Mosby: Guerrilla Support Operations – May 3/4 – Washington State


From The Order of the White Rose:

TOWR is hosting Mosby for a Guerrilla Support Operations class. It’ll cover the S-1 through S-4 functions from a small group perspective, and teach folks how to set up and maintain the networks and infrastructure necessary for resistance (tribe building, etc). I’m hoping you can pass this on to your readership. Details below.

Every guerrilla movement needs a support infrastructure. Supplies, communications, safe houses, contacts, networks. These are the things that often get lost in the never-ending push to “run and gun.” Who supplies those folks? Who makes sure they get to where they’re needed? Who gives them the information they need to operate? How do you cultivate the trusted networks necessary to get things done?

This Guerrilla Support Operations class, taught by John Mosby of MountainGuerrilla, will show you.


When: Tuesday, 3 May 2016 & Wednesday, 4 May 2016
What time: 1730-2100 (both days)
Where: Auburn WA (specific location undisclosed)
How to attend (vetting and security protocols apply): Apply for entry by emailing for instructions.
More Event Info:
Cost: $150

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7 responses to “Mosby: Guerrilla Support Operations – May 3/4 – Washington State

  1. Here’s another group vowing to not be silent. It’s a fact that their tribe runs the Gun Confiscation Lobby. I challenge anyone to show otherwise.

    This story illustrates the anti-white position of Jews in the US. It’s the same in Europe.

  2. Bucephalus

    To ban intolerance would be intolerant; so intolerance cannot be banned.

    Appeasements & appesiodomies; accomplished by the intolerant appeasers.

    They will gain momentum until the pendulum swings in the other direction. Their influence spilling out of the metro areas, is directly proportional to the exodus from the suburbs; they will never take rural America because a virtual secession already exists.

  3. TimeHasCome

    I have great hope for America . There has been 10 million firearms sold so far this year . More than all of 1999. We are heading for a 30 million firearm sales year . Even Burger King is getting in on the act , re-launching the Angry Whopper to be the Angriest Whooper. Rumored to be great going down catch , but painful on the release.

  4. SameNoKami

    I’m figuring the old guys in FreeFor will be logistics.
    Or cannon fodder.

    • More likely – the survivors. Boomers are smarter than the rest of ya’ll. That’s why were “old guys”

    • Most casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were from sniper fire and IEDs, right?

      Not everyone has to be a door kicker.