period.

  16. I was raised with “didn’t vote? Can’t gripe”……..What a crock!! Now, my belief is – you voted? Don’t complain about the outcome… voting, you agreed to the rules, and by complaining when lose just makes you a sore loser……….I do vote locally but I see my local government regularly. National elections? write-in “withdraw consent”…….

    • Actually, it doesn’t matter externally, if you vote or not. “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” However it does matter to your perception of yourself in the big picture. Are you a slave or not?

  17. Can we launch a class-action lawsuit against the RNC for fraud? Haven’t we all been miss lead by the RNC stating that “your vote counts” and that voting chooses the delegates who choose the candidate? I’m no lawyer, but it sure sounds like fraud based on “what we’ve been led to believe.”

    Oh gosh, I forgot…….when it goes to court, the courts are rigged in their favor and so is the Supreme Court.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. kerberos616

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  20. The Usual Suspect

    Really ??? The Dems refer to the R’s as the Stupid Party.

  21. Doesn’t make any difference,,, what will make a difference if if the people accept it and keep on keeping on,,, down to a sunless sea. Or if they rise up and say NO. As Sean Connery said,, “What are YOU prepared to do?”

  22. I find that an interesting posting. Not for the three possibles mentioned, but the one not ID’d — Rubio. Yes I know he bowed out, But he still has a larger delegate count than Kaisch and might remain so. That indicates even more so that the GOPe has their ‘boy’ waiting behind the curtain.

  23. Uncle Larry

    If you voted, you own this mess. The party heads have told us in no uncertain terms, they choose who we get to vote for. You’re voting for which half of the regime elites get the money and jobs for the next 4 years.

  24. Our current political system is akin to a sheep selecting which of two wolves are going to devour him. Either way the sheep is screwed.

    The only way out now is to destroy both parties as they are now a mortal threat to the country and people.

  25. I agree with the opinion that to vote in a corrupt treasonous process only serves to legitimize and accept the crimes against us.
    I’ll vote when it matters.

  26. One thing good about Sanders..
    His popularity with the EDU system programmed offspring has proven the effectiveness of the communist infiltration of our school system from the 40’s to date. In 10-20 years he will be the great American hero and G Washington will be a slob.
    Teachers have stolen our children’s liberty from their mind and thought process to the extent that they are essentially no longer qualified to be Americans regardless of birthright all because we trusted TEACHERS. The biggest TREASON of all. Remember their crime.

    • As you know, Yank, the victors always get to write the history. The commies have worked diligently, nay relentlessly since the 40’s and we haven’t. That’s why they can rewrite history with impunity today. Powerlessness really sucks. I’m really tired of the commies.

  27. Just to add icing on this cake, our lords and masters at the supreme court just decided for us that illegals must to be counted when a resident count for redistricting is required for congressional districts.