Sensing: Eisenhower Had No Idea

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The gentleman who wrote this prescient post in 2003 riffs off these two posts:

Want a janitor’s job? Get a degree.

American Millennials Are Some Of The World’s Least Skilled People, Study Finds

Read each link, please.

Best be rigged for a long, dark winter.

15 responses to “Sensing: Eisenhower Had No Idea

  1. The problem is, and the Pols never sense this, a modern economy needs a bevy of skills. As the skills dwindle, the ability to prop up the economy begins to wane. I in fact have the task this week of telling a promising young student that the jerk in the seat next to them is not acting in their best interest and should follow their own path. I project the jerk will be gone in another quarter.

    I am afraid Idioracy is a documentary.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “a modern economy needs a bevy of skills.”

      True, but given the levels of automation and computerization, it need fewer and fewer people with those skills.

  2. I see Eisenhower as a man faced with a decision and a deck of cards. He would smoke and deal himself solitaire. When his game was done, a decision had been made.

    Always a good thing to have a deck of cards around. Solitaire helps to prevent rash decisions.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Eisenhower and Patton were tasked with removing the WW1 Bonus
    Marchers from the environs of Washington by their political masters
    who having been hoisted on their own petards could not think their
    way out of their predicament.
    Send in the Army,so the Army clicked their heels and proceeded to
    burn the miscreants out.
    So much for Eisenhower.
    ” Yes Sir, No Sir, 3 bags full Sir. “

  4. Bill Harzia

    1. A bachelor’s degree is the new union card. It allows employers to assess if the candidate finishes what he starts, as mentioned. It also has the unintended consequence of allowing employers to bypass, er, “troublesome candidates” named Shitavious and La – a (“ Pronounced La-Dash-A. Because the Dash ain’t silent”) who show up to their interviews wearing NBPP uniforms. “We’re not racist, oh no no no! They just don’t have the required degrees!”

    2. The “degree required” BS will not ever change again in our kids’ lifetimes. It’s just too easy to type “must have a bachelor’s degree” into a job description. English comprehension, spelling, and mathematical competence…now THAT’s another story.

    My wife works in a medical office with two doctors and two practice managers. The other doctor needed a new practice manager, and gave interviews. He got applications filled out in text-speak; unintelligible spoken English from foreigners that had been here 15 years; just plain stupid people. And this is for a research endocrinologist’s office. You figure the personnel agencies would send better, but they’re just sending whatever walks in the door.


  5. College is the new High School. A degree is now the new high school diploma.

  6. a Sam Browne belt and only one star. But he was already George C. Marshall’s fair-haired boy and thus assured of a great future. Errr…hairless boy

    MacArthur on “Ike”: “a fair imitation of a loyal clerk”

  7. The article about janitors with university degrees is reminiscent of what took place in the economic collapse in Argentina in the late 1990s through the early 2000s – and, realistically, the country has never really recovered.

    In Spanish with English subtitles – really long, btw.

  8. Agree on the current level of education of college grads-I’ve had kids as laborers who had bachelors degrees-but couldn’t read a tape measure,couldn’t cut a board to length with the measurement called out to them,and couldn’t figure out how much water to add to a bag of Quickcrete-which has the directions on the freakin’ bag.
    They’re morons,I had one kid in the past ten years that could read a tape,cut boards properly,etc. Just my luck-he got a job 3 weeks after he graduated college-in his field,and for way more $$$ than I could pay him.
    None of today’s kids are willing to do work that involves actually working for a living-jobs that requires physical labor-it’s too hard,or they’re too tired,or to out of shape.
    Since we’re producing morons in public K-12 education,and they remain morons after 4 years of college-we’re doomed.

    • Careful gg. Speaking the awful truth here gets you trolled. They desperately want to believe all that’s required is to buy a book and forge these yufes into a competent team! What else could you possibly have to do with your precious time and money? Why concern yourself with production and profit? It’s YOUR responsibility to train others spawn. The Cowbird comes to mind…

      Meanwhile, there’s a brand new crop of genius “graduates” adding to the already abundant supply of a highly capable workforce..


    Part of the problem was eliminating shop/trade classes in high school. With no more wood shop, auto shop, machine shop, etc, you have legions of kids who cannot even change the oil in a car, or even change a tire. When my wife was in HS in the early 70’s, she was able to take a class in arc welding and machine shop. This was in the tiny town of Pierce, ID.
    Young men and women coming out of high school today, have trouble writing a coherent sentence. The teachers really do not give a s**t and most of them graduated college with useless social science degrees. Any young man or woman who can teach math, can write their own ticket. It’s a truly sad state of affairs.

  10. Going to college to get a job strikes me as silly. If you want a job, start working. I spent a life as a computer hardware engineer without having a single engineering college course. My boss, the engineering manager and chief designer, was a high school drop out.

    College is a racket. It’s hard to have sympathy for those drawn into it, since the warning signs have been there for decades.

    “The results were shocking to researchers as American millennials were found to be the most educated generation ever, according to the study.”

    The results are shocking only to ignoramuses. Even the US Dept of “Education” has noted long ago that graduates of America’s system were bottom of the bucket.

    The education establishment is a jobs program, not a way to educate kids. This is not news. It’s been that way forever. Read Gatto’s “Underground History of American Education”.

    • Everyone I know who went to college is still working… Everyone I know who didn’t, and started their own business retired early or could…