Buchanan: The Fix Is In


And it ain’t SMOD2016.

Sooner, better.


11 responses to “Buchanan: The Fix Is In

  1. Trump should have researched the System, and had a Team ready in each state before he announced. Just looking at the polls in remaining states, it appears that – even under the most Trumpaholic assumptions – he’ll fall c. 50 delegates short on the first ballot. After which, I hope, bloody chaos will ensue…both inside and outside the ClevCon.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Trump is interesting in one aspect: how cheap is campaign is. Obizzle set records for spending to get the presidency. Trump isn’t spending much and still has a chance at it.

  2. They are not stupid. They are afraid of controlling both houses and the White House, because then they wouldn’t have ‘the other guy’ to blame for their treason.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Enh, they had the White House, all of Congress, and the Supreme Court before, and did nothing with it except grow the government. For the most part, nobody noticed.

  3. Detroit III

    As Pat says, the fix is in.
    Since the nomination process of both parties is rigged, why bother voting.

    It’s as stupid as going into a rigged Casino and expecting to win.

  4. What in the ever blazing fires of hell is a “Reince Priebus?”

    Where the hell does he come from where they name their little baby boys such?

    Oh, that’s right… Hell. Even demons were babies once, i guess.

  5. Michael Kevins

    As the venerable Bugs would say, “What a maroon!”

  6. I can imagine Reince Priebus on election night, like Hitler in the bunker in the last days of the Third Reich, moving phantom and non-existent electoral college votes on the board. “Tell Field Marshal Cruz to take Florida AND Ohio, before I become angry with him!” And Hilldog with her army of rapists/looters moving into the beltway in D.C., to take it, and utterly devastate it. Inauguration Day, and there are lots of moslems present, obviously present, and noted communists from the US.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Something tells me that he isn’t that committed to his position. In the end, he’ll go Vichy, like most of them do.

  7. Hillary needs Trump to nake the sham election appear more reepectable. He splits the Repubes and gives her “Darth Trump” to ralley moar idiots behind her.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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