Partyzantski: Violent Balkans Past as Prelude in FUSA – Manufactured Crisis & Ethnic Civil Unrest

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Big-picture linky-thinky.

Apply same to your nabe and AO.

You don’t have enough people, ammo, POL, or food.

Less than nine months.

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  1. See also, Chittum’s “Civil War Two” – try googling it, and add filetype:pdf to the end of your search.

    Remarkably prescient for something written 20+ years ago.

  2. Lost Patrol

    Balkan’s indeed and look at the isolated bastions of Serbs in Kosovo and what happened to them. A Bosnian engineer was hired by myself to be a QA/QC technician in Afghanistan under NTM-A and he told me that folks would just open up on you when you were doing nothing but fishing and such. Any form of greed of products you might have was worth killing you for. Old feuds resulted in many deaths. Differences resulted in many deaths. Death was everywhere
    There is no white knight going to rise up and save us. I could debate how the election will play out but rest assured the RNC will commit suicide to prevent Trump or Cruz to be elected to run as president. Figure on seeing something like a couple of the leftist anti-American Republicans being chosen. The result will be, having no candidate, the conservatives, the libertarians, the independents and the Constitutionalist will stay home and either the leather lesbos or the old hippy which ever wins the Democratic primary will become the next president. Never in the history of presidential elections has a liberal Republican ever beat a liberal Democrat. And it will not happen this time.
    Get in shape, train, get close to your friends and your family or build friendship with your neighbors. Logistics, logistics (food, water, medical, ammunition etc) and communications with those you know and trust and love. Intelligence and being able to analyze what are your worse threats and prepare for them. You will not survive alone. 9 months indeed. Prioritize what you will need and where you can get to .. before. Get in shape, as a well toned body will survive better then one not in shape to deal with what is coming.
    It is not if, it is when.

    • LP.
      You have WAY more faith in humans than I would ever care to have. Were all the guys in your company, platoon, or squad your best friends? Not even close in my personal experience. Just how many 5 to 55 gallon containers can you have filled with supplies? 20? 50? 100?. When one has so many hidden or underground, surely, keeping it secret or remembering it all won’t be possible-given time and events… And making a map or telling anyone, even your own family members, let alone neighbors and friends, is a real security risk. Too bad murkins value entertainment, catching a buzz, and “serving” themselves more than survival or they would all be preparing… Your neighbors and “friends”, no matter how “cool” are not your your blood and will eventually fuck you – don’t they always?. His family will always take priority over yours – don’t ever forget that. It may-I say may work if you are all SF or Delta operators, but that is so unlikely, it’s laughable. It’s too early in the game still. Give it more time to IFF. Keep your preps to yourself. That’s my opinion and I’ve seen a whole lot of life at my age.

      • Lost Patrol

        Roger that. You are correct … push comes to shove, your family verses your friends family, raid on your buddy and they tell him to either give up some names or he will never see his home again, his wife will be pumping some other dude possibly within days if everything is taken, his kids grow up without ever knowing their father. That man will roll over on you in a blink of an eye. My two years in Iraq, I had two close friends. My two years in Afghanistan, I likewise had two good friends (not the same as Iraq) and my 18 months in Kosovo, I had one good friend. Back here at home here in the Northern Rockies, most I have known for some 30 years, that being said, after having been gone for 5 plus years and learning quickly of whom I can trust and not trust in a conflict world, most of those I previously considered friends here at home are now a liability. First they never spent time, they have not been really challenged, most content and would rather swill beer (I like beer too) and watch never ending runs of a group of hyper-thyroid idiots run up and down a small court attempting to put a ball in a net; rather then organize, plan and train for the future. There are a few though that have remained solid, have a history etc. But oh so few.
        My thoughts are that once someone rolls over on someone else to the enemy, that person’s remains may or may not be found in some bear or mountain lion den. But for those that chose such action must be notified of the result of foolish decisions and examples made of those that do not believe. One of the Taliban’s tactics was to talk to the provincial mayor, police chief and what have you. If they continued to side with the enemy (us and the other invaders) that man and his eldest son where killed (PSD not withstanding as they perished as well). Weekly and monthly reports always had reports of such hits. They took out the traitors in their midst regardless of being from the same tribe. Zero tolerance for their own who consorted with and benefited from their enemies. After 14 years it appears to have worked. Many of the FOB and RTC I once frequented now under Taliban control once again. Once things begin, we have to ensure our hearts are hardened.
        Stay alert, stay well. Cheers, LP

    • “trust me with your life, not your money or your wife”

      charilie sheen – navy seals

  3. Ran across this observation recently “The Balkans produce more history than they can consume locally.”

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