Repost: Bracken – Night Fighting 101


A classic, for your review or first-time assessment.


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  1. I enjoyed the writing, I already feel 10x more “operator-ry”.🙂

    Just remember that, like tracer rounds, IR illumination works both ways. The other side is better funded and equipped and will have more night vision than you. Light and laser discipline is huge.

  2. Want to pass this on even though it is not part of the above. Need to watch this. Hope all of you will pass this on.
    Local Anchor exposes “Partnership for a New American Economy”

  3. Uncle Larry

    In the city, the gangways are often narrow enough to shimmy up the walls to the roof. Did it many times. Can still do it. Need a rope if carrying a pack.

  4. All good information. I say look at some of this info from the other side. We may not be the only ones reading and practicing this stuff so go around your AO and look for clues that someone else might be practicing these technics. The rags on fences and hidden passageways for instance. Also he mentioned motion sensor lights and branches that snap when stepped on. Put up lights around your property and lay out old branches around perceived passageways. Take this offensive information and flip it to add defensive ideas.
    As for the motion sensor lights they can be great if placed properly and they create a nice silhouette.😉

  5. The problem is that this lesson was written several years ago? and since then, the murkins are EVEN dumber than before. Dear God these people are so stupood it’s a wonder the can continue to draw air without help from sombody. I advise anyone who goes stalking around in the darkness to very very cautious of the fact that someone is bound to see movement and call the po LICE. And we all know how encounters with those mental retards work out… Take this warning seriously. Murkah!

    Of course some moron like LF will have some shit to sling because he’s one of the dumb’d down masses also. he’s most likely wearing an apron, paper hat, name tag, and holding a spatula in his hand right now.


  6. Marlo Stanfield

    With 92 million Americans not working. Why not recruit some of them to be your eyes and ears around the clock. In an episode of The Wire one of the drug dealers has a guy playing look out at night. When the police show up to install a hidden camera he sees them. Dude is up in an alley with a good over watch position. He lets his boss know and boss has a meeting with upper boss and they decide to steal the camera. When I was out west and down in central America I noticed the older Latinos were always some where watching their neighborhood. During the day the older people watch the kids not in school while keeping an eye out. The old men in town sitting around playing dominos and smoking cigars kept an eye out. Taxi drivers did the same. At night street vendors, some hookers and the taxi drivers did the same. Old widowers sat on steps smoking, letting the dog run around. Always someone watching. But here in America with 92 million not working and not being recruited. We have the largest unemployed army not doing any thing. The police nor anyone else should  be able to come into your hood with out being noticed very early. Properly deployed these people could make swat and no knock raids a thing of the past. In the Miami Vice movie the dude says we got made 15 blocks out because of the drug dealers lookouts. In the black hoods there is a saying when Homicide is on the streets you ain’t! When you have 92 million bodies you don’t even need assault rifles. Since they are never leaving town any caliber bolt gun with scope will suffice. Actually any weapon works. What they need is camcorders, binoculars cellphones, two way radios, bull horns, scanners. Hell throw in smoke signals. Every road leading to town can be covered. Airports not a problem. Someone will get around to organizing these 92 million people, I just fear it will be the wrong people doing it.   

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    • Ya. those 92 million unemployed are the unemployable. Overweight, sickly, addicts, or just dumb as fuck – no business wants that liability. Of course they’ll be look-outs… for the gubmint, all while collecting taxpayer welfare benefits.

      100-200 million…

      Let me not forget to let the detractors and trolls like LF and op that they are most likely included in that group of numbers. Do you putrid turds really think the taxpayers want to support your loser asses anymore? Heh

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Unemployed can be a useful resource. Provide a little payment and you can recruit a very useful network of local watchers. Drug organizations have been doing it for decades. Throw a little more their way, and you’ve got stash houses. Taking care of the locals worked pretty well for guys like the James-Younger Gang, too.

      Fairly sure there was some Austrian guy who was able to mobilize the ever-living-fuck out of the unemployed a while back, and the world trembled.

  7. Bucephalus

    Great topic & info; I may have missed a key consideration, so apologies for the “double-tap..”. Sine individual perception is the inherentl dominant task to Night or Limited Visibility Operations, a few words on illusions seems to be something worth contributing to this advanced and thoroughly covered topic.

    Three basic types of illusions should be recognized, remembered, and mitigated to reduce orientation (particularly spatial) when operating during times of limited visibility. Here are the best definitions my cursory-search can provide….


    Structural & Sensory:

    Operational definitions are key in learning and helping others understand; in this case, as many cognitive illusions as possible. I hope it helps.

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