Sunni Saudis Spank Silly Simpletons Over Shia Shift


ZH: Saudis Threaten To Sell UST Holdings



UPDATE 2205EDT 17APR2016: See also Z Blog: Bush And Bandar


17 responses to “Sunni Saudis Spank Silly Simpletons Over Shia Shift

  1. The Usual Suspect

    And ‘ Sub Rosa ‘ they threaten to expose payments to all the politician
    Judas goats they have purchased to expedite the Death of a Thousand
    Cuts America is bleeding out from.

  2. Fuk you aloha snackbar! You will look like our other projects soon u goat raping pedos!


    We’ll cave. Congress is full of bed-wetting cowards.

    • … Who are on the take.

    • Mark Matis

      Well actually, Congress is full of Democrats and Rove Republicans. And BOTH groups loves them the taste of Saudi dick. After all, it was Shrub II who protected them after 9/11, and gave us the “Religion of Peace” bullshiite.

      Nothing more than opposite ends of the same steaming turd. Which is why there is so much wailing and gnashing of teeth against Trump. Hell, they’re even willing to throw in with Cruz to beat Trump!

  4. The Saudis assume they’ll find a buyer of all that US debt.

    That is some stupid that takes centuries of inbreeding to achieve.

    I’m already stocked up on popcorn. Let’s kick this off and watch it play out.

    • +1 Yup, bring it. Individually they are chump-change in comparison to some others. Never get in the way of your enemy when they’re busy making a mistake.
      Aloha Snackbar indeed.
      (No beach-front old-school surf shops were harmed in the typing of this post.)

    • if necessary, the Rothschild Fed will buy it. The Central JewBank already holds $5 trillion+ in US debt. As to the rest, it will remain “officially” secret.

      because: Saudi intel—->Mossad—->
      US intel—->Cheney/Bush/Zelikow/Zackheim et al.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And the Saudis assume that the Treasury won’t just declare the instruments to be void. Not going to find many buyers for stuff with zero value.

  5. The 28 pages will be exposed in 3…2…

  6. The Usual Suspect

    This is post-nationalism. When the rulers no longer feel any connection to the people over whom they rule, they are free to treat the people as furniture. The cost of 9/11, the death and destruction, was a small price to pay for booking the multi-trillion dollar boondoggle to come after it. A whole lot of people got rich off Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s a reason seven of the richest counties on earth are around Washington DC.

    Shrub was/is very good at playing the broken hearted but resolute warrior
    King, Obama has dispensed with all that, he has a 7:oo AM T time.

  7. Think of “The ‘Hood Finance & Loan Company” and what Tyrone says to them when they come looking for repayment. We be Tyrone.

  8. Crimes have been committed. No one is responsible; no one goes to jail.

    Corruption. From stem-to-stern.

    FUSA, indeed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “No one is responsible; no one goes to jail.”

      Well, we are entitled to a jury of our peers. Thus, nobles judge nobles, and while they may bad-mouth one another, they never actually do anything to harm one another.


    From the embedded video: “Now I hold weapon to guard US citizens.”

    And just a coincidence that US service members going to those FOBs were issued rape whistles.

  10. Uncle Larry

    So lick’em like you like’m. From a Marine friend.