Fred: War, Football, And Realism, If Any

nva tanks us embassy


And the capacity to absorb losses.

Don’t play without both.

In quantity.

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  1. Could the US fight three Vietnam conflicts simultaneously?
    Gut says no.

  2. I think you missed out the bit where “they” bring the war to you.


    Good article. And, another point. When Nixon ended the draft, TPTB still needed bodies to voyage and die for the realm, protect our overseas markets, and seize other country’s property for the benefit of Wall Street and the International Banksters. Their way to insure a steady stream of willing sheep was to close down Amerikan factories and outsource jobs.

    If the only employment that Joey and Janie graduate can get involves selling $6.00-cups of coffee to Seattle stoners with blond dreds, selling lawnmowers at Sears, or Asian junk at China Mart, then the life of a sailor or airman looks really neat. Throw in a heavy dose of “making America great again”, add TV specials featuring that aging libertine/pedophile Bob Hope, finish the broadcast with you-know-who singing “Proud to be an American”, and you have another generation of clueless sheep getting blown to smithereens in the ME, to protect Saudi and Israeli business interests.The beat goes on.

    • The more dead and maimed clueless, the easier it will be to finish off the useless majority of Gen X’s Y’s, and Millenials. Does anyone really believe they are the vanguard of freedom, decency, or the American way? They don’t even care about themselves, just look at ’em – if you can stand it. There comes a point when burning it all to the ground and starting over is horribly necessary. Acknowledge reality, today’s youth are the product of the 80’s and 90’s degenerate freaks re-produced filth. They’re the defective clones of the drug and alcohol addicted no-class single-parent demographic. It will be up to the Boomers who were raised by TWO Christian parents to correct this nightmare, or America as we knew it will be wiped from the pages of history.

      100-200 million.
      neighbor, family member, associates.
      Wrap your head around it or become their victim.

      • rooster108bm

        Look in the mirror tfA-t, generation x, y, and millennials are not are running and have ruined this nation. The boomers are what ruined this nation. As a gen x I know this because I was lucky enough to have had people from the greatest gen as grandparents. While my generation is far from perfect its damn sure no worse than the boomers.

        • Agreed Rooster! If tfA-t thinks the Boomers are the ones to fix it, why isn’t he? Perhaps he needs a match so he can burn it all down.

          • “why isn’t he”
            I can say I tried the whole way thru. I was forced to “raise” so many young males who had no father figure both in the army and in business that after the first 100 or so it was painfully obvious that these X’rs and whY’s were genetically damaged from the start. I gave up before the next batch of mental deficients- the millennials, reached hiring age. It’s not the Boomers. It’s you damn spoiled kids who were coddled and pampered. Most of you bone heads never had the disicpline of an in-home father who would spank your ass with a belt until you cried, and 20 minutes later, when he heard you stop crying, would come back and do it some more. It’s you dumb asses who were taught by commies – not the Boomers. The Boomers built this County just to have you degenerate young dope heads destroy it by immitating the niggers you idolized on your fucking flatscreen TeeVees. You’re all a bunch of spoiled rotten little shits as far as I’m concerned. Like I said, the whole thing needs to burnt to the ground. Then we’ll see who the survivors are and who are the unskilled helpless little pups.

          • I take that back. I was all wrong and just being an asshole. My apologies tfA-t I’m just a turd stinking things up.

        • +1, but don’t forget that you should pick out the good ones. There are good boomers who self-identify, as any other group. Divide and Conquer is the strategy the enemy has used on us.

        • Meanwhile… I’m prepping for one last nationwide tour of America in my new 35.5 foot double-bath Motorhome starting this month. All I need now is my new flat-tow vehicle to be rigged for hitching and I’m off.

          With any luck, I’ll make it back in time to board to the 48ft “Desapareció Hace Mucho” and be watching the final collapse on a satellite connection, counting my gold and silver Maples, and mixing ABSOLUT and tonics somewhere in the South Seas – God willing.

          What’s the old saying?
          Oh Yeah.
          See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

          • So the Boomers aren’t going to “correct this nightmare”?

            • To hear the X’s Y’s and Millennials tell it, they’ll handle this from here. Fine with me. I gots mine.🙂 After the army, all I did was get up every morning at 6 am and start the workday. Once I got the slaves out to the fields doing their chores, I usually headed to the boat or the titty bar – either one was O.K. with me (there’s a lot to be said about self-employment starting at 25).

              Anyway, none of this shit is my fault, when I retired at 40 years old over a decade ago with a metric shit ton of $, things were doing just fine. So… I have to believe it was the younger Gens who fucked the pooch. Apparently, you don’t need us Boomers – or our money. It’s all good.

              • So you are bi-polar. It’s ok. It’s treatable. Congratulations on making your fortune in your 15 years of working with this disorder.

                You seriously said it was up to the Boomers to fix the nightmare. Now you are attempting to reverse that by putting words into my mouth. You pass the buck to younger generations for what exactly? Fucking the pooch?

                You can’t clearly even define the problem so it’s certainly to much to ask you for a cohearant solution without saying one thing and then the opposite in the following post.

                You should seek help, and stay off the Absolut with your meds. And yes, nobody needs help from the dilusional so thank you for recognizing this. Enjoy counting your maple leaf Rainman.

                • At least you can do math. That’s right, In only 15 years I kicked the machines ass and got out. It wasn’t because I suffered from “head up my ass syndrome” either. And quite honestly, if you dumbed down whatevers think you can fix anything, you’re more delirious than I first thought. It can’t be fixed. But if it could, it would be done by the grey beards and over 50s who actually have the knowledge and skill-set that would be required. Certainly not by a bunch of half-wit college drunks on Ritalin. Myself, I haven’t even eaten an aspirin in over 20 years, I haven’t had more than 10 beers in 12 years and the Vodka is an old friend that I’ll pick back up when I’m far away from this shit hole.

                • “You can’t clearly even define the problem”

                  Oh I know what the problem is alright. The murkins are not capable of being responsible adults, make bad decisions, and have no self-control over their actions. How could they be expected to keep a watchful eye on congress who makes policy? The few rational adults are outvoted by the following types:
                  drunk driving arrest…
                  New TeeVee!
                  crappy job…
                  whoops, i didn’t pull out…
                  drunk driving arrest…
                  another crappy job…
                  New car!
                  Over-sized house!
                  smashed the new car…
                  whoops i didn’t pull out…
                  another crappy job…
                  Moar kids!
                  child support…
                  no job…
                  Need I go on?

                • Again, sorry. It’s my PTSD anti-stupid pills causing me to act erratically. My guns really should be taken away. Somebody please help me.

        • Why are you folks so upset? Things are going just fine in my world. plenty of $, plenty of free time, plenty of everything.

          I hear poverty sucks. I wouldn’t know.
          Been a looooong time since I was broke.

          America! #1 #1 #1

          USA! USA! USA! USA!

      • Let’s set the record straight. Ask Pete, what shape I’m in and if he thinks I’m a cheesy puff kind of guy.. He’s met me in person on two different occasions. I bet I could wrap most of you dickbreaths up in knots in pretty short order. Who wants to bet some $? Settle things once and for all. Which one of you pussyboys are game for a fist fight? Fucking broke ass cowards. I’m challenging and will travel.

  4. As one of the “college kids” who avoided the Vietnam War and saw high school and college friends not come home alive; I agree with Fred and Gen. Smedly Butler too. I was an Asian history major, studying the Vietnamese thousand year resistance and eventual victory over their hated enemy, the Chinese.
    The current war that matters is Domestic, whether “political” or actual. I opposed the Feral Gov then and now, but will, for what it’s worth, I am prepared to fight for our Liberty now, and much appreciate the trained leadership of our veterans to lead us.
    One last attempt on the voting thingy……..IMO as a historian. 1861 looms again.

  5. team liberty needs lots of drones

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  7. The fact is, none of this would have ever happened if the Gen Xs Ys and Millennials weren’t such stupid fuckers. I guess all those raves and poppers fried our brains. I gotta go, my welfare check just arrived, and my tattoo artist is doing some work on my face.