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As referenced by John Mosby, who designed one of their pieces of kit, the Gadsden boss sends:


MG Underground Partisan Chest Rig

The Mountain Guerrilla Underground Partisan (U.P.) Chest Rig is designed to be an ultra-low profile chest rig that can be worn unnoticed under a light jacket or even sweat shirt in an “underground” situation. The U.P. Chest Rig is an innovative design – thoroughly tested and endorsed by author and former U.S. Army Special Forces 18 Bravo, John Mosby (JM) from Mountain Guerrilla. This rig has been designed as per JM’s requirements and specifications.


Commander’s Case

Designed in collaboration with multiple US Marine Corps JTACs, the Gadsden Dynamics Commanders Case is the ultimate tool for both military and civilian operators that carry a tablet in their kit. We call this product the “Commanders Case”, as it is designed primarily to be used by attack controllers (JTACs, FACs, and other MOS’s that focus on attack control and command).

The Commanders Case includes some great, practical features:
Clear, flip-down map case for notes and coordinates
Pen / Paper holder
Flip-down “table” like functionality
Zippered for protection against sand, dust, etc.
Industrial grade, high-strength velcro for securing tablet inside the pouch
Hard case for tablet protection
There are two variations available for purchase:

Commanders Case
Includes ALL features
Includes MALICE clips for securing to a plate carrier, backpack, etc.

Commanders Case Lite
Does NOT include the clear map case
Does NOT include pen / paper holder


2X50 Ammo Bag

The Gadsden Dynamics 2X50 Ammo Bag is an innovative solution for storing two calibers in one .50 Caliber ammo can without mixing calibers. This product is a great solution for those that train with multiple calibers*, or simply train with a rifle and handgun. Two, 2X50 Ammo Bags fit side by side in a standard .50 caliber ammo can (as seen in product photos). Ever been on the range training in nasty weather and had to dump ammo out of a can afterwards to let it dry before storing it again? No more. Just take the bag out and let it dry. It’s also a great solution for organizing gear inside a rucksack.

*Care should be exercised when mixing two calibers in one can, particularly 5.56/.223 and .300 BLK. Some .300 BLK ammunition will chamber in a 5.56, potentially leading to a catastrophic failure.


Lightweight Shelter

The Gadsden Dynamics Lightweight Shelter is a shelter designed to be highly mobile, easily deployed and completely waterproof. This shelter is great for military, campers, hunters, backpackers, and really anyone who enjoys the outdoors, and needs something to keep out of the elements.

The Gadsden Dynamics Lightweight Shelter is made from 1.9oz (70D) ripstop nylon and mil-spec nylon webbing. The ripstop is coated with a thin layer of polyurethane which makes it 100% waterproof. There are D-rings located around the perimeter and spine of the shelter which provides easy attachment points for quick deployment with rope or paracord. The stuff sack is securely fastened to the edge of the shelter, making it impossible to ever lose.

We provide 2 size options:
-5ft x 8ft – 1 Person
-8ft x 8ft – 2 Person

The 1 Person shelter fits into 4″W x 8″L stuff sack, while the 2 Person shelter fits into a 6″W x 8″L stuff sack.


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  2. The tarp, also known to some as a Basha, is a critical part of anyone’s kit who plans on operating for extended periods in the woods. They make base layers for hide site building much easier (and more waterproof) as well.

    Obviously I don’t have the one pictured (mine’s a German flecktarn model roughly the same size as the larger model featured) yet, but every trigger puller is familiar with the Poncho Hooch. Same basic idea, but more surface area, meaning better cover for building hides.

    My unsolicited advice- Get one while you can; $80 ain’t a bad price for a company making kit in the US and catering to the Patriot community.

  3. does the lightweight shelter have a mylar backing to help reduce the thermal signature ?

  4. Virgil Kane

    Those prices are very reasonable. Curious