AAAGGGHH! The Robots Are Already Here!!!!

GVDL posts this irrefutable evidence, noting:

The beginning few seconds are the worst, as the face lurches up and the crazed eyes get more and more intense as the stroke-struck neurons spark and sputter. The overall dramatic effect makes her eyes look like they’re gonna pop out of her head.

Just wait ’til she has the launch codes and all of the organs of FedGov power.



7 responses to “AAAGGGHH! The Robots Are Already Here!!!!

  1. No, grasshopper, the Lampreys are here. When you can snatch the tampons from my hand, it will be time for you to go.

  2. Sgt. Roberts

    The notion that women get paid less than men for doing the SAME job is a myth. If business managers could pay women less for doing the SAME job, then managers would be giving women preference in hiring. But, instead, we have laws that prohibit men from being given preferential treatment in hiring. Now, how much sense does that make? None. But you know what really chaps my ass? It’s when women get paid the same as men, when doing less in the same job. PC has been with us now for quite awhile. In a previous life (mid 70s) I was a lineman for South Central Bell. Even way back then, PC was demanding that jobs that were held almost exclusive to men, (policeman, fireman, lineman, etc.) be opened up to women. Bell South and the CWA succumbed to PC and opened up lineman positions to women. Can you guess what happened? Women got paid the same as the men, although it was the men that did the heavy work.

    • Yea but if you were power lineman that wouldn’t of happened… We still are 99.9 percent male workforce…That high and that much voltage tends to make women think twice and avoid our profession…

  3. That is one freaky creature. Glad I had the sound off.

  4. Sgt. Roberts, you attention is invited to the Equal Pay Act, of 1963, signed into law by JFK. Makes it against Federal law to pay women less than men, for the same job. And I know where you’re coming from, as far as womens performance for the same job. There were experiments in the Army, in the 80’s with women doing traditional (read, hard and physical) jobs, like 5 ton drivers, and even Infantry tasks. Needless to say, they just lowered the standards, and women stayed out of the Infantry. Now they can do the same as men, it’s like magic! Right up until they go fight a war, at which time it’ll be Oh, Shit! time. But who gives a fuck, not me. I’m waiting for the body bags to come home, and our enemies to arrive on our shores like Viking raiders.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Let’s compare female vs male on-the-job deaths and pay accordingly.