The Hidden Metaphor In Jeff Cooper’s ‘Condition White’


A reader sends:


Don’t be That Guy.

24 responses to “The Hidden Metaphor In Jeff Cooper’s ‘Condition White’

  1. Would not ‘White’ == condition dead?

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Col. Cooper–dat first condition ain’t this boy’s “White Privilege.”

    No, sir!

  3. Be polite, be professional, and be prepared to kill everyone. Attributed to someone who gets it

  4. CA Warrior

    There is another condition that I learned while serving early on.

    Condition BLACK.

    That is condition red contaminated with the overwhelming inability to execute ANY response. Seen it many times. The mind overloads so badly with extraneous crap, fear, worry, and indecision that the body cannot function. We called it LOCKUP.

    And this too is deadly, just as bad as condition wnite.

  5. Condition clueless… hard to pay attention when that mobile device requires so much attention.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Grey Ghost

    Orange Orange Orange (get names and addresses now)
    Until Nov 2016 then,
    Red Red Red.
    You guys know WHO the bad guys are I don’t have to spell it out.


    Grey Ghost

  8. I try to keep my tan at the optimal shade of grey.

  9. Trump getting elected will send White people back to Condition White.

    • Bill Harzia

      I suspect you’re right. Unless the Free Shit Army really, really goes nuts. I mean Hutu vs. Tutsi (i.e. Whites) nuts.

      • QUOTE: “I suspect you’re right. Unless the Free Shit Army really, really goes nuts. I mean Hutu vs. Tutsi (i.e. Whites) nuts.”

        I don’t think they’ll go nuts under Trump. Once he’s elected, he will abandon most of the positions that cause many White people to support him (border wall, etc).

        Also, Trump supports socialized healthcare and other Free Stuff for the Free Shit Army.

        A few weeks ago, he even criticized Republicans in Wisconsin for not raising taxes.

        I think the Free Shit Army will do just fine in a Trump presidency.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Do not think that electing Trump is justice accomplished. It is the beginning of a long hard road to Liberty & Justice. Hildabeast will clearly throw the whole world into warp speed. It will be WW3 complete with a lot of ugliness. Trump simply presents an opportunity to get some sanity back into this country.
      I think by Nov of 2016, the mega-cities will already be racked with chaos. Stay loose & aware.

      • ROFLMBO- that’s damned funny, Spaniel.
        Don’t quit your day job.(I know you were being sarcastic.)

      • Judeophile Trump has absolute contempt (see: 5th Ave. remark) for his own White voters, and would betray them at the first opportunity. Trump simply represents a (useful) opportunity to liquidate the Republiscam party

  10. I maintain Condition Justifiably Pissed Off, Righteously Angry, Mobile, Agile and Hostile, filled with Unrepentant Hatred toward every rotten sumbitch who in any way does or has contributed to the destruction of the Liberty and decent culture of my country, and who thinks my ass is theirs.

    That goes double for the first, last and every damned second guessing mastur(de)bater here who wants to parse my supposed hypocrisy, inconsistency, or any other damned irrelevant fucking detail. You’re worse than the enemy… at least they know what they believe.

  11. Kind of surprised that the answer wasn’t given. The hidden metaphore.
    White, Yellow, Orange, Red – WYOR – Watch Your Own Rear!
    Pretty much says it all. It is ultimately our own responsibility to watch out and protect ourselves.

  12. Love the weather in Tel Aviv.

  13. Trumps not going to win, and if he did, it wouldn’t fckin matter would it? Congrats on falling for the myth that the assclown chosen to be sock puppet each 4 years really matters. It only matters to those with their hand up his ass and trust me that ain’t us.

    Orange (even though as an Irishman, that’s a color i’m not fond of).

  14. “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.” -Mattis

  15. Bill, you have no idea what a prophet you are. Trump makes it to the WH, the Free Shit Army WILL go nuts. Do you think their handlers would let an opportunity like that pass them by? And please don’t mention whites nuts anymore, it’s disconcerting.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Expect massive riots BEFORE the elections in Nov. The closer it gets with Trump actually pulling it off, the young commies will riot to no end. I think we’ll see shooting before Nov.
      I’ve never seen such hatred for a political candidate as they have for Trump this goaround, it’s funny actually to see someone get so worked up they almost stroke out.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    That’s what they think also, except they want someone else
    to do the actual deed.

  17. There is no political solution for a Spiritual problem.