SLL: The Scourge Of Socialism


Madness comes this way.

And death.

Lots of death.

7 responses to “SLL: The Scourge Of Socialism

  1. “We’re so worried about terrorism but we have terrorism on our own soil,” the woman said as Clinton animatedly nodded like a bobblehead. “Our gun manufacturers, our ammunition manufacturers are making terrorists out of our citizens.”

  2. Stop trying to argue the possible benefits or economic costs of Socialism! It is NOT and economic system. Socialism is a mechanism of control. It works perfectly! Socialism is the antithesis of the right to property. It is the antithesis of self ownership. Distribution of goods and wealth inequality have NOTHING to do with it. Socialism is about controlling nations by declaring, “The State owns you.” It is another man, or group of men, saying “I own you!”

    It is the same when the pro-2A side engages the argument over gun control by discussing crime and crime rates and how criminals don’t obey the law, etc… That is all a distraction. It is about control, period. Free men have the right to arms, period. It is about self preservation. Crime and criminals have NOTHING to do with it.

  3. An inevitable consequence of redistribution is the need for a “violent enforcement class”.

    You want socialized medicine … you need violent enforcers.

    You want a Standing Army … you need violent enforcers.

    See how that works? Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same beast. And, the Libertarians, too. They all believe in redistribution, so they all need to ensure that you “pay your fair share”.

    You cannot have redistribution of any flavour, without also creating a “police state”.

  4. Sanders is an Eskimo. So, I suppose, is Gore. Problem is, there’s about 500 socialist Eskimos for each capitalist Eskimo. I fact, it we look at the long and troubled history of the Eskimos, it’s remarkable how they keep spinning off ideationals aimed at taking down White Western Civ:

    * Eskimo’ism itself, 3,000 years ago, then

    * christianity, 2,000 years ago. Which played a major role in destroying Rome. And, when later christians turned against the Eskimo,

    * islam, 1,300 years ago; claiming, incidentally, all the same prophets as the Eskimo

    * and, as the caliphate lurched toward collapse during the 19th century,
    Karl the Eskimo’s state socialism, that is, communism. 80% of the top 400 leaders of the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia were, for instance, Eskimos. The death squad that killed the Czar and his family consisted entirely if Eskimos; and much of the later murder apparat remained Eskimo, even as Stalin purged Eskimos from the rest of the regime

    * and, post-communism, bankster-driven globalisation…with an astonishing proportion of the banksters, and associated billionaires and oligarchs, being members of the Eskimo tribe

    I’m thinking ideational #5 may be the end of it all, though. One way or t’other

    • Haxo:
      We all know you want a society under a glorious nazi socialist government so that the extermination of ‘eskimos’ can resume. You probably get raging erections thinking about mass murder of people who you blame for being a failure in life. Get over yourself and fix yourself first, failing that, FOADIAF.

    • Haxo is right on target.

      Still have to be in stealth mode.
      Still too many apologists in the world.
      Still too many under the spell of brainwashing.

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