Buchanan: America’s Imperial Overstretch

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Imperial demise.

To date, by our own hand and hubris.

Others are competing for their fair share of the glory, however.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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    It was a good article until I read the line that Amerika should not write off the Baltic Republics or Eastern Europe. So if Vlad moves in some troops along the border, we send a brigade of Strykers to do “maneuvers” with the Lithuanian Army? Write them all off. They can take care of themselves. Our troops belong on our Northern and Southern borders. If these bohunks can’t handle it, then they should disband their general staffs, turn their meager troops into constabulary units, and pre-record a surrender message in Russian to be broadcast over their radio stations.
    Who among you is willing to send your family members, friends, or even total strangers to shed their blood for Eurabia or Eastern Europe?

  2. “Nina Kouprianova

    There has been lot of complaining today about a Russian plane flying “dangerously close” to a US ship. So I’ve made a helpful diagram just for you.”


    ht Twitter

  3. Yo, bogbeagle, I really dig the map. Perspective is always good BEFORE you go in over your ass. I have a point to make about something. Now that we are this global behemoth with a presence damn near everywhere, and we have sane ideas about toning that down, who, I wonder, has a plan to do that in such a way as to not precipitate a catastrophe that will destroy us? Deconstructing the whole mess could wind up making a mess. It needs a plan, a time table, and a lot of skulling out. Oh, and by the by, as usual after one of our little adventures (unrelenting warfare in the ME for the past 15 yrs or so) our troops, their hardware, training, facilities, spare parts, you name it, it’s all worn out, wrecked, and outdated, needing lots of attention to get them back into first-class shape. Any body got a plan there? What’s that you say, economy is toast, cities, states, nation on the verge of total economic meltdown? Never mind. Those damn preppers. What the fuck do they think is about to happen? I mean it’s not like,……oh.

    • outlawpatriot

      One hundred percent correct. While the cycle of constant war must be broken, you just can’t walk away. A whole new gig for disengagement and a new way forward has to be formulated, implemented and executed. It ain’t rocket science, it’s just Problem Solving 101. Hell, it’s part of the curriculum I teach to budding electronic systems technicians. There is a kicker though. That item is just one facet. There are several others that will need attention to complete the process. Trade, currency, immigration, etc.

      It’s painfully obvious that Cold War America is no longer a viable way forward. Too many of us were asleep at the switch and allowed the socialists to take the helm. While they’re not a particularly innovative bunch, they do have a playbook and they are implementing and executing it.

      It would be real interesting to see how this plays out. I wish I was twenty years younger. Probably the best I can hope for is that I get to see the true Americans, the Remnant, begin to engage. At the very least, I believe I will leave a small platform for them should they finally decide.😉

  4. We would have been much better served after the wall fell, to have struck a deal with the Russians that the former Warsaw Pact countries less Russia would provide for their own common defense. Russia and the US providing the tools to do so. Then both powers go hands off.

    Russia would have had their buffer. Ukraine would not be the basket case it is right now. The Baltics would not be spooling up. NATO would not be overextended. We might have even avoided involvement in former Yugoslavia. But alas not to be, we were too busy doing fist pumps to care for the long view.

    • Well, that’s a pretty good plan right there. Is it possible now?

      It might be if we had some sanity back at the helm, which is not on the horizon just yet.

    • Superb idea. Only problem is it would leave at least 80% of the MIC out of a job. Thus the probability of it ever actually being implemented is somewhere between Slim and None, and Slim’s at the airport getting a cavity search.

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