It Is The Trumpkins That They Fear


…I doubt there is one conservative in Washington who is happy with that arrangement. Trump is bringing people to the party, but not the right kind of people.

The party of the working class?


And so the Conservative Commentariat fights on…”


But no cigar.

What the sentient .gov folks fear is the combination of terrific declines in the quality of American lives, coupled with what happens when traditional Americans fully embrace the permanent demise of the Rule of Law.

Those reasonably-bright taxfeeders grok that there are not enough LEOs to stop what is coming.

The career government employees also know there is no room in the Continuity of Government bunkers for more than a sprinkling of GS-11s – let alone their families.

The apparatchiks also understand that their bosses will be too busy trying to elbow their way in the shelter queue to do one damned thing to protect their formerly-loyal underlings.

They are terrified of that moment of silence – when the Elites and their body servants have fled, and they are left to face the wrath of a wave of people who are beyond reason.

Welcome to Consequenceville.



And you.

As one WRSA reader said a while back:

Bipartisanship is simply a noose at both ends of the rope.



28 responses to “It Is The Trumpkins That They Fear

  1. Detroit III

    The GOP and Conservatives sold their soul to Wall Street, China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico (and others).

    Screw the GOP, screw “Free traders” and the traitorous “Conservatives” who bankrolled the Obama Agenda 100%.


  2. just spent a few minutes listening to various neoCon/cuck radio talkingHeads extolling the glories of the fugitive porch-monkey and its soon-to-be $20. We’ll have to do the whole Beltway Crowd – politicians, apparatchiks, commentariat. No exceptions. And the $cum don’t “fear Trump” for one moment. It’s a charade. To fool the Whites into participating, yet again, in the System while the System destroys them

    • QUOTE: “And the $cum don’t “fear Trump” for one moment. It’s a charade. To fool the Whites into participating, yet again, in the System while the System destroys them”

      Exactly. Great post, Haxo.

      The Trump candidacy is merely a very clever ploy by the Powers That Be to lull White people back to sleep. An unprecedented number of White people have woken up during the past 8 years and realized that the System is occupied by the Enemy.

      The Powers That Be are aware of all these White people waking up, and is promoting Trump to lull those White people back to sleep so they can get more Bad Things done, like they did under Trusted (™) Reagan and Bush.

      The Eskimo-controlled media is pushing Trump to restore the faith of gullible Whites in the System and electoral process.

      That’s why there have been ZERO calls for a boycott of Trump or his businesses.

      Curt Schilling disagrees with LGBT? Fired.

      Duck Dynasty Guy criticizes gay marriage? Show boycotted.

      North Carolina and Mississippi pass laws preventing Trans men from using the girls’ bathroom? Entire state boycotted, and the governors are harshly criticized by the media.

      Meanwhile, statues of non-PC leaders are being removed, buildings and towns are being renamed, Princeton University is considering removing Woodrow Wilson’s name from their International Relations school, and Andrew Jackson is booted from the $20 bill.

      But Trump mouths off about illegals, immigrants, Muslims and what is the reaction of the media, the left-wing intellectuals, the social justice warriors?


      No calls for boycotts of Trumps hotels and casinos, no calls for Trump to be banned from TV interviews, no calls for Trump’s name to be removed.

      That speaks volumes as to how the Powers That Be feel about Trump.

      He is controlled opposition, nothing more. A wolf in patriot clothing.

      If he was truly against the Powers That Be, he wouldn’t have groveled and pandered at AIPAC.

      Trump is even friends with George Soros, who gave him a bailout and funded Trump Tower in Chicago.

      It amazes me that many White people (even on this site) are dumb enough to adopt Trump as Dear Leader.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “He is controlled opposition, nothing more.”

        That’s the thing about “controlled opposition,” though – an awful lot of times what people think is controlled, isn’t. Or, more accurately, I suppose, is that they can’t keep control – things take on lives of their own.

  3. The bunker door closing is such a well conceived metaphor. It is constantly played in the movies, ‘thunk’, we’re saved. But it won’t play out that way in real life. The ‘Other’ won’t be desiring to clamor to save themselves as much as they will be looking for materials to seal the doors shut forever.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Grey Ghost

    Look, CONservatives have NOT conserved/slowed/stopped a damn thing… EVER… just name ONE thing they have conserved… the debt? social justice warriors? Socialism? Cultural Marxists? Political Correctness? Welfare recipients? WTF have you guys done to halt this shit with all your radio yakking? And now because Hush Bimbo says Cruz is a real conservative you guys go off like lemmings voting for a Canadian born TX Senator with ties to the jewish international bankster Goldman Sachs and the Bush crime family? Wow that’s really conservative and pro America. Lotsa’ Rs say they are CONservative and get elected saying so until they have to vote… LoL. CONsucker voter born every minute. Then cowardice and the neocon and neoliberal mindset takes hold and miraculously the people loose even more liberty…


    Grey Ghost

    • They have conserved the incessant fleecing of the electorate.

      That and the status quo, for the parasite overlord class.

      So, there’s that.

      ; )

    • Grey Ghost,

      Cruz is a neocon globalist owned by AIPAC, but so is Trump. He is friends with George Soros (who helped bail Trump out, and fund Trump Tower in ChiTown).

      Chris Christie and Rudy Guiliani have endorsed Trump.

      And Trump went and groveled at AIPAC.

      Trump also donated lots of money to Marxist politicians like Chuck Schumer.

      Trump’s supporters will say “well, that’s just business,” but would ANY true patriot donate money to Marxists like Schumer and Pelosi and Clinton?

      I certainly wouldn’t donate my money to Marxists, even for special business favors.

      Furthermore, how many people have suffered due to Trump’s funding of anti-gun, leftist politicians like Schumer and Cuomo?

      How many women have been raped and murdered because Trump’s pet politicians used his money to get elected and pass anti-gun laws?

      Donating to Marxists is not a victimless crime.

      The truly powerful elites (big banks, corporations, billionaires, etc) are not concerned about a Trump (or Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, Sanders, etc) presidency. They know that all of those candidates are on Team Globalist.

      The GOP establishment types who hate Trump are mainly congressmen, GOP officials like Reince Preibus, and party operatives. They are angry that Trump is crashing “their” party and taking over, just like MS-13 would be angry if the Gulf Cartel sold drugs on “their” turf. Just because MS-13 is bad doesn’t mean that the Gulf Cartel is good.

      Trump is NOT a threat to the elites. If he was, the media would be denouncing him, refusing him interviews, and calling for boycotts.

      Trump is only a threat to the corrupt party operatives (if he doesn’t make a “great deal” with them).

      If you are really desperate to send a “fuck you” to the corrupt party operatives, then by all means, support Trump.

      Just realize that the cost of that immediate satisfaction will be lulling White people back to sleep during a Trump presidency.

      If you are willing to restore White people’s trust in the System just so you can send a short-term FU to the party officials, then Trump is your man.

      If you are hoping he will actually do something about immigration, you are going to be very disappointed. Trump will dump White people as soon as he doesn’t need us anymore (after he is elected).

      He couldn’t even stay loyal to his wives. What makes Trump supporters think he will stay loyal to them?

  6. I have wondered just what if anything a ‘liberty movement’ will do other that pound out their rants on a keyboard. Are there ‘lists’ of those who need to be dealt with? are there groups willing to go after those people? is there enough inertia to go forward on a physical level? Don’t start a fight you have no chance to win and to that end who exactly determines when to ‘fight’. Seems to me the ‘black equality’ movement, the LBGTH movement and other current ‘movements’ have it down (see the current results) but the ‘liberty movement’ struggles with not only self identity (with no organization) but also either forming a ‘narrative’ much less pushing that narrative. Just my .02 worth …………..

    • Worker – +1. It is way past the time we should stop yammerin’ and start hammerin’.
      I’ve said before, I’m not leaving this to my kids and grandkids. And I’m not getting any younger. Let’s fuck some shit up. We all know there’s going to be a fight, so…….

    • Grenadier1

      Those of us who are serious are taking steps to secure our own. Thats all we can do right now and still remain as a faint contact on the radar scope. There are a lot of people in the liberty movement that will act when they see a lot of others acting, but they’re not going to be the first one to go over the top.
      Then we have the whole pile of people making excuses and rationalizing their complete ineptness. You can recognize them by their insistence on placing all the blame on occulted forces that they “know” exists. Since however these forces are so super secret and tribal and have power beyond our imagination, and we are merely impotent white men we cant possibly do anything more than “wake people up”. All we can hope for is that we can go on the internet and let other people know about these horrible people.
      Cuck Supremacists.

  7. Adam Smith believed that the business class should be subservient to the aristocracy. The “aristocracy” in the USA may be movie stars, sports figures or politicians.
    With the possible exception of a couple people( Carl Yastrzemski and Clint Eastwood), most of the aristocracy are douche canoes.
    The real role models and heroes in your life should be Mom and Pop, a good coach or teacher or a brother who honorably served. Since most institutions have been hijacked,bastardized,misconstrued and fucked up beyond recognition, it is becoming tough to find role models.
    True conservatives, conserve and replenish civilization and humanity with their actions and deeds. I cannot name one politician who is a true conservative.
    When a person uses the term conservative, ask them what that means. You will hear all kinds of bullshit about right wing,republican,defenders of the constitution,etc.
    There is good and evil. Black and white. Gray is the bullshit area.
    Debating political affiliation and the attributes associated with them is a waste of time and energy. Spend your valuable time doing something worthwhile, like sorting brass.

  8. Not Trump is the last fuck you to The Dirt People the dead elephants get for free.
    Even the cultural marxist don’t get it Trump is The Great Fuck You of the dirt people. They are so barn blind with their long fucking march and bending over like a fucking goat in front of a musloid they lost the forest for the trees and couldn’t recognize a grass roots from a GMO turnip.
    Even the dirt people haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but they are beginning to believe. And that my friends is what matters.

    See, The Dirt People are the human terrain high ground, and The Great Fuck You can’t be stopped by the usual manipulations of the fed/bankster/algo/one world order/kill the Kulak(white penis people)/.gov/ amerikan nomenklaturer amalgam of oligarch’s and their sycophants because The Great Fuck You owns the OODA Loop. The Great Fuck You is a preference cascade on nitro methane with a turbo and a blower. It is so far off the political curve these fuckers are clueless. And The Great Fuck You is just beginning. And what is even funnier is Donald Trump is a sideshow of what is really happening.

    This is the thing. All those handy little black rifles everyone has been buying or building, the megatons of ammo being stockpiled, mountains of gear, provisions, the training so many are taking, the thinking and planning of millions, it empowers The Dirt People. Who the fuck needs a gay wedding cake or multiculturalism when you got the finest battle rifle topped with the deadliest red dot battle sight ever devised? The guys who wrote the 2nd Amendment, they where men who really understood and knew how to fight, they weren’t anyones fools, they understood The Great Fuck You was going to be coming around again.

    • QUOTE: “Not Trump is the last fuck you to The Dirt People the dead elephants get for free.”

      No, electing Trump is patriots saying “fuck you” to ourselves, because White people will be lulled back to sleep during a Trump presidency, just like they were with W. and Reagan.

      Trump is the LAST chance the Powers That Be have to lull White people back into trusting the System.

      Already on lots of blogs, people are saying “Trump has restored my faith in the electoral process!”

      An added bonus for SlaveFor is that Trump’s mindless supporters will abandon their pro-gun, anti-government patriotic values in order to align themselves with Trump’s pseudo-patriotic Marxist New Yawwwwwwk values (anti-gun, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, AIPAC).

      For an example of that, see my post in the other thread where I have a quote from a well-known pro-Trump blogger who is criticizing people for being too pro-gun, and saying that they should get behind Trump.

      A Trump presidency would be absolutely devastating for FreeFor.

      Why would we want to restore White people’s “faith in the system”?

      Instead, we should floor this FUSA bus and drive it over the cliff.

      That will ensure that White people who have woken up, stay awake.

      Any patriot who supports Trump is extremely short-sighted.

      Let’s not lose a long-term advantage (waking people up), simply in order to feel good about saying FU to the establishment.

      • Dude, that is just it, there never was any way of voting our way out of this. It is just going to take awhile for that to finally sink in for the majority. Remember, the majority is always right. Doesn’t matter how fucked up it is, or not so yesterday.
        Besides you know as well as I know, whether the fuckers let Trump “win” or not is irrelevant, they are going to pull another fast one regardless, if it was the psychopath in a pants suit, or the retread hippie commie fag who “wins, it doesn’t matter, it is the fact the dirt peoples vote counts only as a tool to create an illusion it counts that is the fundamental truth beneath what is going on.
        You think we here are the only one us commentors on Pete’s blog understands TINVOWOOT? You got to think in preference cascade terms, it is a process that takes time, it is evolutionary, as all grass roots movements are, they begin small, but once they reach a critical mass they can really take off, and there is no stopping such once it reaches that critical mass. You watch what happens, this ain’t the 80’s my friend, this is the fundamentally transformed amerika of cultural diversity, where the pale penis people are so yesterday, and black people and islam own the civilized literary and culturally enlightened technological history of the human race, led by red diaper babies faction of the human extinction movement and abetted by the dead elephant clan. A whole brave new world, that you didn’t make that. Land of the gay wedding cake where if you like your $15 minimum wage you can keep it.
        Oh ya, just be patient, give it time. These things always have a natural way of balancing themselves out.

    • I love you, Man.

      From your lips………………………………………………….

  9. Trump went into his current marriage already planning for it to end:

    QUOTE: “I have very little doubt that my marriage to Melania will be over; it’ll end and I’ve said that before.”

    Who gets married with the intention of discarding their wife at some point?

    As I’ve said before, if Trump the adulterer isn’t even loyal to his wives, why do Trumpbots think he will fulfill his promises on immigration?

    And before Trumpbots start whining, NO i don’t like Cruz either.

    • Do have any other ideas or does Trump occupy all your thoughts…You are such a tool…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course his marriage will end – they all do. By death or divorce, the termination rate for marriages is 100%.

  10. TheRightSite

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    I can assure you there will be consequences.

  11. Sounds Brackenish, of what he saw at the coup. One .270 stopping .gov sympathizers cold with crimson sprayed across an Admirals Dress Whites will do it, for a while. And then .gov catching and killing, catching and killing, but just not able to liquidate every single patriot quick enough like their SS brethren were able to do on an industrial level will awaken more. They simply cannot kill us all. If even a simmer of liberty is still smoldering, waiting to be engulfed in the heart of a freedom loving Patriot, the left will always be vulnerable. And this is why they seek to suppress us. As a vol. firefighter, during drought summers, I would always fear the late night call from dispatch that the pasture fire I had put out earlier had rekindled and was ablaze again. The elements ripe for that are high temps at night, with low humidity, and a smoldering heat that even the highest pressures of extinguishing water could not quite put out. (Sound familiar?) let me try again. The elements ripe for Revolution are high temps at night (the populace), low humility (the ruling class), and a smoldering heat that even the highest pressures of extinguishing water (suppression) could not quite put out.

  12. NewVegas Badger

    Be a pro Trump guy or an anti Trump guy or some thing in between, Trump has done a great service to the public. He has exposed the myth of the two party system and the truth that the political game is rigged. Both parties are different checks on the same ass. As stated earlier here at WRSA, there will be no voting our way out of this mess. We’re totally screwed.

  13. Uncle Larry

    Each of us can only do so much. None of us can defeat the enemy on our own. But each of us can do something. Do the something that you can do and cumulatively it should work.

  14. Same shit, different day, again!

  15. FUBAR!