And I Guess That Makes Him The Second Post-National State Leader


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  1. K. Chris C.

    All part of the plan.


    Its not their fault. Its their plan.

    An American citizen,not US subject.

    • Before you cite the flipping Protocols, prove their authenticity, new guy.

      • K. Chris C.

        So accurate that you felt compelled to delete my quote of them.

        As for the Protocols themselves, they were only deemed a “forgery” by a judge acting on the behalf of his political masters.

        But now let us let Henry Ford have his say from 1921:
        “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.” Ditto 111+ years later.

        And so I would say, if the Protocols be not the boogeyman, get out from under thy bed and be amused by them.

        An American citizen, not US subject.

  2. T’ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeez did he say that? Setting the bar to a new low comes to mind. Boy smoked a lot of weed to get that dull. Damn.

      • Wow you weren’t kidding. The old grey lady really got on her commie knees to write that one. Here’s my fav:

        “The election this fall was nothing less than an existential struggle over what it means to be Canadian.”

        Shit here’s a news flash, twitter campaigns aren’t existential, when some fucker with a baseball bat is within spitting range trying to cave your skull in, that is existential. But hey enjoy Sunshine Happy time or whatever horse shit you commies are calling this, it ain’t gonna last. You politicians nuked this economy for the last time, it’s not coming back. And Janet can pump as many bundles of fake script up Wall Street’s ass til the cows come home, but you are only pushing middle American’s faces further into the mud.

        You will be sorry you didn’t pause in your greed.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Why will they care? If/when stuff goes south, they’ll just decamp for Switzerland, Fiji, etc. Sure, a few unlucky ones might fall, but most will be just fine.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    We used to call people like him a Judas Goat, now they are

  5. Nothing enlightened about him, dangerous fits.

  6. Wow. That’s like bragging about being deliberately lost in the woods because you don’t like maps.
    Excuse me for being dense, but isn’t a national identity the very thing that makes a nation?
    And… What. Is. That. on his head?

  7. I’ll bet most Canadians wish they still kept insane people in mental hospitals, rather than elected office.

  8. Gee, what’s the little red donut ring stand for?

    • Symbolic of the joke:

      This is your asshole: O. This is your asshole in prison, or a mosque, jihadi training camp, mudslime ghetto, Barry’s bath house: .

      New insight into the meaning of “flaming.”

  9. Steve Kristmann

    That “little red donut ring” is his way of showing that
    he anally supports the raped leftist from norway….
    “A left wing activist has bared all to a Norwegian documentary crew about his rape at the hands of a Somalian migrant, and his despair at seeing the man deported.”

    It shall be forever known as “Justin’s Somali Sphincter award”.
    He’s obviously butt hurt that he wasn’t ‘culturally enriched’ by
    the Somali savage too.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  10. A Canadian national embarressment, just like our Kenyan faggot….

  11. Steve Kristmann

    As for the red shmatta he’s sporting on his noggin, all I can surmise is that it’s his way of telling the world, “I’m ashamed that I was born a white man and henceforth declare that I’m a black transgender lesbian named Aunt Jemimah!!”

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  12. Camacho will not let it happen here!

  13. Jackhammer

    One sick, deluded, bastard child. He will eat those very words before long.

  14. It’s right on our border now.

  15. He is from Quebec a majority french speaking province which has banned English signs and regularly holds the rest of the country hostage by threatening sovereignty association if they don’t get their transfer payments and other freebies from the federal government. He issaying that only predominately white, male English speaking christian/western cultures will no longer be tolerated, anything else,goes. What he describes as a non nation state is in fact a hodgepodge of special interest groups based on language, ethnicity, gender,sexual orientation, well anything identified in the Human Rights or hate speech legislation that gets you special treatment and of course money. Its no different in Canada from any other western country including the US.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    You would thought that Canada would’ve had enough of Trudeau the first time. Now, the Rise of the Idiot Son. 4 weeks into a SHTF situation, and Mr. Color Coordinated will be in pretty poor shape. He looks fat, flabby, and weak. And that is just what I can see. I am looking forward to Northwest Territory, British Colombia, Saskatchewan,Yukon and Alberta joining the US. They have nothing in common with the rest of Canada.

  17. What on Earth is a “post-national State” ?

    If the people on the Canadian’ land-mass really do share “no core identity”, then they can be Centrally-governed only by force … since, whomever is in Govt, is unable to share the ideals of all those disparate groups.

    Sounds like a recipe for secession. Which is great.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What on Earth is a “post-national State” ?”

      Carthage, post-Roman victory celebrations.

  18. John Stanley

    While everyone else objected-to his infantile head dress, etc., I wanted to point-out something that the people who actually “get it,” would jolly-well want to take-under ADVISEMENT, since, whether “sincere,” or-NOT, this is PATENT evidence of his having-been COMPROMISED: This utterly-silly-assed individual was RECORDED, on freakin’ VIDEO, in that mosque, reciting the shahada, which is the “iron-clad, super-tight” profession-of-faith, in Allah….Here’s his REAL problem: Even-though he may have simply-been “going-through-the-motions,” and “only APPEASING the Muslims,” when he recited the Shahada, THEY WOULD-have-TAKEN-IT absolutely LITERALLY, and, from now-on, IRREVOCABLY, as-in, “Trudeau, there is no taking this-back, or you’ll be an ‘apostate,’ and, thus, subject-to summary, Islamic law execution!” (YIKES! Oh, NO!) You didn’t know this, you little, inbred poodle, did you? And, along with all of the OTHER things that you ought-to- have-known, before PRESUMING to run for your country’s very-highest office. By the way, I actually LOVE ALL of the REAL Canadians, and have nothing, whatsoever, AGAINST them….moreover, I point to their ongoing efforts to HELP us, during the so-called “Iranian Hostage Crisis,” aka the “Carter Administration’s wholesale-lack-of-COMPETENCE Crisis,” which somehow, “coincidentally,” simultaneously-occurred, DURING the wholly-incompetent Carter Administration. The BOTTOM LINE? The REAL Canadians had our BACKS, during that entire debacle. And then their soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, and backed our people with THEIR people, including one Canadian SNIPER who outdid everyone ELSE, in-theater. (Just-tryin’-to-lend some perspective, here.)

  19. Having grown up in US states that border Ontario I guess I would have to stop and think for a moment about a “core identity” for the mainstream in our part of the USA. We did have people from a lot of backgrounds even in a small town. I could get sauerkraut made the traditional way by moonlight; hear bagpipes; watch veterans in parades on national holidays; hear the local high school band play Christmas songs before the holiday break (including the occasional “Feliz Navidad” or even “I Have a Little Dreidel”); when someone talked about their ancestors from over 200 years ago they might have been from Scotland, Germany, Poland, or North Carolina; if someone asked me if I went to church on Sunday they wouldn’t have cared if it was Catholic, Protestant, or a non-denom.

    Common values. Let’s see. People worked for their money. Investments were long term. Contracts meant something and were verbal 90% of the time but always completed with a handshake. Although your word meant something without being backed up by a piece of paper, a flag, or other symbol, you still did the Pledge every morning in elementary school and you sure as heck knew the Constitution by High School. Rights were respected. If you told a 3rd party that something they were doing was getting in the way of your contract and “So-n-so and I shook on this”, they gave you some space to work on it. Welfare and gaming the system was looked down on. Cheating on your spouse was also looked down on. What happened behind closed doors or in the closet stayed there and people didn’t talk about it and certainly didn’t celebrate it in public if it got leaked. The kids who were 1/2 this or that race from outside the majority really weren’t picked on because most of us measured people by their strength of character and intelligence (and the ones who did pick on them were from the families of sloths and dumbshits so to join in with that activity would affiliate you with the real local losers). Kids who went hunting before and after school had shotguns in their trunks and everyone knew it. When people got angry there might be a fist fight. Most people didn’t call the police, but if they called your dad first that was bad enough. You would most likely see the person you had the disagreement with at school, work, church, or the grocery store, so you made it a point to work your shit out or at least tolerate their presence. If someone cheated on someone and the spouse found out, there might be blood maybe a divorce, but the cheaters were quietly ostracized. If a crime resulted in the death or maiming of someone, the perp went to jail, fled and never came back, or otherwise disappeared.

    As time went on, though, I saw greed, corruption, hedonism, laziness, and self-entitlement negate many of these values. I saw people make choices that often served themselves in the short term without any regard about how it might affect others.