Equal Time



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  1. She also eliminated quite a few Democrats during the war.

  2. Yes, she was a gun toting Republican who also had a sword…..

  3. Harriet Tubman was an ass clown and nigger stage puppet for the insane Abolitionists. The nigger cunt was never known to be armed. The Republican Party when it formed was Marxist. (It hasn’t really changed — Lincoln and Marx were correspondents, and Marx — a huge admirer of the US — asked Lincoln to write the Forward to “Das Kapital.”)

    But the nigger has a Navy Colt, so she must be cool.


    • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET had written: “But the nigger has a Navy Colt, so she must be cool.”

      I will myself forgive much in any woman, regardless of albedo, who flaunts a Navy Colt like that. She appeals thereby to what passes in me for a better nature.

    • Citation needed for everything before “But the nigger has a Navy Colt, so she must be cool.” please.

      I haven’t been able to verify any of those five assertions in the thirty inquiries I have tried.

      Thank you, Happy D

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Now THAT’S the picture that should be on a $25 bill. Her own bill! Idiot Liberals; they really do not have any original brain matter.

  5. The first national banker buster banned!

  6. I would certainly endorse THIS design. Dynamic, artistic, and wonderfully “in your face,” inviting resistance to tyranny in all its forms.

    When do you expect the “Liberal” idiots to realize that they do not get to co-opt the iconography of freedom without consequences?

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    Well how about them apples!

    I so hope this info is correct

  8. When you know enough data about a person to judge them as an individual rather than as a statistical cluster, do so. Wouldn’t you rather your analyses be the most factually correct you can make them?

    • What I saw in the picture was, this is what I expect to see on camera footage from a liquor store hold-up. Was this picture supposed to be a heroic reaching-out to slaves being rescued?

  9. What are the chances they will allow a portrayal of mrs Tubman that is accurate? I’m betting on a matronly picture, with no fire in her eye

  10. I don’t know if you follow Bill Still but I put his utube video link from yesterday on your email.
    It deals with Jacksons fight to end the fed.

  11. I’d seen something on TV once that said that she carried a shot gun at the crossing into Canada. She would be standing in behind everyone, the message was, you’re not turning back.

  12. What would Henry Bowman do?

    • Steven Johnson: “What would Henry Bowman do?”

      Conclude that after the first one, the rest are free.

  13. No. And hell no. The goal of whites is to see how far you can go, and how much you can make. The goal of blacks in this country is how far they can push, and how much they can take. Capitalism is not furthered with the image of a black woman on the currency. It does serve as a warning, however. It clearly states, “Do you see how far you have fallen?” When the images of slaves and non-producers shows up on the currency, it is a warning as to where we are headed. Caracalla and Nero had their images on Roman currency, too.

    • My immediate thought when learning of this face change was that “the fed is just reminding us that “you’re all slaves and this proves we don’t care”.”

  14. Odd thought – will the $20 bill usually called a “Jackson” become known as a “Tub” or a “nog”? And will it be more or less as popular as the one dollar coin that the .gov has been trying o sell us for 25-30 years?

    • Bill Harzia

      One wag over at sbpdl dot com suggested that it will be called a “Jemima” by the dope dealers and street thugs.

      “Yo, blood! Rock me up for a Jemima.” (Soon thereafter to be shortened to just a “J.”)

  15. I always thought she was a terrorist, who broke the law and was made a saint by the the people of New England and New York.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Terrorists who end up on the winning side are always deemed saints. Nelson Mandela is now regarded by many in the world as one of, if not *the*, greatest humans ever. And the little stint in Landsberg didn’t hurt Hitler’s popularity much.

      For a more positive example, look no further than George Washington and the Founding Fathers.

  16. cucks in clover. What it’s actually about: a Black Female replacing a White Male. And happy Jews

    • Nope disagree with you on this one Hax…It’s about fucking control and them saying we can do whatever the fuck we want and you aren’t going to do shit to stop us…Same with the Confederate Flag…They knew they could get away with doing what they wanted because if you disagreed with them then we’ll your just a racist… Everything they do is for more control whether it be your health, wealth, property, or even the air you breathe… They know that all the Haxo and the Barry’s will just complain about it and say just you wait til it all falls apart and then we will get you so they just sit back and laugh knowing that they can drag it out so it never falls apart… Thats unless we actually start doing things that will upset their little utopias…Sad That…

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