Conservatism, Inc.: “It was all a game, a way of making a living”


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  1. I don’t mind a slow trickle that assimilates like it until 1965 and the immigration act, but this country has been changed forever; and if you could kick out anyone that can’t establish ties from 1965 or earlier; i’d be fine with it; because it’s going to take something like that to return the usa to what it was.

    • The Civil Rights Act must go as well.

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      Yes! I’d repatriate all third world immigrants from the 1965 Hart Cellar immigration act. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I’m sure there are plenty of retired military who would gladly fly these folks out on a military hop.

  2. Conservatives, of the William F. Buckley, Jr. kind, have conserved nothing. Bush III is of that kind, as was his brother and father. Most Republicans are of that kind, too.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It doesn’t seem like Buckley did much other than “kick out” anti-communists from his collection of golf buddies.

  3. Absofucking right!!!! We don’t need no water let that motherfucker burn…

  4. Highly recommended:

    “They probably won’t take it, but the best advice anyone could give the Belgians is to treat what is happening in the Molenbeek district of Brussels as an early stage urban insurgency and convince them that they need to take a counterinsurgency approach. The nascent radical Islamic insurgency in Molenbeek is not the kind of urban threat that we saw in Iraqi cities like Baghdad and Fallujah. Those were full scale insurgences that had gotten into the second and third phases, which require military intervention. What we see in Belgium and Paris are first stage insurgent efforts that can still be handled by police and good intelligence efforts rather than resorting to a military option. That is the good news. The bad news is that the Belgians (and probably the French and Germans) likely lack the political will to take the actions necessary to nip this nascent insurgency in the bud.

    Molenbeek’s heavily Moroccan North African population is largely unassimilated and ghettoized. Unemployment is high resulting in the criminalization of the young and a police presence that is a drive-by exercise at best. This is the perfect primordial soup for an urban insurgent movement. Insert Islamic State radicals from Syria and Iraq who have the training and organizational skill learned in a foreign jihad, and then mix in a community of Muslim religious leaders who have refused to learn the official languages of Belgium (French and Flemish), and you have the perfect breeding ground for an urban insurgency.”

    Hmm. I wonder what Molenbeek and Minneapolis might have in common.

  5. Please read Caliphate by Tom Kratman it’s free on iBooks and kindle, it is the future!!!

  6. Steve Kristmann

    First off, everyone needs to stop spouting “radical islam” or “moderate islam”.
    Neither exists any more than leprechauns riding unicorns farting skittles out of their asses! islam is islam, pure and simple and it’s a political ideology that’s evil to the core!! islamists that behead, crucify and do all the things that their evil founder ‘mo did aren’t “extreme” or “radical”..they’re showing that they’re devout in their emulation of ‘mo’s words and deeds..they’re being ‘good muslims’ and horrible humans.

    Second, the only way to deal with Hamtrack, Dearbornistan, islamberg or any other colony of islamists is go go FULL “Hama Rule” on them (read Matt Bracken’s Jihad Tet Offensive Take Two to understand this).

    There is NO accomodation, no “live and let live”, no “dialogue” with these savages..there’s only ‘Rule 308’ and “draw the sword and cast the scabbard away!” as a response. Every mosque is nothing more than any enemy fortification with it’s ‘imam’ as an enemy military commander..understand that about islam if you don’t get anything else!

    Death to islamists and their evil death cult to the mass murdering child raping false prophet mo!!!

    Yours in islamless Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Grey Ghost

    It was always about just “CONserving” the left trajectory and keeping white America passified with empty promises and false claims, and NEVER about moving anything to the right. They ALL hate to even talk about the 2nd Amendment unless it’s for hunting… pathetic.


    Grey Ghost

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    If China or Russia decides to nuke the FUSA, i sincerely hope that they have DC’s coordinates. Never believe that Republicans won’t sell you any faster then Dumbocrats. They are both in the slave auction business. Immigrants are tied to their culture. They feel no need to assimilate, learn new holidays, or fit in. They were Mexican/Muslim/African/Et Al when they came in the door, and they will stay that way.