Codrea: I Spoke With Mike Vanderboegh Last Night

SSI: Getting Down To The End

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  1. “He knows a lot of us are grateful to benefit from his work and some of us are grateful to know him in person. He appreciates that and he appreciates knowing many of us give him special mention in our prayers.”


    I was near by when that picture was taken.

  2. Via con Dios, Amigo. When, comes such another? Damn, I hate this part.

  3. We can but follow where you have led………Thank you, sir!!

  4. God Bless You.
    Thank you.

  5. His like will seldom be seen… once in a generation perhaps.

    We will do very well indeed to remember, heed and seek to emulate his intellect and courage.

    Without that, the winning may not much surpass the losing.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Alfred E. Neuman

    Keep the faith and carry on to the end…….. don’t give up……..We are glad you are standing tall….. we should be as such……..

  8. Grey Ghost

    Well Mike, thank-you for trying to stop what I believe is inevitable. While we may not agree on all matters of politics and history, I respect your position, even if we don’t agree. As my better half would say: “nothing beats a failure but a try.” You tried, we’ll see if you stopped it. I followed your blog long before coming here to CA’s place. For an ex-commie you are a stand up guy and NO DOUBT a true patriot, I respect that and have defended you on more than one website. May God forgive you for your younger days and I believe he will.

    DAMN IT man, get Absolved out NOW… don’t even make another blog post, get it out to at least help your family. Their are PLENTY of us out here who will buy it for Rosie and your daughters. Noone needs to see or read another blog by you… get it DONE! For your family.

    Sadly we’ve never met in person and I never felt compelled to reply on your blog. One of your daughters is/was near my AO… IF you ever need help in Hburg on short notice… I stand ready.

    Thanks again for everything.

    yours in the 2nd and BoR,

    Grey Ghost

  9. Bill Harzia

    Enter Valhalla
    Mister Michael Vanderboegh
    A battle well fought.

  10. tangotango03

    good man unlike the fag over at the jedburg

  11. Honor is shown in several ways; admitting the mistakes of one’s youth – not changing your name to hide it. Being true to what you say you believe, and working toward a goal no matter how small each increment may be, has honor. Seeking profit for your work is honorable, outlandish claims to support gouging profit from your fellows – and claiming an open source name and logo for your own glorification is not.
    I could continue – we all could. But in the end, I will side with honor, not self-aggrandizement.
    Rest, brother. You have done well and honorably.
    “Let not him who girds his armor on, boast as one who takes it off.”