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From a commenter:

…If you are the wild-eyed guy at the end of the block in BDUs sitting atop a mound of silver coins, shaking his fist at the sky, and cursing ZOG ad infinitum, congratulations, you are now That Guy, and the whole neighborhood will fight for the chance to rat you out when the balloon goes up….

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

  2. Course they will want to steal your silver before the authorities arrive.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re joking, right? These morons have no idea what silver is, go to the bank and try to get change for a 1 oz. of silver. They’ll give you 4 fake quarters.
      Didn’t someone do a street test recently?, a silver dollar or a candy bar, almost everyone took the candy bar.

      • There’s a video of a guy in SoCal offering folks a 100 Oz. bar of silver for $50. He comes all the way down to $10 and still no takers/ Would have loved to have been there.

      • It was actually a one ounce bar of silver… and yes, the idiots took the Hershey bar…

      • Exceptional murkins in action.

      • Probably true, but I was thinking a Katrina like mindset when I posted it. Free Shit Army. Take it even if ya don’t know what it is….

  3. SameNoKami

    Hence the 3rd Commandment of prepping –
    Keepest thy mouth shut.

    • Second. Hard days are coming, doesn’t matter if you whine and alert the neighbors or not.
      Much better is to get yourself squared away and have a good supply of cigars and drink to watch on tv and sit in judgement.

  4. I have not worn BDU’s since I left the military. I do have a number of guns and I am very proficient with all of them. I have many friends throughout the area I live who are of like mind. We all have developed a self sustaining lifestyle to not only survive a disruption but to help others during said disruption. If you live in an area where your neighbors are so self absorbed I would recommend relocation.

    NO FEAR is a joke. Anyone who tells you they have no fear of societal collapse is someone to avoid. I have worked all over the world and felt fear in most of the countries I worked in. The key is to not allow fear to rule your daily life.

    Marxist are a real threat to our nation. They will happily kill all of us to gain control of our country. I was present in Venezuela when Chavez took control and got to See a marxist philosophy take control of a nation and it is ugly.

    • Thanks. Comment appreciated.

      “Marxist are a real threat to our nation.”
      Amen and they are fully infiltrated and integrated.
      Kill a commie for mommy.

    • The biggest fear should be your neighbors. It’s the regimes first point of contact. Your neighbor will be the informant that alerts the local police of your suspicious activity of wearing camo or having a UPS truck show up on a regular basis – because why would anyone need “things” delivered so often? Isn’t there a Family Dollar right in town? If you can’t get it at the thrift store full of cheap Chinese shit, you couldn’t possibly need it- Right?
      The cops are as dumb as the rest of the population in any sense of the word. They won’t get off their fat asses unless someone calls in a complaint as it is. IT’S YOUR NIEGHBOR.

      Once again, no doubt some broke ass jealous fuck here at WRSA will post some drivel about my candid and accurate assessment that they already know is 100% spot on. Whatever they say, it’s just their natural response to their own inadequacies that they try so hard to not acknowledge. Let the losers begin their sniping in 3,2,1…

  5. LMAO. That’s excellent.

  6. Obama has his check in the mail to you. Hasbara Central Command sends their dividend check to you too.

  7. Bill Harzia

    This is the ONLY REASON I’d get a “BER-nie!” bumper sticker. and yes we ARE making plans to move.

  8. Mark Matis

    Note that by being “that gu”, you MAY enable someone else who acts less conspicuously to escape detection and deal justice to the sewage destroying this country. There are a finite number of “Law Enforcement” officers in this country, and a finite number of people who prefer their coffee and donuts filtered. ALL those fine people WILL be kept busy, one way or another. As long as you understand the sacrifice you are making, there is no reason to change your ways.

    Of course, the “grey man” you are distracting their attention from may be stupid enough to be part of an organization that has been infiltrated by pigs, but that isn’t YOUR fault.

  9. That’s me fucked so . After 20 yrs trying to wake up mutants with a less than 1% success rate , I’m pretty much tagged.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s OK, I’ve had just about the same success ratio myself. Mormon missionaries do better than us. 😦

  10. Two words. Stay gray.

  11. ‘That Guy’ Just like the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was coined by the CIA to label critical thinkers… but I agree don’t be that guy

  12. Mound of silver coins? Negan will be by soon to collect his 50% tax.

  13. “there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim. It’s really a hell of a lot of fun. You’re gonna have a blast out here!”
    James Mattis
    Ya What he said.

  14. If you are the wild-eyed guy at the end of the block in BDUs sitting atop a mound of silver coins, shaking his fist at the sky, and cursing ZOG ad infinitum, congratulations, you are now That Guy, and the whole neighborhood will fight for the chance to rat you out when the balloon goes up….

    And that my fellow murkins is exactly what I posted earlier.


    “Your best odds are to stay away from people. Never tell anyone close-by anything about you or what you have. Hide anything of value from EVERYONE. Buy a place in a very remote area with no poor people- that’s what the wealthy are doing. If that time comes, kill anyone and everyone who comes within sight. These types who think that commune life works are full of shit. they’re the same ones who have nothing to offer. That’s why they want others to share their good fortunes – communists. Kill ’em.

    No neighbors – No problems.
    No people – No problems.

    Humans are conditioned to be selfish, greedy, and deceitful(sociopaths and psychopaths) – it’s their way.

    From experience – you cannot trust anyone. Drowning people will grab anything or anyone and bring them down too- it’s their way.

    I won’t train anyone, it will only make it harder to kill them later. Most humans are lazy at their core, that’s why there are so many poor – it’s their way.

    Even the best of friends will turn on each other – eventually. The Army, politics, business, employment, sports, and relationships are no different, everyone tries to position and maneuver to enhance their personal gain – it’s their way.

    The more desperate they are, the more desperate things they will do – it’s their way.”

    • “First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.” M. Gandhi


      • outlawpatriot

        Still the Village Idiot.🙂

        • Still the REMF wannabe militia Kernel?

          • Still the gate guard. Good thing you kept the canal zone safe after Carter handed it over. Panama omlette that was what you used to call yourself. That’s a pretty long way from the fulda gap hero and in 84 YOU weren’t doing anything but walking your post in a military manner now were you? Was that where you learned all that killing you were lecturing us about a day or so ago? I never knew there was so much action going on down there… van halen sang about you. Reach down. Between my legs

            • In 84 I was a cadre member at the JOTC. What were you doing?

            • Tell us LF, what did you do in the service?
              Did you even serve?
              Combat Arms?
              At least say you were like op and pushed pencils.
              Let me guess. NO SERVICE

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      Very good advice TFA. I’ve stopped talking to people a long time ago. I think they’ve pretty well forgotten about me and that’s a good thing. My husband and I no longer discuss politics or prepping in public with strangers or friends. We keep our conversations to safe subjects, the weather, grand kids, the pets, who’s a good doctor, etc.

      • Ah. Someone who “gets it”

        Praise be to allah lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

        • Dark Side of the Moon

          Yes I do, but I paid a dear price for it and I learned my lesson by mistake. I’ve been prepping for years. Have always stockpiled food. I buy things on sale, clearance or closeout and rotate. Five years ago we hired a man to do some work on this house we’re living in. We were in another state selling my husband’s primary home in the city. Foolishly we gave him the key.

          While we were gone to another state for the winter, this area had a bad tornado. Many were without power and food. My so called “contractor” called me and asked me if I could give away my food to the so called needy and hungry in my state. When I told him no, he got very angry. The free shit army mentality came out in him. Oh you and your husband make good money, you can afford it.

          I was enraged. Yes we did, but we worked our asses for it. We forgone trips and trinkets to save money to retire and buy this house in a rural area. I told him if ONE bag of food is missing, it’s your ass. He didn’t take the food, but all my good liquor I had stocked up, he drank up. We came back here a few months later and took the key from him. My husband rekeyed the locks so he couldn’t get back in. We’ve hadn’t problems with him since.

          However…..if things go south, he may or may not remember us and this house. I hope not.

    • Grenadier1

      Found him!

  15. Commenter in the recent Bracken Sends wrote: My money is on [Hillary] going after the 2A and doing amnesty within the first 30 days of taking office. That would be awesome! I predict a 25% compliance rate. Imagine the lame-duckness if the centerpiece big deal policy in the first 100 days is mass-ignored. She can’t escalate because it would be more-ignored having just proven its wisdom.

    I don’t think she’s that stupid. Obama promised to do the same thing, and he hasn’t been that stupid. Never give an order you fear may be ignored.

    • Agree. They can’t do a frontal attack on 2A. They just aren’t that dumb, sorry. What they may try is targeted removal and arrest of certain people, all with the excuse of protecting others from someone mentally unstable.

      • Agreed on that frontal attack meme. All they have to keep doing is teaching our children that guns are bad. Your handed down arms will be willfully surrendered to the “authorities”. Slow and steady won the race.

        Don’t allow them to teach your children.

  16. Bucephalus

    Going into town (when necessary) and literally being unknown, unseen, & unheard-of helps to ensure OPSEC.

    “Only speak of auto parts at the auto parts store”.

    I hope this makes sense…… Having friends vs no friends is essentially the same argument about the dangers vs probability between blood-borne pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM). One blood-borne pathogen could kill a person, but the likely-hood of being infected can be mitigated (like using gloves, masks, and other profilactics, not sharing needles, and staying out of another man’s anus………….), where-as OPIM seems to be everywhere; it cannot be totally-mitigated, but the afflictions are usually-less severe.

    Lots of “friends” (OPIM) would use-up more of the enemy’s ammo, but the probability of “flapping gums”, “blue falcons”, or mutiny easily-outweigh the probability of being alone and outnumbered…if and only if people keep to the smallest possible circles and keep them mouths shut…

    “In and out before the confusion starts”

  17. I’m an old man. Been smoking for over 50 years so PTs out of the question. However I do have utility value in dying for the greater good. So I guess I’m of some use. I just finished watching a you tube video which I found inspiring. I haven’t the computer skills to post it but I’d recommend it to all. It’s titled “Saving Private Ryan Clerk Mom General.” I realize the debates and discord about “banker’s wars” etc. But my father, 82nd Airborne died last year at the age of 94. I’d like to think he served a purpose for the greater good as well.

    • Bucephalus

      Hey Bob,

      Id like to honor your dad and recommend a great book that a lot of career military personel were required to read. Hats off to your dad; because of men like he, the uniform I wore represented the same country as his. I’m disappointed about the home-grown Marxists too, but there are some good people worth defending……

      The book: “The Defense of Duffer’s Drift”


  18. Bert In Canada

    Silver is good;but you can’t eat it. Small tins of beef will always get you something you need in trade. They can be bought for about $2 apiece. That’s right $100 will buy you 50 highly desirable trade items.

  19. The Usual Suspect

    Well Bob us old guys can still do the Haile Selassie shuffle.
    When Mussolini’s modern mechanized army invaded Ethiopia
    in 1935 the old tribesmen provided the last line of resistance.
    While the young warriors retreated the old had their legs hobbled
    laid down behind a rock cairn and took as many Fascists with
    then as they could.
    That is why the Infantry Trophy Match is such a useful exercise.
    See , I’m planning for the future.

  20. ” … at seven p.m. The main hatchway gave in, he said fellas it’s been good to know ya …”

    • 🙂
      Away you will go sailin’
      In a race among the ruins
      If you plan to face tomorrow
      Do it soon

      Re-reading Nevil Shute’s classic, “On the Beach” has been instructive/helpful as well.

  21. There will always be someone out there who will take gold and silver in trade. I live in Ky. Half the commonwealth is in BDU’s. The other half wears some form of “deer hunters”. Shaking their fist at the sky? Only a communist would think that all “preppers” and gun owners are angry. “ZOG”? Did this dude quit reading when the WAR got busted? The comment sounds like more SPLC BS to me.

    • Exactly. If you don’t wear camo around here YOU are suspect. Even little old ladies wear camo everyday, it’s the style. I talked guns with a Loomis Armored Car driver at the store yesterday – while I was dressed in BDU pants, OD M-65 field jacket, and tan combat boots. I broke the ice by commenting about the trigger safety on his Glock. Turns out he’s a local, a vet, is anti-NWO, and has an LMT AR like myself. We’re going to shoot over the weekend at his place. Probably the only “uniform” I’ll ever not disrespect. Who is the moron who authored that comment?


  22. TheRightSite

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    Conceal, act like a liberal. Blend.

  23. TheRightSite

    I didn’t come away from this article thinking They’d be after my silver. or whatever. It pointed more towards a “Gray Man” strategy. Imperative, I would say.

  24. The Usual Suspect

    And you think it will end well for us ?