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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    First off, refuse to take them. Demand $5, $10, or $100. Use red Sharpies to cross out the new face also, they have to pull them from circulation. Won’t take too much before they realize it’s costing them more than they bargained for.
    Remember, they are Fed Res tax IOU’s, not real money to begin with.

    • Going to be hard as every ATM spits out 20s only and I’d bet that if you keep hitting your branch lobby and asking only for 10s, your bank eventually closes out your account because you’re a racist.

      • then enter the bank and use a human teller. And never mind “eventually”

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Why are you even tied to an ATM? You’re your own worst enemy, no need to answer this any further. Think!!! Fucking Think!!!Then get creative.

    • outlawpatriot

      That could work, I think. Easy enough thing to do. Tell you what, I’m in. I’ll do it for a little while to see. But if it doesn’t catch on, I’m out.🙂

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Hey OP, just like with anything else, use moderation, and don’t get caught with a whole stack of red bills. 🙂
        I knew folks who used a rubber stamp, designating them ‘only to be used for IRS Debt’.

  2. Grey Ghost

    He has been rolling in his grave since 1913 when the Federal Reserve took over the country. I’d be happy if they took Hamilton away and kept Jackson… but no… we can’t have ANYONE on money who was against central bankers. Give it another 3 months and they will change every face on the 1, 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills.

    We’ve got to have new “heros”. Yep things sure are getting better.


    Grey Ghost

    • Speaking of Andrew Jackson, the following anecdote, which took place during the campaign against the Creeks in 1814, speaks volumes about this gentleman’s character to his honor, even in midst of combat.
      The following excerpt is from the book by James Parton: “Life of Jackson,” published by D. Appleton & Company, copyright 1892.
      “On the bloody field of Talluschatches was found a slain mother still embracing her living infant. The child was brought into camp with the other prisoners, and Jackson, anxious to save it, endeavored to induce some of the Indian women to give it nourishment. ‘No’, said they, ‘all his relations are dead; kill him, too’. This reply appealed to the heart of the general. He caused the child to be taken to his own tent, where, among the few remaining stores, was found a little brown sugar. This, mingled with water, served to keep the child alive until it could be sent to Huntsville, where it was nursed at Jackson’s expense until the end of the campaign, and then taken to the Hermitage. Mrs. Jackson received it cordially; and the boy grew up in the family, treated by the general and his kind wife as a son and favorite.”
      May we all go and do likewise.

      Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  3. Obama, Jack Lew(insky) et al. took down AJ because he’s the classic White American Male: Indian-killer, Brit-beater, and most important, he crushed the 2nd National Bank, thus sparing the nation almost 100 years of debt-slavery. Now, thanks to the Third National Bank, aka the (Rothschild) Fed, we are being debt-bombed into oblivion. The first of the new 20s I’m handed – featuring a fugitive porch-monkey instead of Jackson – and all thereafter, I will give back and demand 20 1’s…provided the ZOG hasn’t put Michael Jackson on the “1” it by then

  4. When I heard, I went to the shop and framed a couple. They should be worth something down the road. This is pandering at it’s best.

    • Second. I’m going to keep a few to sell, should’ve done the same with some confederate flags.
      Can you believe this is where we are now ? And we still have a long way to go, disgusting.

  5. They’re both pretty good, but I like the second one better; it’s more subtle, although the Ron Paul button in the first is a nice touch. Regarding Andrew Jackson on the $20 FRN, I’ve always thought it must be a deliberate affront – I can’t think of any other reason they’d put him on it. Out of curiosity, I did a search, this came up:

    “Alexander Hamilton will stay on the front of the $10 bill, and Harriet Tubman will boot Andrew Jackson from the face of the $20.”

    which, it seems (I’m not exactly in the breaking news loop these days) was just announced today. Must have been becoming a bit too obvious. Of course, Hamilton isn’t going anywhere, except into mass “culture”.

  6. I think Jackson would be happy to find his image removed from the fiat bill. He hated the central bank, the Second National, and had it closed down. His arch rival, Nicholas Biddle attempted to cause a economic crisis, but was largely unsuccessful.

    Jackson’s actions lasted until the Jew owned Federal Reserve was created. The Fed has been stealing wealth from everyone for over 100 years now through inflation of the fiat currency.

  7. Just when I think my retard meter has pegged, bent, broken and spun around for the last time…they do this. You can’t make it up. At some point we will have whatever poo-flinging monkey running the printing presses at the time out in front of the Fed telling us that the Trillion Dollar Pog is the future of money after much polling. Here I used to think the Indians that traded Manhattan for some beads and trinkets got the raw end of the deal, at least that stuff had intrinsic value and maybe a little bit of smallpox on it, we’re stuck with the plague of NYC idiots and a whole lot firestarter with dead presidents on it, backed by Uncle Sam’s sweet nothings.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    “If you like your Jackson paper sawbuck, you can keep your Jackson paper sawbuck.” Me–I won’t touch the “new” ones.

    Old Hickory never believed in paper–only PMs–Au, Ag, and, of course, Pb.

  9. Bucephalus

    Psalm 37:34

  10. How many Patriots here have been moving into gold and silver and conducting business with it? Do the training instructors and authors who frequent WRSA accept gold and silver in payment for their goods and services?

  11. I intend to dump as fast as possible any new twenties that I wind up with. Complete and utter bullshit.

    • I agree…! Dump them by purchasing any metals. and giving them back their worthless paper….deface the money in MANY ways……..leave the system behind …….gold….silver……lead……copper…….get all you can

      ……….(sorry…I don’t need to lecture you guys…but I just get so pissed…..!!!!)

  12. And still these Banker-Gangsters continue to walk the streets unencumbered by anyone. They finance both sides of every war and “election” and manipulate everything in your life.

    Why are they not being hunted like rabid coons? Someone knows where they live and frequent.

  13. jeffronimo

    I’m wondering if the Cherokee will favor the change. Maybe they could have a Reparations Night at the casino with those new 20’s.

    PS, belated happy ninth birthday.

  14. Jackson was an asshole, just like Washington. He was right about the Bank however.

    What should be on the bill are various misspellings to exemplify the current D.C. intellectual and moral climate. Maybe Satan would be a good picture for it.

  15. BTW how long will the old $20s be good for after the new ones are introduced? What other bills will need to get changed out by then? Is this a prelude to hyperinflation?

    Strengthens my case for precious metals.

  16. Grenadier1

    I vote that we put Rothschild on the 20. Mostly just to piss off Haxo, tFat and the other Jew haters.

    • outlawpatriot


    • I do NOT hate jews. I merely point out reality. What’s wrong with you? Quit perpetuating the anti-semitic narrative. Pull your head out of the sand. Face the facts.

      • Grenadier1

        No you perpetuate the myth that there is an organized Jewish cabal that hates everyone and is out to enslave the world. Thats bullshite. Those people are about as Jewish as Porky the pig. That kind of action is what leads people to blame all their problems on jews, which leads to them believing that they only need to strike out and kill the local jewish baker and all their problems will magically melt away.
        Its the same mentality that the blacks have thinking that if they just whack a white person they are fixing their problems.
        I dont have any issue with anyone naming specific individuals and calling attention to their actions but stop using broad brush labels to paint them. You want to blame Soros then blame him. Just cut out the “ZOG, zionist tribe” bull.

        • That’s where you are WRONG. There IS an organized cabal that hates everyone and is out to enslave the world. It just so happens that most of those organized call themselves and hide behind the jews. In actuality they are Ashkenazis.

        • Nope, I am going to continue the broad brush…!!! FUCKING ZIONIST (jews) are the root of ALL these global problems, banking, war etc.traffic in humans, they run the porn industry the have destroyed the country……and we are not the first………that is why they have been chased out of every country for hundreds and hundreds of years………nope ! don’t tell me what to do…………and just so you know, I trained them worked with them (military) and all with a belief and a smile on my face until the day they made it clear I was lower then an animal and of no importance to them.

          Trully the most greedy and ungratefull assholes on the planet that our TAX dollars fund …………………….thanks for your attention

          ……………………stand at ease………………………………………

      • I’ll point out the reality that the majority of jew haters usually validate their belief system via Mein Kamf and the Koran.

    • why would it “piss” (your word) me off? Rothschild on the currency would be simple validation

  17. terribleterrible

    But now who will they put on the EBT card?!?

  18. The Many Headed Monster in the graphic above –

    Please do not pay attention to how many (((eskimos))) or (((the tribe))) members there are.

    No, no goy, nothing of coincidence there.

  19. Revenge of the Cherokee?
    Perhaps, many of them more pure blooded than myself always kept that grudge and I sense they have found revenge not to be so sweet in this case.

  20. outlawpatriot

    “American Lion” by Jon Meacham. An excellent look into the life and times of Andrew Jackson.🙂

    • had a young history prof at UCB back when. Name: Michael Rogin. HardLeft Jew. Good guy, or I thought so then, and a good teach. He wrote a book about Jackson too. “Indian killer” or some such title. Now I’ll get a copy, read it

  21. Uncle Larry

    I wish they’d quit goofing around and just put Karl Marx and Lenin on the money. Let’s get it on.

  22. Why not just cut to the chace And piut a black transgendered muslim of mexican descent on the bills?

  23. Take a sharpie and wright the racial slur of your choice on the bill. I suggest the “N” word. The government MUST at that point destroy the bill. Cost the bastards 5 billion the first year.

  24. Jackson was the first Democrat. His party was established to elect himself and his cronies. Their stated positions were just what the voters wanted to hear to facilitate them taking power.

    I’d rather have private banks than a public bank that would be constantly at the beck and call of the powerful for their own purposes. The federal reserve is like that, although it’s only a quasi governmental body. It’s been holding interest rates low to attempt to shore up the Democrats after the non-recovery from the 2008 plunge, caused in no small part by the government forcing banks to loan to people who could not afford to pay back the loans, under laws signed by Carter and Clinton

  25. Ironic that they are replacing a Democrat with a Republican.

  26. m70shooter

    Harriet Tubman was a gun toting Republican. Joke’s on them, as far as I’m concerned.😉

    • actually, if you’re White, the joke is on you. ‘Cause the neo-con’d, open-borders Republiscams hate your white guts same as the Demoncrats. Evidently, you haven’t figured this out yet. But you will

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Haxo, doesn’t it really get tiring to see so many at this late date still asleep at the wheel? Flag waving NRA Republican….WAHOO!
        And they’ll never get it, right up until that ‘special someone’ slams a hammer down on their sorry head. Still sorta kinda trying to be PC so as not to offend anyone, and toe the party line.
        I can’t help but laugh myself silly anyway.

  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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  28. How about putting Harriett on a new coin like the new Fitty cent piece? How about putting her on a new computer generated Bitcoin? With all of the talk of a cashless society ‘what difference does it make anyway, we’re all dead now anyway’. oops, just trying to sound presidential. Did I sound like Hillary? Not to rank on someone’s looks but can’t they photoshop her picture and make her smile? Meld her in with Michelle o’bama and Whitney Houston and get a better looking babe. The Dollar Babe, the Mad Cash Bitch, The Mo’ Money Momma. Just remember 80% of the money tested tested positive for cocaine. After 3 months in circulation these will test positive for grease. They will pass through so many greased hands of politicians and community organizers that they could be used for shop rags.