I Am Sure ‘Insults To Foreign Leaders’ Would Never Be Prosecuted In LeeGreenwoodistan


Merkel allows Erdogan’s case against TV host to go ahead

Opinion: Böhmermann’s anti-Erdogan poem is satire and Germany should bear it

Reuters: A dirty – not particularly funny – poem just turned into an ‘international crisis’

Rough translation from here:

Böhmermann: …This would be considered illegal. The ‘poem’ is named “abusive criticism”:

“Sod-dumb, cowardly and hesitant/ Is Erdogan the President/ His boner smells like Döner/ Even a pig’s fart smells finer/ He’s the man who punches girls/ while wearing a bloody rubber mask/ Things he loves the most/ is shagging goats/ and oppressing minorities”

This kind of criticism would be illegal!

“Kicking Kurds, beating up Christians/ while watching child porn/ And in the evening instead of a nap/ Fellatio with a hundred sheep/ Erdogan is all things considered/ a President with a tiny wang”

I repeat – this is an example of what would be illegal!

Kabelka: One would not be allowed to say that.

Böhmermann: “Every Turk can be heard whispering:/ This dumb pig has got shrivel-balls/ From Ankara to Istanbul/ Everyone knows this man is gay/ perverted and zoophile/ Recep Fritzl Priklopil/ His head as empty as his balls/ the star guest on every gang-bang party/ until his tiny wang starts to burn while having a piss/ That’s Recep Erdogan.”

So who cares, especially about some German comedy show scoffing at an Islamic politician?

People the world over are trying, for a multitude of topics, to dictate what can and cannot be said.

“Free speech” should not mean “consequence-free” speech.

Asinine behavior should get one treated as an ass.

But as soon as the “thou shalt never say that” pen gets raised – especially by government, so too raised is the hammer of tyranny.

Speak the truth.

Mock the powerful.

Laugh at the tyrants.

Disrespect the disrespectable.

By any means necessary.



By any means

5 responses to “I Am Sure ‘Insults To Foreign Leaders’ Would Never Be Prosecuted In LeeGreenwoodistan

  1. Unfair. There are some things even sheep won’t do.

  2. Mark Matis

    It is Germany’s “finest”, their “Law Enforcement”, who enable this.

    Western pigs are Western pigs. May every one of them soon burn in hell where they belong. And their filthy GD whores with them.

  3. Nobody wants to hear the truth. There are some here at WRSA- mostly the new ones, that fall deep into that pit. These types want to believe. They NEED to believe. Because, if they ever face the truth, they’ll realize they’re part of the problem. You can’t fix stoopit. The sooner the millions of tax feeding dependents are rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps or killed, the better off the remaining 100 million Americans who produce wealth will be. .

    100-200 million murkin scum need to go.

  4. FrozenPatriot

    I repeat, “it’s a free country” every time someone says, “you can’t do that” or, “I wonder if I can do _____?” The look on their face tells me everything I need to know about them.

    Incidentally, and sadly, the phrase departs my lips often…

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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