Lawfare: Help Free Tommy Robinson

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Understand that what is happening in the UK will be happening here in the States within the decade.

That’s why helping Tommy Robinson is important for all anti-jihadists across the globe.

The kind of must-read patent horsesh*t referenced by Matt Bracken below is coming here.

Bet on it.

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13 responses to “Lawfare: Help Free Tommy Robinson

  1. Britain is a vicious police State not far removed from the Soviet Union. Any reliance on Law, as it is usually known, is foolish, and I speak as an experienced attorney….If the Limeys aren’t prepared to fight, no number of appeals will do them any good.

    • I would care except there is that abandoning of the EDL and then taking money from Quilliam (a Muslim based ‘think tank) to consider. Some think that was a betrayal.

    • Like the people of many European states they are in the process of determining their numbers. Without being foolhardy, I get a sense that the peaceful assembly phase might be drawing to an end.

      When the Brexit vote is rigged for a slim EU victory I suspect things will get a little more sporting.

    • Great Britain is gone; too far removed from its cultural foundation.
      We on the other hand have a shot at preventing this happening in America. Because, well, we have a shot. Millions and millions of shots.

  2. I’m poor, but I’m not church-mouse-poor.
    The twentyfive bucks is less important than the virtual handshake it infers.

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  4. Although prayer won’t stop the bear, it wouldn’t hurt to say one for him. I just did. If they cage him again he will be in deep shit. As for us, our jails are not filled with Muzzies, they are filled with????? Do the math kids, we may all face similar problems in the not to distant future. And if you think it’s not happening here, you’re delusional.


    “If the Limeys aren’t prepared to fight, no number of appeals will do them any good.” Take out Limeys and substitute Frogs, Yanks, Scandahoovians, Krauts, etc. It would appear the only whites ready to defend their homelands and persons reside in Poland, Hungary, Russia, and a few other Eastern European enclaves. Summer is a-comin’ in. Get prepped. Buy more ammo and supplies. Watch and observe in your A/O.

  6. He’s the equivalent of a III brother- contribution made. Poor bastards with no 2A, can’t imagine the frustration…

    Semper Fi

  7. outlawpatriot

    Hmm… “United” Kingdom. Ain’t that Beagle’s stomping ground? Where the fuck is he? 😉

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