SiGB: $15/hr Minimum Wage – Still Quite Possibly The Best Way to Collapse the Economy


And so it goes.

Bender approves.


31 responses to “SiGB: $15/hr Minimum Wage – Still Quite Possibly The Best Way to Collapse the Economy

  1. Raising the legal minimum wage doesn’t raise people’s wages, it outlaws lower wages.

    A huge difference.

  2. Add in all the lowlifes and their bullshit welfare programs paid by the taxpayer.

    100-200 million bottom feeders have to go.

  3. Grenadier1

    You want 15.00 an hour to fuck up my Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit?
    You are not worth 15.00 an hour or you would already be making 15.00 an hour.

    Bite my shinny metal ass, meatbag!
    Bring on the Robot holocaust!

    • “Bring on the Robot holocaust!”
      It’s coming. minimum wage hike and increased costs through regulation, like obamacare; have only increased incentives of companies to automate jobs and replace people with robots to stay open for business.
      IMO, the people who perform jobs that are largely manual are going to have to accept jobs at $5 an hour in the future as the usa will have shipped every job offshore it could and replaced employees with machines possible within the next 25 years and people will become desperate enough to take anything and do anything(i can see the business elite of tomorrow having a staff of sex slaves that will perform whatever desired as long as it keeps them employed).

  4. From a business perspective, a large percentage of these people are essentially unemployable at any wage. Much as most public sector jobs are nothing more than taxpayer subsidized employment for the incapable and incompetent.

    • Tewwibly waaaaacisss….

      Go to your corner.

      • Yep. But I don’t “hate” anyone. I view them much as I view a pitbull.
        I know it’s capable of turning on a dime. So I try to keep my distance and when that’s not possible, I’m fully in the OODA.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The problem is that ultimately, with increasing automation and “smart” machines, pretty much everyone is going to be surplus labor, and unemployable because unnecessary.

  5. Of course, I expect that the recipients of such wages will invest, save, and use great wisdom in making purchases. Not that they will spend it on drugs, alcohol, and bling. Oh, no. I actually expect employers will hire HALF of the people they usually do, and expect TWICE as much work from them. Win win, any way you look at it. Any body notice that it will double payments made to Social Security by employers, and raise SS payments AND Fed income payments by employees? No wonder Obongo is all for it. More for him. By the way, he wants a 16% increase in his “retirement” benefits, once he leaves office. As a reward for fucking all the white people in this country in the ass for eight years.

  6. Here is my question: What do you do with the Bernie Sanders supporting acquaintances, friends and even relatives in your life?

    Among my large circle of acquaintances, mostly work related or from martial arts gym, are many Bernie supporters. Mostly I just try to ignore these people. The younger ones I hope grow out of it. I have, in the past, tried offering either thoughtful criticism or short cutting remarks about the stupidity of their leftist views, I no longer consider it worth the trouble.

    I don’t have a lot of relatives but my Mom who is in her mid 80s is a Bernie supporter. She’s otherwise of sound mind. She’s always been a lefty, our politics parted at least 50 years ago, so it’s not normally something we discuss a whole lot. I guess I’m ignoring her views on this too.

    Then there is That One Guy, I suspect others have a friend like this. He’s the proverbial sore thumb in the group, which is a tightly nit group of successful professional men who socialize regularly, including things like motorcycling and camping trips. He’s an outspoken supporter of Bernie and leftism. We have had many conversations on the topic, he’s like Gumby, he will bend but never break, and quickly returns to his original position. He has a few nick-names, including “the coercive collectivist” which he wears without shame.

    Election Season is a tough time of year because ignoring peoples truly horrific political leanings becomes so much harder. People who you know are leftists, that you studiously ignore bringing up anything political the rest of the year, seem to bring up the topic with predictable regularity.

    Does everyone else hear lead Zen monk like lives where they have studiously cut off all connections and attachment with leftists? Or are others as irritated by the people around them and their ridiculous political beliefs as I am.

    I think by the time the General Election comes along it’s easier: OK, you’ve either buying in and voting for Brand A or Brand B, or you’ve written the whole thing off, all of which seem plausible choices. But right now it’s just vomit inducing to see people go out of their way to select a candidate who is a self-avowed Socialist and prattle on endlessly about $15 minimum wage, and other nonsense.

    The election season has already lasted far too long, I’m looking forward to it being over, but sadly realize we have 7 more months of this crap.


      Mr. Jackson. Save yourself unnecessary stress. Do not even talk to these people. They are mentally disordered. Just keep you head down, continue to prep, and like Mr. Claus, keep making your list and checking it twice.

    • “Does everyone else hear lead Zen monk like lives”

      Only associate with those from your economic class and it’s not so bad. Oil and Water do not mix. The useless class and their $15. an hour mandate will only cause more businesses to close down, and more welfare scum to feed off those left working. I closed up shop over a decade ago because I had enough sense to quit while I was ahead and never regretted it once. Those who stayed the course, dipped into their savings to keep running, and hoped for better times are all bankrupt now.

      100-200 million need to be relieved of their misery. Murka!

      • Not meaning to criticize, but IMO a number of folks here are wasting a lot of energy on this guy. If he isn’t a parody and is really who and what he purports himself to be, he’ll be without tribe. And if he does hook up with others his persona will guarantee one in the back….probably within a week or two.

    • “…Does everyone else hear lead Zen monk like lives where they have studiously cut off all connections and attachment with leftists? Or are others as irritated by the people around them and their ridiculous political beliefs as I am. …”

      To answer both your questions with one word: “Yes.”

      Log ago severed ties with any and all who are leftist and now support Bernie or his alternate, Hillary, as well as Trump and Kasich. Still debating about Cruz, especially because of his wife. Not that it matters much since I’ve revoked any part of my “responsibility” in support of the current governing body. Still, it’s sometimes fun (and funny) to watch people squirm when asked specifics about their “chosen one”, whomever it is.

    • You know my solution to your question so won’t go into it…I have no friends or even acquaintance’s that are leftist or Bernie supporters… Might be because of where your located or what kind of job you have…In my line of work we work to hard for our money to want to give it away to anyone except those we love and care about…

    • Bernie folk exist to be trolled.

      If you want to piss in their socialist cornflakes then just mock their preferred candidates’ chances against the crony machinations of the Clinton-owned Democratic party machine.

      It’s not like the Republicans are fielding anyone much better so you might as well use your time to torpedo your fake democracy in general.

      “If voting made a difference then they wouldn’t allow it.” ect.

  7. There is a silver lining. That bump to $15/hr would disqualify a large percentage of wankers from receiving federal benefits. Its already happened in Seattle.

    • Yes. $15/hr even 20 hrs week DQ’s you as a single no-dependents person from getting your piece of graft in the FSA. Just a paycheck with the 40% off for the various take-aways that a slacker must attempt to get by on. The current deal is minimum wage + tips + EBT + “education” borrowing + subsidized ObongoCare ($0 for most boys, significant for most grrls).
      You gotta keep a job so that you can get the free meals and found items (customer credit cards/codes?), as well as access to the company van for moving. Tips are going to be ending, since prices will go up at least 50%.

    • You reckon that federal welfare money they “save” is going back into the kitty?


  8. Uncle Larry

    The picture shows paid protesters that probably aren’t paid $15 an hour. I worked for a large airline in Chicago. They hired “hard core unemployed” under some government program. None of them made it to retirement. Most did nothing everyday but hide and drink. Several got fired for stealing (look at all the nice suitcases!). There’s a reason why they’re called “hard core unemployed”.

    • Now now. These are good decent murkins you’re denigrating. You’re being an online douche….🙂

  9. Virgil Kane

    Why not $20? $25? Fifteen will only give you a little over $30k per year. Motherfuckers that work as hard as you do deserve more than $30k per year.

    • The current batch DO NOT work hard/effective enough to be worth $10/hr, with a few exceptions who wouldn’t stay down there for long (You don’t suck! Congratulations, Junior Manager!). The few will be retained to train the robots and do customer interaction with humans.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Stealth Spaniel

    What are the useless titles going to be? Because, surely, if you get an upgrade in pay, there is an upgrade in title. How about
    Beef Maceration Manager?
    Refreshing Drinks Designer?
    Bun Baking Bundler?
    Master of Dining Accompaniments?
    Then, what are the new benefits? McDonald’s helps pay for college now. How about tuition paid for 9 years while you get your AA, a Full Living Wage while you are off work to study, and perks like an unlimited gas card.
    Will they get corporate discounts on cars, phones, clothes, and nursery care? Like 100%?
    I’m just thinking ahead here……