NPR Interview: Assistant US Secretary of State For Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne Richard


Refugee Resettlement Watch article

NPR interview; runtime 5:04

Any questions?

24 responses to “NPR Interview: Assistant US Secretary of State For Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne Richard

  1. Is it just me, or does that title sound eerily similar to the Reichminister for Race & Ressettlement?

  2. … FUCKING COW !

    …….may you “meet” these cuties in a dark ally ………….then I am sure you
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    • danielkday

      She could be physically unattractive and still project the integrity, the confidence borne of well-learned knowledge, and the personal drive to present a compelling image even through a simple still photograph or video outtake.
      I said she could. She doesn’t.
      It gives me a little more confidence about the future, seeing that our nation’s leaders have no better judgement than to pick this worn-down, dowdy, running-on-arrogance bint to lead a controversial program with so much visibility.

  3. Uncle Larry

    Every year, billions of taxpayer dollars are given to churches, charities and for profit corporations that provide “social services” to the migrants. As long as the money keeps flowing, the lobbyists for the “charities” will have their way.

  4. Well If they didn’t blow the entire place to hell there wouldn’t be any of this nonsense.

  5. Slaphappypap

    She has two first names. Not to be trusted whatsoever.

  6. FrozenPatriot

    Damn she ugly. And stupid. And traitorous. We know anything beside that about her?

  7. I though Mad Cow Disease was taken care of?

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  8. just plain todd

    ahhhhhh wat the hell………..i’d hit it! taking one for the team here!!!

  9. This has to be considered a valid reason for abortion.

    Besides putting this putrid stank through a lifetime of ridicule and making her rabidly angry at the world, some desperate soul will breed with it. Then you have more noxious bacteria added to the already retarded and tainted gene pool.


    This leftist toad, who is making enough money in pay and benefits to buy and sell me, will never see the consequences of her actions and directives. Undoubtedly, she resides in some exclusive protected enclave in Georgetown or one of the five Virginia counties surrounding Mordor-On-The-Potomac.
    This whole Political Privilege Class is the East Coast’s mirror image of the enclaves of Hollywood liberals and deviates on the West Coast. THEY know what is best for Amerika. They will use their money, muscle, and connections to back up their words and pick us off one by one. If we let them. Bleib ubrig/

  11. just plain todd

    of course we will let them. we have so far. good news is most of us have them surrounded from the inside and have a 360 degree field of fire. but, i don’t think it will get that far. your avg murikan can still have a big screen for free, an EBT and SNAP card, and weigh 300 lbs. Japan hasn’t folded yet, we got nirp, zirp and twerp, but we can kite checks for a long long time. lookit those turds in orygun, they didn’t want to hear what Lavoy and Bundy had to say. we can lead the herd to water, but they ain’t thirsty.

    • ………….”but they ain’t thirsty”……………..god damn it is truly getting sadder by the day..

      • And the TeeVees are getting even bigger. I just saw one at wallys that had to be 6ft wide for $798. They’ll never leave their xlarge recliner now.

        Zombies. Zombies. Zombies.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. “It” compares unfavorably with Chris Farley in drag. Another stupid Maoist toady to monitor…. good grief!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Seeing her pic, one quote comes to mind: “Fifty bucks the Smails kid picks his nose!”

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Why do the Elitists always pick the ugliest, fattest, and stupidist crone sitting on the tree? Did they have a bad group experience with their first lesbian gym teacher? Please log her home address. Someone may want to pay her a visit and make sure that she is okay after The Festivities get started.
    And by the by; exactly what coordinates is Kim Jong Un using?

  15. LF Mayor sucks his own fathers dick

    I think she’s pretty hot. Much more pleasing to the eye than my wife.