GoV: To Be Decided By SCOTUS – Will FUSA Become A Banana Republic?


Much more likely: a banana democracy.

At issue:

“…whether Congress is the constitutional master of the immigration system, or whether the president now has shared authority with Congress to create immigration policy through regulation.”

Place your bets.

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17 responses to “GoV: To Be Decided By SCOTUS – Will FUSA Become A Banana Republic?

  1. Lost Patrol

    With all that is taking place where the traitors in our midst seek to destroy our culture, our heritage and our future by forcing our enemy the Muslims upon us and our businesses and our homes,
    I am reminded of the song; “7 days to the Wolves” on the album “Dark passion Play” by the band Nightwish.

    “Is there life before a death?
    Do we long too much and never let in?
    7 days to the wolves
    Where will we be when they come?
    7 days to the poison
    And a place in heaven
    Time drawing near as they come to take us.
    This is where heroes and cowards part ways.”

  2. OK So this clown act has grabbed my moniker. So what. You’re so smart. Now all you need to do is get to my Fidelity account. HA HA

  3. Don’t let your Meat Loaf:

    Highway To Hell

  4. colddeadhandsdays

    No no no no…

  5. Never in my 73 years did I ever think our country would be given to our enemies. Nor that the American people would elect those sworn to destroy this country to high (or even low) office. I am sadden beyond believe that my grandsons will never know the freedom I had. The simple act of a child walking around with a homemade slingshot in his pocket, will get the child and parents sent to jail or worst. Riding a bicycle without looking like a medieval knight, will get a child taken to the police station.
    No my type of freedom , my decedents will never know.

    • Second.
      In 2012, I accepted the fact that the usa was no longer and will never be the country I came of age in during the Reagan era; but figuring what it’s most likely going to become probably in less than 25 years is depressing. My only goal now is to live where I am least likely to be affected by it(a high majority white rural community). You could not pay me to live in Chicago as this “transformation” completes.

    • “No my type of freedom , my decedents will never know.”

      They’ll know even better than our semi-fraudulent freedom, IF those who understand somehow find the courage to buckle down and do whatever they do best. Big if, especially when the naysayers are still arguing against the only thing that can get it done—the self.

      Team? Yeah, team. But first things first. A guy’s gotta fix himself, THEN team up with others who’ve done likewise. For most people, “Go team!” is just an excuse. That’s why it’s been nowhere close to working.

      The turning point is in the rear view mirror already. It doesn’t matter what America becomes. It only matters what Americans become.

    • Only because the new gang of retard cops with absolutely no critical thought skills are Gen X’s, whY’s, and Millennials. It’s the fucking truth and everyone either knows it, or is that dumb. When I grew up the cops were pretty damn cool – for being cops. The difference? They were all Boomers. Those guys have been replaced by the former mentioned. Don’t kid yourselves, those aged 45 on up will be fighting the aged 45 on down. You heard them here. “It’s the Boomers fault”. Riight.

  6. Mark Matis

    I would only note that, if the “Supremes” decide in favor of the chimp, it works BOTH ways. See any candidate for President who might be able to use that authority in the OTHER direction???

    When someone nominates Christine Whitman to head the EPA, they have NO intention of changing the direction of the EPA.

    When someone nominates Eric Holder to head DoJ, they DO intend to change the direction of DoJ.

    Just how long did it take Eric the Red to drive that entity through a full 180 degree turn? Four months? And then you STILL get the bullshitte about how the entrenched bureaucracy CANNOT be turned, no matter how hard the “President” might try. Well yes indeed, that is true. At least as long as the “President” is nothing more than a GD piece of Rove Republican swill.

  7. See how easy it is to jack someones name? I like redneck shit music.

  8. Damn it, I like these muzzies. My daughter screws donkeys while her arab husband packs my ass with his dick.

  9. Uncle Larry

    I would like to see an article or two on the policies of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ under Holder. I don’t think anyone has a clue as to how outrageous these policies are. And to make matters worse, they carry the full weight of criminal and civil penalties.

  10. SameNoKami

    What do you mean ‘become’ a banana republic ?
    We’re already there.

  11. Um, no that was decided decades ago in Dealey Plaza.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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