Soldering 101


A useful guide on materials and technique.

Print hard copy and file after reading.

7 responses to “Soldering 101

  1. Good stuff. For less than a decent guitar pedal or certain quantities of ammo or other toys, here is your soldering station. No shit, friend every day, one of the best expenditures I ever made. Thank me later. Oh, you can buy other tips but, frankly, the small yet chiseled tip that comes with it gets 99% of the work done.

    • I’ve got a similar setup. Fucking love it.

      There is flat out nothing worse than a POS iron.

      Buy once, cry once. Like you said, some of the best money you can spend.

  2. shocktroop0351

    Thanks CA, I’ve been looking for something like this.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Grey Ghost

    Yep the Hakko 888D is the soldering station to get. Don’t forget the DESOLDERING unit. What goes together eventually will need to be repaired/updated… desoldering gear helps a lot. I recommend the Hakko 808 desoldering unit if you can find one. I think their new desoldering station is the FS-300.

    The Weller stations are pretty darn good too.


    Grey Ghost

  5. Slightly O/T ~ Soldering is a great skill set to let young’uns practice with – fine motor skills, teaches them patience, etc.

    Our youngest had the opportunity to participate in a “Sea Perch” camp run for homeschoolers by a retired Naval Architect. Wonderful multi-discipline learning opportunity; including above-mentioned “soldering”, and the kids get results from their care and attention – either it works or it doesn’t. Main components as listed are easily sourced (PVC pipe, etc). There are also a number of national competitions the kids can enter their completed robot into.

    IMO, the time to start building your own local Patriot’s Library of Alexandria is now. Our future is our kids; the light of civilization will reside within them.