MVT: You And Body Armor


A thoughtful consideration of the topic.


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  1. Good stuff. I use it in training because it helps build up stamina and adds a layer of protection.

    I know its not good for all scenarios and in many cases highly impractical.

    But, better to have and not need then need and not have.

  2. Bucephalus

    Another scenario where BA may be benificial; a landowner notices some un-invited people stepping onto his or her land; perhaps outside of the curtilage, and they do not appear to be in a battle (linear) formation or posture (bounding overwatch).

    A landowner may decide to go out and confront them.

    A pre-set BA vest can be quickly donned before going out to confront the un-invited tresspassers (raise it overhead, insert ams, and let if fall into place).
    It can be tightened later.

    The thought of the visual intimidation associated with seeing a man approahing; wearing a fully-equipped BA vest, carrying an AR at the ready, and perhaps talking on or listening to a 2 way radio, should illustrate my point.

  3. Diz is really looking at all the considerations here; good.

    It looks like the closer you are to zombie apocalypse, the more situations there are where BA makes sense (e.g. static guard posts), but the more likely one is to be dying from a peripheral hit anyway, thus negating much of the BA utility. I suppose much of the latter depends on how well set up one is with medical treatment, another point of investment. Medical care would support the BA utility in a way.

    If you take a hit in the BA, its presence is the difference between life and death, and the quality of the medical care probably does not affect the picture much. If you take a peripheral hit, BA presence was actually a detriment since it slowed you down (unless you were static anyway), and your survival depends on how good the evacuation and medical care is.

    In static guard posts, it might make as much sense to just armor the post itself with cheap material, big rocks, using shooting slits, etc.

    Getting back to a violent home invasion, is there really any time to get the BA on? Usually you have just seconds, I imagine…

    This will probably boil down in the end to personal preference. Those who think it helps will have it, those who don’t value it so much, won’t.

  4. “And to be honest, there are times when BA may not be practical, such as extended, long range missions.  When you are literally carrying everything on your back.  Depending on mission requirements, you may not be able to carry the extra weight.”

    Good advice in addition to being fit and in shape to even wear BA in the first place. Honestly, even if you’re in great shape I just can’t imagine running up and down wet slippery hills while wearing BA on some kind of extended bugout without having a fall or developing back and foot issues. The risk assessment with BA should include that consideration.

  5. Ok First. In an “active shooter”; You won’t have a plate on in the mall, church or driving around in your car. You won’t be taking it to school, nor will your kid. In a home invasion you’ll have SECONDS to find your weapon-IN THE DARK. So WTF? Over? If you don’t have it on the moment the shooting starts What you gonna do? Run to the car and get it? Spend the 30 to 50 seconds it takes from a sound sleep to put all this crap on in the dark? While “Sid” the felon gets to the kids? You want to spend hundreds of dollars on “armor” that never gets used …OK Fine… that’s your right. But lets quit pretending its anything you’ll ever use unless North America go’s to a hot war zone. AND: FYI As any LEO reading this could tell you “armor” soft or plate in your car constitutes “probable cause” in all 50 states, as it is already a federal crime for convicted felons to posses and a state felony in several states. Carrying “armor” in your car will cost you roadside time and a search AT BEST, and arrest at worst. in all 50. In most states the only way to NOT spend one to three hours in cuffs being asked stupid questions is to have a valid CC permit. Something I chose not to do as the KRS says that if you lose your permit to CC for any reason, the commonwealth confiscates your firearms –ALL OF THEM– Not just the one “listed” on your permit. You can get them back…In about one year, and a background check..and court fees…and lawyer fees. So NO THANKS TO CC. PS The CC law in Kentucky took away far more freedoms than it bestowed as it gave us our first anti knife laws, anti “constitutional carry” laws, anti body armor laws, anti gas mask laws, anti helmet laws and dozens of “other” restrictions that were never law till the CC sheep got to be “special” and carry a gun. We can still “open carry” a hand gun: BUT people have been arrested for full flap holsters and having there t-shirts out over the pistol butts. So how “legal” is it? About the only new thing is that you can carry in a car or truck. You’ll go to jail if you use it. Even “legally”. But you’re allowed to pretend to be “safe”.

    • Ray, I think you’re off base on numerous aspects of your argument.

      [Body armor is something you’re not going to use unless FUSA goes hot.] Are you willing to bet that it won’t?

      [The possession of body armor constitutes PC for search on a traffic stop.] How does LE get into the car to search? Given the usual big five exceptions to warrants, plus throwing in the rogue dog handler false alert, LE getting in your car is most often done on the basis of consent. How else is an attuned gray man’s armor to be found, absent foolishly-given consent?

      Kentucky can only confiscate your guns if you choose to make them available for confiscation. How’d that permit get revoked again? Other states have better laws, there’s choices.

      [Inadvertant CC in Kentucky has resulted in arrest.] As above, other states have better laws. But on that “inadvertant” concealment: people have been illegally carrying for generations, playing by Big Boy rules. Lack of situational awareness generally has consequences.

      The nut of the thing, though, is a concept put up on this site some years back by our host. The idea that we harden ourselves mentally, just a bit, by the deliberate commission of a mal prohibitum misdemeanor per day, and a similar mal prohibitum felony per week. The North American Freedom Games have barely started. Whining about existing laws is not a good way to prepare your head for the upcoming “frisky” events.

  6. I’ve got the RaptorArmorWorks MilSpec Level III plate and Level IIIA vests and T-shirt – both with stab protection ratings from I had the soft vest armor fitted to a custom made carrier by Beez Combat Systems that wraps around the entire torso and offers complete protection for the upper body. The Level IIIA T-shirt protects the entire torso also, and looks like you are not wearing armor at all. For those times when “sporty” turns to “spicey”.

    Now let the fools who sling shit start with their dungfest, I don’t give a shit, and frankly, I have all day and everyday to sling stinkier shit right back at them op, LF. and the cripple oughtsix. LOL

    I’m sure CA is getting tired of it too. So stop concerning pathetic selves with me and worry about what it’s going to be like when officer jackboot sends you to your new jobs at your FEMA accomodations to pay down your credt card debts. do you really think they let you spend that $ without having a plan for you to pay it back? LOL

  7. While we have two sets of ceramic plates, and three sets of ar500 plates, on the shelve. With a few mags and a bo- bo kit, all get heavy. I have saved level III/IV vests over the past 25 years, good for most pistol fire, but not so good for rifle stuff.

    We took a couple older tan vests out, manufactured in the late 80s, and shot them up .22 punched then easily. 9mm, 45axp, and 40 were stopped. My FN 5.7×28 eat the vest up, both sides, I don’t recall which ammo I was using. Actually I used two bullet weights, one was very very effective, the other got thru, but my senses were not like the other bullet weight.

    My wife and I both have a vest under each side of our love nest, for a rainy day. We’re well past the point of needing the other protection, and that golden night once every year is great, a lot of work but great.

    The vests are simply a matter of being prepared for whatever. we don’t think we’ll need them, however, one in a million is more chance then we care to take.

    To wear, or not to wear,
    Personal choice, where we live a vest worn daily is not practical. A very mellow community, as long as you stay out of specific areas. Reasonable people realize that the pistol on your belt, is for defensive work, not to go looking for a fight.

    Remember shoot, scoot, police your brass, deny your involvement. worked for FBI HRT. But it isn’t goimg to work for the average citizen.

    My two cents.


  8. If you regularly commute in a “tiny” car, body armor makes sense for driver and passengers you care about. People are about as tough as a jello mold with popsicle sticks for bones when compared to multi-ton vehicles going over 60 mph, but we bounce back okay if not penetrated by pieces of vehicles. The solution is bigger/safer/maintained vehicles driven on well-engineered roads with sober-rested drivers who stay off the road during foul weather (yeah, right!), but maybe there’s a place for personal safety driving clothing in this mix?

    Your chances of being killed on the road are higher than any other kind of violence, so far. Isn’t body armor rated to stop pistol rounds thin/light and comfortable now? Mine is old-tech and only makes me feel a little fat.

  9. Ray, care to post a link to your claims? I have a KY CCDW and was NEVER asked what type of weapon I would be carrying. Curious on the anti knife comment as just about everyone I know has a knife at all times

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    Body armor is important to your survival.

  11. terribletroy

    See at first I thought the “t-shirt” reference was just a goof, but I see now that you’re serious…so does this in fact mean that you have a tee shirt? Cause that would fill out the tee shirt part and you could get on with the “been there, done that” part.

    May I suggest you start with “no shit, there I was”…

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. That Guy (at the dog park)

    I’ve got a CIRAS with ar500 plates at the house. It stays there for the most part, unless I’m feeling spry and decide to go exercise in it.

    I ran a 5k wearing it, in 33-something minutes, but was a new kind of sore in the knees. Not gonna do that again, and running sprints on grass won’t kill my knees like a 5k on pavement will.

    I give no shits what other folks at the dog park think, and if asked, I’m wearing a weight vest to train for mountain climbing season. If course, a slick PC with no loaded pouches or weapons *is* a weight vest.

    I feel that a PC is like a rifle: I’m not putting it on unless I’m training or expecting trouble, only rambo wannabes do otherwise, and they’re asking for LEO trouble.

    My sidearm is for unexpected troubles, nobody has had a problem with it, even hiking in the commie hive known as the greater Seattle metro area.

  14. Good article. I can absolutely foresee a day when BA will be illegal for us to own and that’s when we’ll need it the most. Therefore, I have level 3 and occasionally wear it around the house; preferring to not let anyone know my gear and capabilities by wearing it publicly. Will I ever ‘need’ it? Lord I hope not, just like I hope I never have to shoot someone, though I’m prepared and train for just that eventuality.