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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    AND-they have a spaniel! Good things always happen with spaniels.
    Don’t forget all of the free babies you can have-that will anchor you to the Mexican government. What you say? Mexico doesn’t allow that? Well, you are just a damned racist, then.
    Every part of medical care in Mexico is free; doctors, pharmacias, dentists. What you say? They expect payment for services rendered? Well, you are just a damned racist, then.
    You get free housing in Mexico. Big haciendas, with huge yards, close to the beach. What you say? I couldn’t have that, unless I was a drug dealer or a Mexican politician? Well, you are just a damned racist. Period.

  2. But they work really hard for cheap.

    All iver Amwrica there are politicians who have pushed and xontinue to push this agenda of borderless “immigration”. Figure out who they are and then get to your local hardware store. Lots of great tools there.

    • I love seeing the secede bumper stickers all over my area.

    • They won’t let us go.

      If Trump or Cruz is elected (why are you laughing at me?), then our only hope is to do upon them as they have done to us (politicized IRS, FBI, .gov targeting liberal groups), and force them to seek secession themselves.

      Otherwise, it is a leftist presidency, leftist Congress and a stacked leftist Supreme Court, and blood.

    • Yea but Pat the thing is you have to be in an area where for the most part the people would be susceptible to it…The South doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding… To many people down there rely on gov tit to survive and will go down fighting to keep their Bennie’s…You should of got a clue when your flag got tore down and there was no overwhelming response to stop it from happening… You live in a place that doesn’t hold your values and convictions anymore Brother…

  3. LeGrandeGuy

    At the community pool yesterday I observed an immigrant mother with five kids and another brown bun in the oven. Our system PAYS them to reproduce: WIC, SNAP, Section 8 housing, cash assistance, Medicaid, while husband works a low-level trades job under the table (e.g. no withholding or filing of income taxes) they are effectively pulling down 50-60k with FREE living! Who WOULDN”T come here? You’d be insane to stay behind in Guatemala, Mexico, China, Brazil, Africa when this kind of a deal, in today’s world, is SITTING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. I WOULD. Meanwhile our zombified distracted confused young people walk around with their heads in the damned smart phones, can’t even figure out which freaking GENDER they are….If you are an american, and you want to strike a blow against the NWO, for Pete’s sake make some BABIES! That’s right: KIDS! Do it NOW!!! Don’t over-analyze this. Analysis-paralysis is for engineers, not young people in their reproductive prime, OK?


      Sir: You have described a situation that I saw in SoCal over 40 years ago. Then end result today is most areas are approaching 65% or better. The demographics have led to their own brand of racism, with Latinos serving other Latinos in stores, over whites. This is why, in 2014, it was necessary for my wife to literally evacuate her dad and daughter from Menifee, CA to our then-home in SW Oregon.
      Whites that are staying behind fall into two categories. the first are the older folks on fixed incomes in seniors-only enclaves. They are literally trapped. Those not taken early by the Grim Reaper due to infirmities, will become easy prey for the Third World Predators
      The second category comprises those uber-wealthy cosmic white liberals and their remoras, They have their exclusive enclaves in places like Malibu, Beverly Hills,and Toluca Lake. They have enough political juice to have the protection of LAPD, LASO, and their own private thugs, They will survive as long as the economy continues to spend billions on movies, videos, etc.
      This situation has taken many years to mature and fester into the social carbuncle that now exists.. When it ruptures is anyone’s guess. I believe it will just keep on going until there is a huge economic correction, and the sheeple can no longer afford to buy the product these illusionists are selling. I will not even presume to predict when this will happen, but I do not want to be around any above-described Blue Hive when it does.

      • About a decade or so ago, a relative of mine relocated from the midwest to Escondido for work. The relative was literally appalled by the number of hispanics living there, their general hatred of the U.S., their love for Mexico and most important how he was treated for not being hispanic. After several years, he couldn’t take it anymore and moved back to the midwest. Mexifornia (i.e., southern Cal.) is gone.

        • Shinmen Takezo

          Mexi-fornia is coming to the entire USA.
          It will be Mexi-Texas. Mexi-Montana…. and so forth

          It will also be Texi-Syria. Missour–Syria… and so forth.

          When President Regan signed into law the 1st Amnesty–this was the death blow to this country. Before hand California was Regan country and he won both elections there with landslides. Now it is Commie-fornia/Mexi-fornia and what other turd-worlders you can dream of.

          The amnesty changed forever California’s voting demographics–and this is why it is now effectively a 1-party state.

          This same dynamic is now being played out on the rest of this country.

          Why do you think they are settling people from the turd-world, and who cannot operate a flush toilet in the heart-land regions of this country?

          To be a kinder and gentler nation?
          Because it is the “Christian thing” to do?
          Fuck no!

          It is to change the demographics and voting lines.
          The more people who they pour into this country who are then immediately enrolled on the “FREE SHIT ARMY” register–the more power and control they/them can wield.

          Both Republicans and Demoncrats are to blame for this mess.

          Trump is the only candidate who is telling it like it is–and this is why they/them are running the shit campaign against him so aggressively.j He is threatening their power and payoff structures.

          You can run and hide up in Idaho or Montana–but these illegals and shit-bags who they are bringing into this country legally are going to be at your front door and down the street from you very soon.

          How will Sand Point Idaho, or Billings Montana take to their first Mosque or Islamic center? How will these areas like it when several thousand bags of shit from Somalia (who cannot speak English or use a flush toilet) are suddenly placed on the local welfare roles–and their diseased, psychotic children placed next to your children in schools?!

          Just don’t say it’s coming to Comiiefornia–it is coming to your neck of the woods as well–and very soon!

          Trump is correct–these shit-bags need to be deported, en-mass and if necessary at the point of a bayonet back to their turd-world hell holes.

          Only admit people to this country who have skills (doctors, engineers, nurses and so forth) who are willing to assimilate, who can speak English and who will not go on the welfare roles (they have $$$).

      • Stealth Spaniel

        +1 and then some. Areas that I blithely went into as even a young adult, are strictly off limits now. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which was, at one time, farms, middle class housing, and almost exclusively white. It was also safe to wander around. I remember my mother’s shock, when she saw the first of many signs go up on Sherman Way, Ventura Blvd, and Laurel Canyon; all of the signs showed different ages and shades of black people with a blazing headliner: YOU TOO CAN LIVE IN THE SFV! IT’S YOUR RIGHT!
        The last time that I went to LA, I wanted to weep.


          SS: Born in LA in 1947. Family moved to Granada Hills in 1952, DeLaSalle Grammar School. Alemany High School, ’65 and SFVSC, ’69. And, the last time I was in LA(03/2015) I wanted to weep, too. Bleib ubrig.

    • It’s not just the crimmigrants. No different than the white trash that infests the nation. single sluts with 5 kids with 5 different sperm donors shacked up with yet another boyfriend. The always call them “fiances” but are just the current dick that’s poking them. They never get married because they couldn’t receive the full load of benefits they are “entitled” to. When I grew up, this lifestyle was called filth.

      Traditionally, the American family was comprised of a father, mother, and 2.5 children. The people with values and common sense still live that way, although far too few.
      Everyone here knows more than a few of the former, and at least one of the latter. What a disgrace.

  4. Bucephalus

    Now George, stay out of those gun stores; all the Fast and Furious weapons have already been sold and used in countless murders…….Let’s buy 3 centavo auto parts and bring them back to sell for $hundreds……

  5. Pat, I would gladly secede from the US, here in Texas. What guarantees would you be willing to give me, regarding the potential for some people to think that if that happens, it’s open season on the Jews? I mean, would they be in danger? Would they retain their rights and property? Freedom of movement and access? Political and religious freedom? One other thing. Would we have unencumbered freedom to open or conceal carry firearms, everywhere? The qualifier here is that it would have to be the law of the land, plainly written in plain language for all to see, and clearly written language for punishment of ANY person violating civil rights.

    • If it doesn’t happen within a couple years it would be hopeless to even try…To many invaders down there and it’s getting worse…

    • I live in South Carolina, not Texas. What Texans will do upon secession would be up to Texans.

      I can tell you what I’d wish for South Carolina upon secession, though.

      All blacks would be encouraged to book passage to Africa, on my (and others) dime, never to return. That would reduce the violent crime in South Carolina by about 90%. Rapes would almost disappear, robbery as well.

      As for Jews, we must consider what they’ve been doing to the south for the last 70 years. The ACLU and the SPLC are both anti-white and anti-Christian institution almost wholly funded by the Jew.

      Further, the Gun Confiscation Lobby is almost 100% Jew funded and operated. You’re welcome to prove otherwise, but keep in mind I’ve already done the research on that and know of that I speak.

      Therefore, Jews would be encouraged to locate outside South Carolina by all honorable means.

      We want South Carolina to become a state among states that are a part of the Christian bulwark against non-Christian invasion. In the past, Christendom was huge and harbored most of the advanced civilizations. Jews have been remoras upon both Christians and Muslims.

      • Your state took down a flag of your heritage over the summer thanks to lib pressure. Put a fork in your state. Its done.

    • Ah yes. No one has seceded yet , but already the ‘chosen’ must be given access to any and all new ventures. How about jews, muslims , christians and all other gangs check their ancient baggage at the door and stand on their own without favor or exemption? The Bill of Rights or any derivative thereof will be a dead letter if any group , sex , religion etc is even mentioned. Starting point post-FUSA must start from a humanitarian view and all ‘special’ groups can fuck-off.

      • You can have your DIE-versity where you live. It has proven to be a disaster where ever it’s practiced. We see the results of diversity in Europe today, in the various large US cities where certain groups are permitted to run amok, why, well because someone with “humanitarian view” altered the natural hierarchy and insisted that everyone be equal, equally screwed as it turns out.

        By the way, Sodomites aren’t equal either, so you can go where they’re tolerated as well. Your day is drawing to a close in the south.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Assimilation can depend on region as well. I notice less hostility in San Francisco or Miami. Of course, Chiraq is a gutter that’s going to blow. Same as southern Cali. Many I see on the job integrate, though not to the extent enough of being Constitutional savvy, etc. Three wetbacks I work with are just that, failure to assimilate, no education, poor English skills, and racists or more accurately “ethnocentric” with their sob story victim cards and inferiority complex backed by their kool-aid third world media oppression theory BS and other bagrot. El Chapo is a hero to them. Employers are to blame for this mess. Not talking the agriculture fields either. These companies don’t care about E-verify, one is an illegal. One is on green card. Why are we letting non-US citizens work? Should be the same as EU. Get the F outta here. One is older with dual citizenship, yet the idiot is caught at airport with a child’s birth certificate he planned to use for his son’s family to falsify IRS forms. Fraud the system. Also they haven’t completed high school, so falsified job papers. Educated American citizens should be first. Instead, I deal with nonsensical hostility and stupidity. They really do hate when you laugh at them, it seems the ultimate form of disrespect Mexican’ts can’t handle. Laughing ends though if a valuable job is on the line because of this nonsense…there’s no governing authority or business that will stand in the way of the consequences. People need to choose their line, stand with like minded American folk in their region to counter this mess.