The Hermit Kingdom Knows…

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Why not. We already have 3 firsts in this one – a black mozlem from Indonesia.
    At least we’ll have someone from this hemisphere – a Cuban/Canadian and Rubio as first Cuban VP. We’re SO screwed if THAT happens.
    Where’s that asteroid Scripture promised….???

  3. Say it ain’t so Joe.

    Whyohmeen? The only state left that hasn’t been taken over by the commies? Unpossible.

    • Most of my dirty deeds were done on the streets of Detroit in the late 70s. But there are at least a couple who didn’t do very well after crossing my path while in the service. One of which was a us marine. Let’s meet sometime. Where you at?

      • terribletroy

        These “deeds’, were they done dirt cheap? Cause that would be cool, almost like a song….

    • outlawpatriot


  4. colddeadhandsdays

    Cruz is an ineligible Canadian fake tea party, fake fundamentalist Cristian snake lying lawyer who will NEVER be president.

  5. What a hoser, eh?

  6. Speaking of elitist, what do Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro, and Michael Savage have in common? A weapons license from may issue states. Believe me I would know, cause plebs don’t have enough cause for CHL’s in may issue states. When this Marine was in Cali, one of my buddies was caught coming back on base with a something full of hollow points under his seat. He was given a written reprimand, but had CHP had caught him I would estimate between a Class B or A misdemeanor. Why are combat veterans lives worth less than celebrities? And no, it was not me with the pistol under the seat, I carried a fuckin riot shotgun! Driving across State lines into Arizona was a relief for obvious reasons.

  7. Those NORKs, they are really on top of things.

  8. Ted Cruise is certainly eligible – he is a natural born citizen by the generally accepted definition. He has been the most consistent constitutional conservative in the Senate. He is the reason why the Heller decision was decided for gun rights successfully. His actual track record supports this position
    During his time in the Senate he has constantly been at odds with the party leadership, and has constantly been engaged in very public arguments with them while trying to stop Obama’s agenda – up to an including calling the Senate majority leader a liar – correctly – on the floor of the Senate
    But he is the Establishment guy…right
    On the other hand, Trump, by his actual public record, is pretty clearly a liberal Democrat that likes to make use of bribed politicians to advance his economic interests – he depends upon working the current corrupt system for success – in fact he brags about it
    Mr. Outsider….right
    I’m sorry, but it is just impossible to look at the last 10 years of public records without seeing that this is the way it is.
    Trump folks – on a pro 2a site – are supporting a guy that publicly supported “assault weapons” bans and registration schemes against the guy who figured out how to win Heller and executed the win
    We live in strange times…

    • JSED… please, do not try to educate a Trump supporter with truth- it only confuses and enrages them more. Unless, of course, you really don’t care about wasting your breath.