WeaponsMan: Doomed Soldiers

polska walczy

WM introduces this site focused on the unpleasant things that happen when a merciless tyranny wants to eradicate a nation, its culture, and its people.

Fortunately, Deputy Under-Minister For Reparations, Diversity, & Elimination Of OldThink Greenwood has assured all FUSAns that such a thing could never happen here in North America.

Stand Watie was unavailable for comment.

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  1. Excellent stuff, thank you for posting. Forgotten history is often purposely shoved to the shadows. The regime would like everyone to forget that Socialism begets Marxism begets Communism but there is a long trail of death and destruction which can be used to connect the dots. Always wondered about that Pole plane crash, still do.

    This group of fellows used to carry at least one grenade at all times so that if they were wounded and dying they could pull the pin at the right moment after placing the grenade next to their FACE! This was to prevent the identification of their dead bodies and hopefully avoid their families and loved ones being subsequently tortured. What did it take to eat a grenade in the face? My God.


  2. Stand is no doubt spinning in his grave

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