Two From MDT


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Typical Combat Uniform Fabrics: A Flammability Test


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  1. JCD has been hitting home-runs lately. He’s right, despite the peanut gallery’s tooth-gnashing.

    Clif’s Notes: Your ass is on your own.

    • Dodge hits home-runs because he’s done the work. Any 11B worth his salt can give a lesson in Individual or Squad Tactical Training that’s far superior than any other other MOS qualified soldier or marine. I have yet to learn jack shit about SUT from any support type troop. It’s pretty common knowledge that cooks, admin, and supply don’t know their ass from a hole in ground when it comes to ground fighting or weapons handling, after all, they’re fucking cooks, admin, and supply…

      There’s always some remf wannabe(or worse yet, some militia Kernal) who thinks they know better than a qualified Infantry veteran about Infantry tactics – go figure. If I want to learn about clothing issue, I’ll seek the advice of a supply Sgt. but not for anything else…

      • When you go on that cruise you wont be able to help yourself. You’ll be a prick to your cabin steward or one of his friends on the staff and a week later when you go through your photos there will be some shots of your very own toothbrush up someones mudring. Bon voyage Charlie Brown’s

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. SameNoKami

    I would like to see the fabric clothes-pinned up and lit from the bottom.

    effing GORETEX= GEAR QUEER shit !

    Bay a box of glad bags you will be happier

    • That’s a good call man. We’re using 30 gallon contractor grade bags for rucksack liner. I even have a spare stashed in my plate carrier. They’re tough enough you can make a shelter or a float out of them too

      • If you keep you nose out of my asshole and I won’t have to shit on you all the time. Fool. Or do you like the smell of my poo poo?

      • Man that’s a serious survival tip you have there. Where did you learn that high sped low drag shit? Oh that’s right from your years of being a highly trained Infantryman – oh wait… that’s right, YOU WEREN’T


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