Culper: Community Security Toolkit – SPACE Analysis


Your S-2 should be doing this already.

You do have a team member doing intel work, right?

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  1. “Do a SPACE Analysis on yourself and identify the patterns you set and how they could be exploited.”

    Hence all the hand wringing from high speed Patriots about wearing multicam at training events. As if making a different fashion statement at the shooting range now will take you off the red list when the round ups begin later.

    • Mike Bishop

      I think the point is that polos and khakis, or Wranglers and Ariats, do a far better job at winning hearts and minds, than bubba’ing up, and fulfilling every negative survivalist stereotype that’s been force fed into every living-room from the propaganda dissemination devices since 1975..

      If you aren’t deployed, or out slitting throats in the woods, leave the JSOC ninja shit at the ranch.

      …Anyway, everyone wants to be a 300-lb HSLD doorkicker, but nobody wants to do the shit that matters: Intelligence Preparation of the Community.

      If no one is generating a cohesive, accurate, picture of the conditions in the AO; then it’s being done wrong. Period.

      Without intelligence: Lights go down: you get lit up.

      • I pointed out here a few weeks ago to take a shower, shave and wear a suit before a press conference. The range isn’t the Hyatt nor vice versa. Dress for success in the right location. It is all about context.

      • The French Paras taught us how to do IPC in Algeria. They seized the police files. The rest was mop up.

        If the locals allow it, a good start at IPC would be “ride-alongs.” Ask a lot of questions.


        • Mike Bishop

          Roger that.

          If the current economic trajectory continues, or any Black Swan event occurs, crime is going to be amplified, exponentially. These individuals most likely already have a network of support, and, undoubtedly, a means of black-market income. If there’s a power vacuum…well, the math ain’t too hard on that.

          Better to have an informed perspective on the local bad actors now, than a face-to-face introduction later.

          Ride-alongs are an excellent opportunity to obtain an actual, experienced, perspective on the criminality in one’s immediate environs.

  2. just this morning, during my AM bike ride, the wife of the guy around the corner – the one with the Black Lives Matter sign in his front yard – smiled and waved to me as i rode by. I grinned and waved back

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Here’s a “cohesive, accurate, picture of the conditions in the AO”

    You’re dealing with poverty stricken, lazy, morbidly obese, diabetic, dim-witted idiots who couldn’t point to their own asses without the aid of their I-phones GPS. They’d turn in anyone who they even think remotely threatens their free-shit gravy train not to mention their free dumb. Trying to win hearts n minds of drunkin brain damaged retards is like trying to convince a crack head to buy a new suit. AIN’T HAPPENING. We’re talking about the same people who are cheering the new harriet tubman $20. bill here… How’d that all “intelligence”work out in the Stan or Iraq? Let me refresh everyone’s memory…

    Fusa LOST. The taxpayer was stuck paying the Trillion $ cost and this cuntrys military got it’s ass handed to them, then, the enemy stole all their gear as they turned tail and ran. LOL The u.s. military is now broken beyond repair and everyone knows it. Even the air farce is rummaging static displays at museums for spare parts that aren’t even made anymore to keep their 30 year old crap planes in service.

    While all the bamboozled heroes were out fighting for free dumb, mom, chevrolet, and apple pie, the murkin people lost everything.

    Meanwhile… Isis – al CIA da or whatever they’re called these days, is driving around new HMMVs and sporting taxpayer bought M-4s and ammo. again… HA HA HA HA HA HA

  5. Marlo Stanfield

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