Quote Of The Decade


“We’re privileged to live at a hinge of history. The door can swing either this way, or that. It can be the easy way, or it can be the Tommy and Geert way.”

Gates of Vienna


No matter what.

By any means

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  1. Lost Patrol

    Our hero’s … yes in deed. It is good to see a couple wins. And the author is correct. It comes at a price. But that is what makes hero’s … they are willing to pay the price, what ever it may be. Hopefully the good Lord will support some more hero’s. He knows we need them in this time of deceit, lies, killings and theft by the oligarchs and potentates who want to do everything they can to kill our people, our culture, our heritage and our future.

  2. This guy was a genius.

    • He was also speaking about and DNA mapping and patenting years ago. Merle Haggart also did a song that about geoengineering or ‘chemtrails’.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Victory is ours, if we remain steadfast in our beliefs, our heritage, and our willingness to fight for Liberty. Godspeed to Tommy & Geert.

  4. You could kill every Muslim on the face of this planet … and you won’t win even a scrap more Liberty.

    • Perhaps not, but it would certainly eliminate one of liberty’s greatest threats.

      (and it sure would feel great!)

      • Liberty’s greatest threat are the fools aorund you who will nod their heads as weaponized islam is used as a pretext by the owners to provide ‘security’.

        • Glad to see someone around here gets it
          Militant Islam is at most an opportunistic infection, to which a healthy body politic is entirely immune. And, even granting the highly dubious premise that Jihad is anything other than a direct consequence (inadvertent or otherwise) of Western diddling in the Middle East, a well-armed general public – an essential component of the aforementioned healthy body politic – will be more than sufficient to deal with the problem.

  5. If you say bad things then you have identified yourself as a target. It’s pretty clear that philosophy is cross border. Lavoy thought he could roll around in this “free country” after pissing upwind and gaining some traction. Had he been rolling like Gert things might have ended differently. I suspect Lavoy knew this and proceeded anyway. He knew the risk and was killed for it.

    You by posting here and lurking here @ WRSA are risking a raid at any time. Your entire life is being scrutinized by wonks at desks in fusion centers compiling threat assessments on your activity profiles, probably daily. Where you go, who you talk to, what you buy etc etc. It’s not some story on the web, I’ve tracked the IP addresses back.

    If we stop, they win.

  6. I just wanted to duck in here and say, “Death to Islam”.

  7. That door of history is unforgiving and will hit you on the ass. Best to have friends who will hold it open as you carry the heavy stuff through.

  8. Islam … I prefer “mohamidans” … ARE the greatest threat right now. Next in line are the moneyed elite that want to rule the world like kings of old, in their feudal estates. 3rd, I think, would be the various-&-sundry useful idiots like the femi-nazies, greenies, tree-huggers, bug-cuddlers, and assorted eco-freaks. Then, maybe, commies and socialists, anyone that thinks central planning is the ideal. But pervading all these threats, is the indolence and lethargy of the majority of us ‘dirt people.’ The good news is, dirt has been around a long, long, time and always remains even in spite of tornadoes, dust storms, floods, famine, locusts, frogs, fleas, boils, and death.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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