Porretto: Mechanisms Of Destruction

ruins only ruins

Different vectors, same goal:

The complete and permanent annihilation of Western Civilization.

Read them both and pass them along:

Coordination Chronicle

Sapir-Whorf In The Saddle


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    So how would a logical, thoughtful human being even debate the learned woman professor from St. Cloud State College about white privilege? The answer is, you cannot. You cannot anymore debate her than the butt-ugly “environmental biology professor” from the U of O who, about six years ago, opined that we humans owe it to the environment to die off, to save the world.
    Second question: what happens after the cryptic “nine months” warning that has been posted on this site when President Clinton, either by executive order, a roll-over-and-wet-ourselves Congress, or a majority decision from the now permanent Groucho-Harpo-Chico-Zeppo-Gummo Marx(ist) SCOTUS?
    There will be no more time for debate or fine articles by Fred, Fran, Boer6, Sultan Knish, et al. They will be “unpersons” under Hillary’s Newspeak. She’ll probably keep Lynch as her AG, and root out such persons and websites who dare tell the truth and try to get these slobs to think for a change.
    When the Reds took over Eastern Europe after WWII, the Catholic Church went underground. You had the Legion of Mary and the Blue Army. Religion classes were held in secret in homes. The same thing happened in Red China after 1949. There will be no more time for scholarly, reasoned debate and dialog. If you think we are an occupied country now, wait until 2017. If you have children and grandchildren, get ready to protect them, educate them, and admonish them about snitching and choosing their friends.

  2. Grenadier1

    Sad that one day in the future anthropologist will be digging up our ruins and formulating theories to explain why we worshiped the goddess starbuck at all these little temples.

    • That’s funny. Do two wrongs make a right? Negative (ab) times positive (ab) equals (ab) squared.
      Maybe Right means Constitutionly Correct and right means right wing.

  3. Lost my post, damn cyber gremlins

  4. They declare open season on us, we declare open season on them. I intend to smite them hip and thigh, and to scourge them like a Tartar, day and night. Who it ends in favor of, I will probably never know. But I want my pound of flesh.

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