SLL: America Needs To Throw Up


Robert looks at the morning after.

Ugly, as they inevitably are.

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  1. When I was a boy, the worst thing that could happen to you, would be to be thought of as either a fool, or a liar, or both. I see in this age that there is something far worse. To suffer the consequences of both fools and liars, and have it called normal. Without Integrity, there is only madness.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    a whole lotta ‘Muricans are gonna wake up here after the “perfect storm” of binges ends:

  3. it’ll be the morgue, as above. T-f is probably ballpark with his estimate of c. 2/3 of the current population eliminated one way or t’other. And the successor regime – if there is one – likely of considerable severity. Libertarians/anarchists will be in particularly short supply

  4. So, our problem is not taking the founding documents seriously? As in “we hold theses truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”..

    False axiom, false conclusions.

    The sobering up process needs to begin with reexamining our assumptions and axioms.

    • “Just because the last three generations on both sides of my family have been riddled with a 50-100% incidence of severe alcoholism and all that implies, I’m sure that I can swill like a normal person. Because I wanna. And social.”

      – Someone who hasn’t heard the axiom “Past performance may not indicate future results, but you might want to consider it anyway, m’kay?”

  5. We have learned that France has deployed a full half of it’s active military onto their own streets, to protect themselves from an enemy they willingly imported into their, once, very safe country (and are taking in more as I type this screed). This obvious complete catastrophic failure of it’s govt to function at it’s most elemental level, has almost entirely escaped the notice of the citizens of France, of Europe, and of the USA. This rivals the horrific mistakes of France in the months leading up to, and during the first days of Germany’s invasion in the spring of 1940. At least then, France made an effort to repel the bad guys. Unless France completely regurgitates this vile poison they willingly partook, this poison will kill them quickly for they have ingested a very fatal dose.
    And Obama’s response to this horrific last supper being eaten in Europe? It is to order that same poison delivered to our own country’s dinner tables. And he has outlawed all stomach pumps. So we all better practice reaching into the back of our own throats to bring forth that evil bile we have been force fed.
    P.S. And to think Amerika sacrificed hundreds of thousands of brave Americans in two world wars, to return a conquered France to it’s inept, ungrateful citizens. Lets not make that mistake again.

    • “We have learned that France has deployed a full half of it’s active military onto their own streets, to protect themselves from an enemy they willingly imported…”

      Rainman, your post will make more sense if you give up on the collective-speak. “France” is not a living, thinking organism. It just describes a pile of people with a shared language and diverse attitudes and incentives. Clearly, not all French wanted to import these people. The ruling class did for their own base purposes, and some credulous fools went along. But it’s not like most Frenchmen had any say in the matter.

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