WeaponsMan: Spotlight On WinterSoldier.com


WM points to an essential anti-Communist site.

As this cycle’s Communist candidates scrap in the pre-convention mud, remember how long they have been moving towards this goal.

As well as what their ilk does once in power.


From the Amazon review of TBBOC:

…Communism did kill, Courtois and his fellow historians demonstrate, with ruthless efficiency: 25 million in Russia during the Bolshevik and Stalinist eras, perhaps 65 million in China under the eyes of Mao Zedong, 2 million in Cambodia, millions more Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America–an astonishingly high toll of victims. This freely expressed penchant for homicide, Courtois maintains, was no accident, but an integral trait of a philosophy, and a practical politics, that promised to erase class distinctions by erasing classes and the living humans that populated them. Courtois and his contributors document Communism’s crimes in numbing detail, moving from country to country, revolution to revolution. The figures they offer will likely provoke argument, if not among cliometricians then among the ideologically inclined. So, too, will Courtois’s suggestion that those who hold Lenin, Trotsky, and Ho Chi Minh in anything other than contempt are dupes, witting or not, of a murderous school of thought–one that, while in retreat around the world, still has many adherents. A thought-provoking work of history and social criticism, The Black Book of Communism fully merits the broadest possible readership and discussion…

Welcome to FUSA, 2017.



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  1. And it’s looking more like Hillary all the time thanks to a rigged delegate process:


  2. Whitewashing the Viet Nam war, now there’s a productive topic.

  3. The Black Book of Communism, is that book out of print? Why is it so expensive at Amazon? Would like to find a paperback but it doesn’t look like that’s an option.

  4. So, too, will Courtois’s suggestion that those who hold Lenin, Trotsky, and Ho Chi Minh in anything other than contempt are dupes, witting or not, of a murderous school of thought–one that, while in retreat around the world, still has many adherents.

    Do not know that this statement is anywhere close to true.

    Communism 2.0, i.e. Cultural Marxism, is on the march and progressing just fine. It has taken the USSA.

    Dupes? Yes that is in part true (the useful idiots). The Oligarchs do not care what we call the political system as long as they have control.

    Is Communism really that much different than our current oligarch-corporatist-crony capitalist anarcho-tyranny?

    It marches onward.

  5. We can only hope the numbers here in fusa reach as high as the 100’s of millions of dead. The EBT card-carrying walking blobs of flesh, ink, and stoopid voters are enough to make any sane person hope for the same. Why should taxpayers foot the bill to keep these abominations alive?

  6. …and to think that it’s coming – no – already here in the FUSA. Who da thunk it? BTW, where’s my Obama phone? my Obama money. My …fill in the blank. U all just wait – Hillary (or better yet Mr. Sanders) will finish what’s been started. U betchu.

  7. The Bolshevist officials of Russia are Jews. The Russian Revolution with all its ghastly horrors was a Jewish movement.
    The Jewish Chronicle, Sept. 22, 1922

    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.
    Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919

    Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.
    The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in America and Europe. ‘
    The Jew’, 1925

    Appropriate to have John Kerry’s (Kohn) photo with this story. He is a jew by the way.

  8. banged tfA-t’s mom after Steve Barry (ret) | April 14, 2016 at 03:20 |

    If your stories and claim to fame are from 30 years ago how about shut the fuck up? You’re fucking irrelevant, a has been, if you were even there in the first place. (Yeah we all know about the bodies you were stacking as ROTC cadre or the fucking black ops you were running when the FBI investigated your gay newspaper.) Nobody cares fag. You ain’t typing comments at slide lock with blood oozing out of your ka-bar sheath so calm down and understand that its going to be ok, there’s still a shit ton of new generation ass kickers out here doing good shit and after we’re done handling the light work we’ll come change your Depends and listen to your stories about how you “almost” went to selection.

    Fuck You. I’m in better shape right now at 54 than I was when I was a young 11B. I’m more relevant right now today than I ever was. I have strength, smarts, and TONS of $. So whoever said that shit, just remember, I’m still in the game and most likely you are not. LOSER.
    As for the new generation of “ass kickers” that makes me laugh. You mean the ones who got their asses kicked by goat herders? The ones who wear neon safety belts? The ones who serve next to their queer buddies? Or are you speaking of the unemployed, dumb’d down, and living on the taxpayers dime?.

    Once again FUCK YOU.

    • “If your stories and claim to fame are from 30 years ago how about shut the fuck up?”

      How about you make me? Go eat some shit loser. Nobody has the power to make me or anyone else shut-up. I have an idea…



      It’s posts like op or LF’s that are non – productive and irrelevant.
      I’m merely playing the Devils Advocate and quite honestly, is the absolute truth. Then jealous nobodies who either still work for their so-called lifestyles or don’t work at all because they are unskilled or unemployable
      have to add their – .02 and pollute these threads with pure horseshit. If you don’t like what I say – TOO FUCKING BAD. But to continue the shit sling instead of just ignoring me only adds fuel to the fire.

      Like I said before FUCK OFF LOSERS and get a real job, I’m tired of supporting you and your worthless slimey families.

      • I’m with ya ! ……but you always leave of the relevant part too these asshats the saying is “EAT SHIT AND DIE’, you always leave off the die part and that does not work for me, as I want them dead !

        • I want them dead too.🙂

          • Cadre. So you were an instructor. Who never did the things that he taught. You know, in combat like John Kerry Sort of like a woodland camo wearing version of some pointy bearded little academic living at the nearby state university?

            A dance instructor, a choreographer. At least Toni Basil and Paula Abdul made some videos and proved they could deliver. Where’s your music video George Michael? Is that newpaper allegation true? And here I imagined your “business” was the fuckbook counter at a couple of dingy little truckstops on I-80. Would have been less embarrassing and hey! That stuff practically sells itself…

            Another topic: I noticed now that you pulled some stuff forward from a post. To talk about yourself, to yourself. So here’s the fun shit that I did: Somewhere in the editable past I made fun of you, AGAIN. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find that post and get the last word, because its a state law that whoever posts last wins.

            With a quickness now, go get em tiger!

        • I’m over here Tufts. That’s right, turn left… see me now?

          Are you arguing with yourself?
          Or are you cheating on me being an asshole on other blogs, too? You two timing little sleaze!

          Did Steven Barry really throw it to your mom?

  9. The Usual Suspect

    It has been rigged for decades preparing for the final assault
    on our Republican Democracy.
    Khrushchev said we would fall from within, and this is our
    domestic Commies i.e. (Democrat Party) big chance to
    fundamentally change America forever.
    Rig for foul weather.

  10. Just wanted to add that besides being a traitor he’s been a “kept man” his entire life.

    • My house plays with the Heinz/Kerry fortune. When Heinz is on sale, we buy that ketchup, bringing up their expectations. When we think that John (who by the way, served in Vietnam) is ready to buy another yacht, then we buy Hunts for a bit, bringing darkness to their finances. Good and cheap entertainment, similar to boycotting the airlines post-TSA.

  11. Bolsheviks were essentially non-practicing or atheist Jews.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And we wonder why the media vilifies Putin? He may have many other faults, but he has worked hard to purge Russia of the Zionist banksters. And for that, they hate him.

  12. Grey Ghost

    THE basic principle behind our founding WAS that the government only rules/governs by the consent of the governed, that would be the voters for all the Cruzers out there who actually need a civics lesson regarding Colorado. The founders did the best they could to give us a democratic Republic. That Republic as destroyed by Lincoln. When the “governed” don’t have a say… well, I don’t GAFRA what Hush Bimbo, Mark Levin and their ilk say, they are DEAD wrong, strictly on founding principle alone. If the RULES of the PARTIES are so corrupt that the OLIGARCHS pick YOUR candidate AND they don’t support the right of the people to elect their representatives/delegates then the PARTY needs to be destroyed. If the party of Lincoln is destroyed I’m a happy man. IF the Demoncrap party is destoyed I’m also a happy man.

    It’s rigged by the LEFTIST (socialist/communist) international banking oligarchs behind BOTH parties and has been for decades… though I didn’t really figure that out until the R’s put up McCain in 2008. Go look up how much $ BHO got from Wall St in 2008.

    NOW, even the sheeple are waking from their slumber and realizing it’s a rigged game on both sides, well except for the Cruzers who still BELIEVE it’s all fair and true to the founding, we just have to get a Constitutionalist elected and everything will be unicorns and roses. it’s no wonder the Communists and Socialists are winning behind the scenes all the time, neither the D nor R really stop each other regardless of who is power. If you don’t believe me go look at the laws passed by Congress and ANY President since 1900. And for all the CONservatives out there, please, you guys have NOT conserved a damn thing… not the debt, not the deficit, not the decades long foreign invasion, not social issues and definitely not the leftist trajectory. All you SCOTUS worriers need to get a grip on yourself and realize that SCOTUS always supports the .gov because they are part of the .gov. How do you think the Bill of Rights has been destroyed all through these many decades.

    The country is as divided as ever and will only get worse as time goes on. I still maintain that issues between States and States/Fedgov will eventually get so bad that an attempt at peaceful secession doesn’t sound so bad. Of course, all the Cruzers, Hush Bimbo, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin fans, will eventually have to read the Declaration of Independence and actually understand what’s in it, though I have serious doubts regarding their reading comprehension. Then maybe they’ll see the light and break free from their childhood public screwl brainwashing regarding the idea of secession and also realize their precious Constitution was subverted long before they were born.

    The only way out is to try to peaceable break free or fight our way free… either way we’ll all being seeing red… hopefully the red blood of the Socialists/Communists who conspire to control us.

    For history you thought you knew but didn’t get taught in public screwl, read:
    “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.


    Grey Ghost

    • Never understood the appeal of Mark Levin. To me he sounds like a perpetually pissed off little man whose testicles never dropped. Treats his callers like shit. At least Hush has a dash of wit.

    • Actually Alexander Hamilton is the godfather of the state we live in now, not Lincoln. ‘Hamilton’s Curse’ is a must read.

  13. Re: Colorado, Louisiana treatment of Trump

    How the R establishment did it in 2008:

    Same old shit… The GOP must die.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. I’m confused about something…maybe y’all can help me understand:

    Why are the mainstream media, leftist intellectuals, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, and other Marxist groups not calling for boycotts of Donald Trump’s casinos, hotels, and golf courses?

    If Trump is such a threat to the Powers That Be, why are they not trying to hit him in the wallet where it hurts, by starving his businesses of $$$$?

    The Marxist Left is calling for boycotts of North Carolina and Mississippi because those states passed laws that prevent “transgender” men from using women’s restrooms.

    When Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty criticized gay marriage, the Marxists tried to get his show cancelled.

    Yet (as far as I know), there have been ZERO calls from Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the news media, the TV channels, the New York Times, La Raza, big corporations, etc to boycott Donald Trump’s businesses.

    Several big corporations are pulling out of NC and MS due to the “anti-LGBT” restroom law. Several Marxist-controlled states and cities have banned their employees from traveling to MS and NC as well.

    The Marxists are CONSTANTLY trying to organize boycotts of anyone who stands up to them.

    Yet when it comes to Donald Trump, crickets.

    No boycott calls whatsoever.

    I find that highly suspicious.

    I think the fact that the Marxists are not trying to boycott Trump’s businesses is a big red flag, and an indicator that Trump is actually one of them, a poser patriot who is a Trojan Horse in the patriot community.

  16. Simon Jester

    BBOC is not available on Amazon but can be found at the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/TheBlackBookofCommunism10