Two From MDT


JC Dodge sends:

Rifle Mags Measured In “Footpounds”

The Infamous April 19


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  1. Virgil Kane

    Some quality polymer FAL mags would sure be nice. Though they might not be lighter than the AL ones. The AL ones are hard to find.

  2. Lose the pistol, carry more rifle ammo. Has anyone ever done an analysis comparing the utility of a pistol versus an equivalent weight of rifle ammo?

    As to the latter post, bitching about America (and particularly, the government) is one of the reasons America the country is the best. We do not bend a knee to the ruling class so much as others are inclined to do.

    • We only bend. The Bundy family now bends it’s knee as does the rest of the nation.

      • You know nothing of the Bundy family. Set me straight if you have a relationship with them. You bend because you have no spine,morals or values worth standing up for.
        It is called projection, when a downtrodden pussy thinks everyone else is like them.

    • “Lose the pistol, carry more rifle ammo. Has anyone ever done an analysis comparing the utility of a pistol versus an equivalent weight of rifle ammo?

      For NPT during/post SHTF, the pistol included in one’s equipment is essential, especially for those times you may not be fully ‘field dressed’ (to coin a phrase…lol)

    • SHTF School emphasizes the value of a pistol, based on the Balkan experience. Sometimes one does not want to be visibly armed.

      • That’s another argument – different tools for different situations. What I am wondering is, assuming the main tool for a given task is a rifle, of what use is the pistol?

        Another way of asking this is, how many times does it happen that people run low or out of rifle ammo, compared to the number of times that a pistol was needed and one’s rifle simply would not do?

        If you need to take a crap and think the rifle is not helpful in that situation, that is an argument for having one pistol in the whole squad, unless you all crap simultaneously, heh.

    • You’d do better to quit thinking so much like an Infantryman, and start thinking like a Survivalist or NPT member. Acting like an Infantyman in the Balkans would have gotten you killed. Reality dictates common sense and options over the fantasy of taking Hamburger Hill.


    The Infamous April 19th was 23 years ago. I doubt if today will even be discussed in the media or anywhere in our school system, public or private. The thread has led us from Waco to Oklahoma City, the murder of Terry Schiavo by the State of Florida, the dubious “terrorist attack” of 9/11, the bogus “war on terror” and Iraqi Freedom sideshows.The MSM has dutifully reported the police/government executions of numerous innocents such as Miriam Carey, Kelly Thomas, and Lavoy Finicum.
    Goebbels was right. If you keep telling the Big Lie often enough, people will believe it. And, when it all finally hits the Sheeple in the face, they will merely take the path of least resistance, demanding the Leviathan “do something”. And the Leviathan will oblige with the total abrogation of our God-given rights in the name of “National Security”. Bleib ubrig.

  4. Michael Lovewell

    quote of the day…flog your “Inner Pussy”

    Hard to get that one out of my head…

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Amateur ruckhumper

    I’m at work, and don’t have a precise scale at any rate.

    Can anyone post up a comparison of usgi AR mags versus polymer ones? I’m under the impression that polymer ones are actually heavier.