Steyn: Where The Streets Have No Jokes

U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a concert at the hotel castle Elmau in Kruen, Germany, June 7, 2015. Leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) industrial nations met on Sunday in the Bavarian Alps for a summit overshadowed by Greece's debt crisis and ongoing violence in Ukraine. (REUTERS/Virginia Mayo)“Angie, all you gotta do is to chop ’em up into bits this size or smaller, then feed ’em all to the livestock. Stalin made sure everyone understood – the damned-fool maniacal-for-order Germans left everyplace strewn with dead bodies, and that’s how NOT to do it.”

Commies gotta commie.

Dictators gotta dictate.

Resisters gotta resist.

We’ll see how that goes.


16 responses to “Steyn: Where The Streets Have No Jokes

  1. Looks like someone got a hold of some bad smokehouse sausage.

  2. Bucephalus

    Daniel 2:21

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Hey, guess what next Thursday, April 28 is?
    Mussolini Day!
    Perhaps it’s time for re-enactments to begin, just to keep his memory alive.

  5. Lead is in the pencil. Lollipops are on the sheld.

  6. Even in the midst of her glorious youth she still looked like an unwashed and bedraggled canine

    • That’s some nasty stank right there. Usually they all look cute when they’re young.

  7. “…nothing is more enervating and time-consuming than filling out the endless details and forms that human-rights complaints require…”

    Steyn is starting from a manifestly false premise: that the state is here to protect us. Thus the rant.

    No, Mark. The state is not here to protect us; it is here to loot us. Stomping people who tell jokes about politicians is definitely in character, not at all unusual. Stop being surprised or outraged. Expect the ruling class to trample peons.

    Don’t like states doing what they do? Give up on your belief in the government religion.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    I don’t remember Hildabeast’s mother being so ugly. Hill must take after her father’s side of the family.
    If my German grandfather was alive, Merkel would be dead. Pity he was only 100 when he went. I have a lot of pictures of my German relatives; no one is as fat as Merkel. She must be from the wrong side of the Rhine.

  9. to summarize Steyn’s latest:

    blahblahblahblah Zuckerberg blahblahblah….

  10. For the south, secession is the only answer. We must make out lands the bulwark of Christendom.

  11. Uncle Larry

    I knew a guy that played hide the salami with Hillary when she was about 21. He was a bouncer at a bar in the north burbs of Chicago. He wrote a book called “The Angry White Male”. After that, I imagine he was.