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  1. It has been my belief for quite some time now that anyone 18 or older pays some fed tax, even if its just $50. So long as half the population does not care what the rate is because they never pay taxes they are willing to support ever higher rates. If they had skin in the game there would be a big push by everyone to reduce the tax rates. The ‘other’ don’t want to pay taxes any more than the rest of us.

    • You are responding to a false dichotomy of those who pay vs who don’t pay.
      Our country survived over a century without an income tax at all. All that income tax does is feed a growing beast. Instead of asking how we can get more people to pay, you should be asking what you can do to pay less, or better yet, nothing at all.

      • Politicians react to force of numbers. Half of those politicians serve the non-producers today. The only way to trip the politicians is to change the dynamic and cause the politicians to have to reduce rates because all of the body politic is screaming for it to be lowered.

        • Your assessment of what drives politicians is based in fantasy.

          Most Americans clearly poll against high immigration. Show me all the politicians champing at the bit to shut the borders.

          They are given their orders from above, and you can vote for new ones but they’ll be given the same orders from above like the rest. And if some rare and relevant politician refuses to toe the line then they’ll wake up in a hotel room knee deep in hookers and cocaine just in time for the press to burst through the door.

  2. Looks like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Demoncratic Party Chairbitch. A cunt of the first water. I have seldom seen such an accomplished liar. But she’s just always pissed off because a house fell on her sister. Yes, Haxo, I KNOW,a Jew. Happy now?

  3. The poor, ignorant, and lazy are destroying this country and won’t stop until they are put down like rabid dogs. They feed off of those who are gainfully employed or wealthy. All the cretins who had blue hair, pierced lips, and tattooed bodies back in the 80’s have hatched their eggs and spawned an unmanageable population of misfits, degenerates, moochers, and lifelong criminal class. This is the same demographic that squats out the majority of new murkin filth by the minute, and other than scrubbing toilets, picking up roadside trash, or emptying garbage cans, they are not employable or presentable. Hows everyone feel about the forced support of the parasitic political class, enforcement class, and the maggot class?

      • I assume the work in customer service?

      • I used to shoot pool league with a guy who would fit right in that group of photos back in the early 90s. Odd looking, but genuine good guy, very libertarian minded…He owned a bunch of tattoo parlors and I bet he pulled down a much larger income than yourself.

        • So you know a scumbag who’s personally responsible for these obamanations, who you actually like? – Check.

          Thank him next time you see him for his contribution to humanity, and making this country a better place to live. A genuinely good guy? Riiight…

  4. Screw the rich. They use
    .Gov as their piggy – bank and muscle while the little guy has no recourse.

  5. According to the Bible, tatoos are a form of idolatry. These “people” have evidently taken it to demonstrate a form of mental illness. As in narcissism/nihilism obsessive compulsive schizophrenia. Or as we used to say when we were kids, “Hey, that guys an asshole”.

    • Eggg-zactly!

      Assholes everywhere. Mentally ill assholes. Who votez! And reproducez.

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